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  • Name: Sergey Brin ( Sergey Brin )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: entrepreneur, founder of Google Inc.
  • Marital status: divorced

    Sergey Brin biography

    Sergey Brin is an American entrepreneur, specialist in computer science, information technology and Economics. Together with Larry page he is the founder of search engine Google. In 2016, the popular magazine «Forbes» put Breen on 13 place in the rating of the richest people in the world.

    Sergey was born in Moscow, in the family graduates from the mechanics and mathematics faculty of Moscow state University of Mikhail Brin and Evgenia Krasnokutskiy. When the boy was five years old, the family program of Jewish resettlement emigrated to the United States. Father Breen became an honorary Professor of the University of Maryland, and the mother cooperates with such major companies as NASA and the HIAS.

    Sergey Brin childhood
    Sergey Brin childhood | Zalkopp

    Young Sergei, like his parents, was a very promising mathematician. He studied at the school for gifted children and even at this level stood out with their abilities. By the way, in high school, Bryn visited the Soviet Union on an exchange program experience. After he saw life in the former homeland, Sergey thanked his father that he took him away from Russia.

    Later the young man again expressed his anti-Russian stance, calling the development of this country «Nigeria in the snow» and the government «gang of bandits». However, seeing the resonance of such words Sergey Brin refused data phrases and insisted that meant quite another, and his remarks were distorted by journalists.

    Sergey Brin in his youth
    Sergey Brin in his youth | MagMen’s

    After school the boy goes to the University of Maryland and received the bachelor degree in «Mathematics and computer systems». Master Breen was held for the more prestigious Stanford University in California. It was there that Sergei became very interested in Internet technology and undertook the development of a search engine completely new system.


    In University Sergey Brin met with the graduate student Larry page. First, young people were regular opponents in various discussions, but gradually became friends and even wrote a joint scientific work «the Anatomy of a large-scale hipertexto Internet search», which offered a completely new principle of processing data to search for information in the global network.

    But talented mathematicians decided not to leave this work solely on paper. They have created based on it the student, the search engine BackRub, which proved the viability of their ideas. It Sergey and Larry belongs to the idea to not just provide the result of processing a search query, and the obtained data to rank according to their demand from other users. Now it is the norm for all systems.

    Sergey Brin and Larry page
    Sergey Brin and Larry page | Finanznachrichten

    Improving some aspects of his creation, Brin and page turned a University development in large-scale business. The new system was named «Googol» , which means «a Unit with a hundred zeros».

    Well known today throughout the world the name came due to an unfortunate error. When young people were looking for investors, their appeal was responded to by only the head of «Sun Microsystems» Andy Bechtolsheim. The businessman believed the young geniuses and wrote a check for a tidy sum, but not the name was «Googol», and a nonexistent «Google Inc».

    Sergey Brin and Larry page, founders of
    Sergey Brin and Larry page, founders of Google | Kansas City

    Soon about a new search engine all media. The more raised Google the head when he stood at the beginning of 2000-ies of the so-called «collapse of the dotcom», when hundreds of Internet companies went bankrupt one after another. In the summer of 2004, the company’s shares on the stock exchange received the highest value, and the companions suddenly turned into billionaires.

    Interestingly, Sergey Brin believes that organizations such as «Apple» Steve jobs «Facebook» Mark Zuckerberg undermine the main idea of the Internet as a free network and free access to information. The businessman also strongly disagree with the idea of fighting against Internet piracy and the closure of the free access to books, music, movies.

    Personal life

    As not only known, but also incredibly wealthy, Sergey Brin created a family. His choice was a graduate of Yale University in the direction «Biology» and founder of his own company 23andMe Anne Valitsky. The wedding took place in 2007 in the Bahamas, and a year later the couple had a son Benji. In 2011, the family has expanded again: now they have a daughter together.

    Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wolitski
    Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Valitsky | The Independent

    Unfortunately, the birth of a girl doesn’t strengthen the family. Two years later, because of the novel of Sergey with the employee of his Corporation Amanda Rosenberg, Brin and Wolitski parted, and in 2015 officially divorced.

    Sergey Brin is engaged in a giant charitable investment. In particular, he listed about half a million dollars to support the project «Wikipedia», which, in the opinion of the American businessman, just a perfect match for the principles of free access to information.

    Sergey Brin and Amanda Rosenberg
    Sergey Brin and Amanda Rosenberg

    Together with Larry page, Sergey is engaged in the fight against aging and is funding several projects in this area. After the mother of brina became ill with Parkinson’s disease, and genetic analysis showed that he has a clear tendency to the disease, the businessman ordered biological Corporation to calculate exactly how the gene changes in this disease. Mathematician sure to correct the error in genetics is no more difficult than in computer code. It is important to know what to fix.

    Since Brin and page launched the development of interactive glasses-video-camera «Google Glass» by Sergey will not part with them either at home or in the street or at work. So all the pictures are from 2013, there is this «wearable computer» on the face.


    Sergey Brin

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