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  • Name: Sergey Batalov ( Sergey Batalov,)
  • Date of birth: 19 April 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Irbit, Sverdlovsk oblast
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Sergey Batalov : biography

    Honoured artist of Russia Sergey Feliksovich Batalov was born in the Urals in April 1957. Early childhood was spent in the small town of Irbit, Sverdlovsk region. In Moscow, the family moved before school age, Sergei.

    The parents of Sergey Feliksovich to the world of art had no relationship. Yes, and the Director was not going to be an actor, although all the necessary makings appeared he quite early.

    After receiving a high school diploma, the guy went to the aviation Institute, and graduated. But Aviator Sergey Batalov did not become. In high school he realized that pulling him in the opposite direction to the stage. Therefore, a certified Aviator went to GITIS, where he took on the first try. Acting skills he learned on the course an experienced mentor Vladimir Alexeyevich Andreev.

    In 1980 Sergey Batalov received a second diploma of higher education.


    A few years after GITIS, the young actor appeared on the stage of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Then the audience watched his performance on the stage of the Theater-Studio «Man».

    A cinematic biography of Sergei Batalov started in the early 1980s. Like most colleagues, he started with episodes. But soon the movie world so fascinated him that in the late 1990s, the actor was finally necessary to do so. The demand for cinema has not allowed Batalov distracted by something else. He is the most sought-after actor for the role of the second plan.

    The debut of Sergei Feliksovich on the screen happened in 1979 in the film «the Gang «Seven winds». But in the key role he appeared in 1990. It was a melodrama «far Far away». Then the formed image of such a simple-minded, good-natured galoot with a big smile. Directors have often offered him to play a tragicomic heroes. In this role Sergey Batalov and appears most often.

    Popularity it comes from the Ural came in the early 1990s, when the screens went wonderful picture-the tragicomedy «the Cloud-Paradise», shot by Nikolai Dostal. The whole composition of this brilliant Comedy was awarded a special prize at the Geneva film festival for young actors. Among the awarded artists — Andrey Zhigalov, Irina Rozanova, Alla Kluki and Vladimir Tolokonnikova — appeared and he, Sergey Batalov.

    After the resounding success of the shortage of roles Sergey Feliksovich no longer felt. He starred in a series of remarkable paintings, among which a special place is occupied by the musical Comedy «Captives of good luck» and comic strips «Shirley myrli», «Cops and robbers» and «Under the polar star». In the last movie Batalov was awarded a prize at the film festival «Constellation».

    In 2005, Dostal returned to his popular project «Cloud-Paradise» and did the sequel called «nick – rolling stone». Here again, appeared Sergey Batalov. This year has been very generous to the actor: he received the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    For 35 years filmography filmography of Sergei Batalov has grown to more than 100 items of various serials and feature films. In recent years, the audience could see this bright and texture artist in the project «Zhurov», «go to jail», «Back in the USSR», «Daddy daughter», «Dad» and «a Stranger among us».

    Personal life

    The appearance of the artist is quite deceptive. On the set of this display and the good-natured sloven instantly becomes a maximum of the collected and focused on the work of a man. One time, early acting, Sergey Batalov «slapped shot of courage» before going on stage. The result was in an awkward situation and embarrass. Ever since he declared himself a strict «dry law», which almost never breaks.

    Personal life of Sergei Batalov is a small but wonderful family, consisting of wife Zoe, a prop of the Theatre on Taganka, and the beloved daughter-the beautiful Kate. Catherine did not follow the footsteps of their parents – her life is not associated with the world of theatre and cinema. She received financial economic education and serves in the banking sector.

    In his spare time the actor likes to go horseback riding. And although he first sat on a horse 45, today puts up a good front.


    • «Far far away»
    • «The cloud-Paradise»
    • «Captives of good luck»
    • «Shirley-myrli»
    • «Nick — rolling stone»
    • «Under the polar star»
    • «I want in prison»
    • «Back in the USSR»
    • «Daddy’s girls»
    • «Caramel»


    Sergey Batalov

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