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  • Name: Sergey Burunov ( Sergey Burunov )
  • Date of birth: 6 March 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: a Russian actor, voice actor, impersonator
  • Marital status: not married

    Sergey Burunov : biography

    Sergey Burunov, a native Muscovite. He was born March 6, 1977 in the family of electrical engineers and nurses. At the time of occurrence of Sergei in the family are already growing up the son of Oleg.

    Burunova lived near Domodedovo airport. So Sergei was, as they say, is doomed often to raise his eyes to the sky, watching the flying ships. Soon it became the main hobby of the boy, and he began to be interested in everything related to winged machines. Often dad took sons to Tushino to see demonstration performances of pilots.

    In high school Sergey Burunov not only looked the part, but he studied at the flying club, as an Amateur pilot. In 1993, when he was 16 years old, Sergey completed a course of training and flight operations training aircraft «YAK-52». A year after leaving school became a student of Breakers Kaczynski military aviation school in Volgograd. But it is here that Sergei suddenly began to realize that it no longer inspires the dream of becoming a pilot. But it woke up interest to the scene.

    Breakers playing in KVN, performs in various competitions, which were held between universities. This passion was so strong that the guy gave him almost all my free time. Thus, by the end of the 2nd year of his success has been reduced to zero, and Sergei was expelled from school.

    In 1997, Sergey Burunov returned to the capital and made an attempt to enroll in one of the theater schools. But the attempt was unsuccessful. But he took a 2nd rate circus school. A year Sergey again tried to «take» College theater: this time he went to enter the Shchukin. And again failure. The exit was one – to pay to go to the office.

    Came to the aid of the father, believe that the desire to become an artist the son of a sincere and enduring. Thus, Sergey Burunov had the opportunity to learn the basics of acting. While studying in the «Pike» showed a talent for mimicking Burunov. In 2002, the future artist graduated from the school.


    Some time after graduation Sergey Burunov could not find work in the theater. So he got a job leading one of the radio stations. But soon a job in the specialty is found. The young actor once came to Alexander Shirvindt. After he demonstrated his talent for mimicking, he enlisted in troupe of Theatre of Satire. Breakers worked here for 4 years. He played in productions of «Svejk», «Too married taxi driver» and others.

    And in 2007, theatergoers saw Burunov in the play «Blue Slusar», which was put on the stage teatra.doc. In the same year Sergey was casting in the project «Big difference», depicting Vladimir Etush. It was the hour of the artist. He parodied more than 100 characters, became the acknowledged master of the genre.

    A cinematic biography of Sergey Burunov began in 2002. He made his debut in the TV series «Code of honor». After this film he is often invited in different projects in the role of the second plan. But the most striking and memorable work of the actor was the role of the instructor in the film «Echelon». This is a war drama that was released in 2005. Then Burunov was asked to star in main roles in two TV series – «Reflections» and «right». But still Sergey Burunov today known as the master of the episode. In this capacity, it is most in demand in the cinema. To date, the actor has played more than 40 roles in films and television series.

    Sergey Burunov celebrated as one of the most famous dubbing actors. In this capacity, he debuted in 2003. Today, in his creative Treasury of more than 200 paintings, which he dubbed heroes. Voice Burunov on the domestic screen saying Danny DeVito, Gerard Butler, Tim Roth, johnny Depp, Adam Sandler and many others. After the death of Andrei Panin exactly Burunov pereslushal the role of the actor in the TV series «Zhurov».

    Among the latter the most outstanding dramatic works of Sergey Burunov — its role in the eccentric tape Valeria Gai Germanicus called «Short course happy life». The project came out in 2011. And in 2013 the actor appeared in several films. The most famous is the «curiosities» and «In sports only girls».

    But the most popular Sergey Burunov took part in the project «Big difference». The artist came to him in the beginning and removed today. In addition, since 2013, Sergey Burunov appeared on the First channel in the new parody project, «Repeat!».

    Personal life

    Free time, which the artist very little, he spends at the airport. Sometimes it is recognized that there are moments when he regrets thrown a specialty pilot.

    Personal life of Sergey Burunov not yet arranged. He is not married. Says it’s from a natural shyness. In front of the camera he is easily able to relax, but in life not so much.


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    Sergey Burunov

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