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  • Name: Sergey Belogolovtsev ( Sergey Belogolovtsev )
  • Date of birth: 2 April 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Vladivostok
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: TV presenter, actor, comedian, television Director, entertainer, radio host
  • Marital status: married

    Sergey Belogolovtsev: biography

    Sergey Belogolovtsev — Russian TV presenter, actor, singer, Director, entertainer and radio host. Received the first fame as a member of the popular Comedy show, «A. S. P. Studio» actor in a Comedy series «33 square meters».

    He was born in Vladivostok, and it is interesting that his parents met in College, where my mother, Ksenia Alekseevna was a student, and father Gennady Ivanovich – her teacher. Soon after the arrival of Sergei, the light, the family moved to Obninsk, where his father was transferred to teach at a local Institute of atomic energy.

    Belogolovtsev has grown quite a smart boy, although was friends with the neighborhood leader and town bullies. First and foremost, with these guys it unites the passion for football. Sergey even tried to get into the Junior school of the Moscow «Spartak», which is ill in 5 years, but it was not accepted.

    Before the entrance exams to College boy is not ready. He decided to go to the University where my father worked, and he thought that it will solve all the issues with the receipt. But on the first exam, Sergei Belogolovtsev received unsatisfactory rating and hurried to do the prestige, but it is available in Moscow mining Institute. After high school, the guy had several years to work in the mine in the far East. But it was there and made it thirst for creativity. Sergey has created a team which acted on the stage of rural clubs.

    When went back to Moscow, Belogolovtsev realized a long-cherished wish and own KVN team «Magma». This team has literally stormed to the top League, he quickly became a star.


    After the success of KVN Sergey Belogolovtsev invited in the intellectual-an ironic game for Teens «the Magnificent seven» and entrusted him with the role of the writer and the presenter. Then there were programmes such as «Once a week», «Diagram of laughter», «save and repair», «Prospect knowledge», «to Spite of records!?» and about a dozen different programs.

    But apart in the career of Sergey standing Comedy show «A. S. P.-Studio» and especially that they produced the TV series «33 square meters» where he played the flamboyant Chairman of the family Zvezdunovyh. In these projects, Belogolovtsev, together with Michael Schatz, Tatyana Lazareva, Andrei Bocharov and Pavel Kabanova played performances, which parodied not only the stars of show business, politicians and broadcasters, but ordinary people in Russia.

    By the way, moderator did not limit his Arsenal only humorous programs. For example, he led the analytical program about soccer «head Kick». And in 2006 took the role of participant, showing signs of artistry in the show «Circus with stars».

    From October 2014, Sergey Belogolovtsev as one of the leading advocates in the family radio show «Belogolovtsev» on the radio «Mayak». There is involved the whole family of the artist.


    After the great success of the series «33 square meters» Sergei Belogolovtsev did not throw a career as an actor, although it is not his main. He appeared in episodes of several rating comedies, such as «Daddy’s girls», «My fair nanny» and «Two of Anton».

    Also demand the sitcom «All this sudden» psychological drama «Roof» and complex picture based on the novel by Sergei Minaev «duhless». For several years he on the set has worked with such stars as Danila Kozlovsky, Evdokia Germanova, Anna Semenovich, and many others.

    Recent work in the movie for Belogolovtsev were fantastic tape «the Territory of Jah», the Comedy «Yura» and the humorous film «Not my damn business». Now the actor starred in another Comedy, «not they.»

    Personal life

    Married Sergey Belogolovtsev in his student years. His wife Natalia was then counselor of the Military-Patriotic club, although by profession she is a journalist. Later she became General Director of OOO «A. S. P.».

    To the profession of a TV presenter are all three sons of Sergei. His firstborn Nikita — the political analyst of TV channel «Rain». Second son Alexander graduated from the faculty of international journalism MGIMO and since adolescence led different programs, the most famous being «Neocore» on the channel «Carousel».

    Youngest son Eugene was born sick – he has cerebral palsy. It was health that prompted Eugene, Sergei and Natalia to leave the far East and back to Moscow, where the boy could provide much better help. Despite his illness, Eugene also is a leading – he appears in the frame of the program «news» on the channel Once TV.

    Faced with a sick child, Belogolovtsev decided to help other children. They organized a non-profit organization «Skis dreams», which teaches children with cerebral palsy skiing, because such physical exercises improve the condition of patients.


    • 1998-2005 — 33 square meters
    • 2005 — My fair nanny
    • 2007 — All of a sudden
    • 2009 — Two Anton
    • 2009 — Roof
    • 2009 — goddaughter
    • 2011 — Taxi
    • 2012 — duhless
    • 2014 — The Territory Of The Jia
    • 2016 – they are not


    Sergey Belogolovtsev

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