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  • Name: Sergey Baryshev ( Sergey Baryshev )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Engels, Russia
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Sergei Baryshev: biography

    He is known as a major Vinokurova from the series «Secrets of investigation». It is attractive not only on screen but also in life. Sergei Baryshev was born on 3 Oct 1963 in Engels, Saratov region. This city is linked to his childhood and youth: school, play in the yard, trips to summer camp. Sergey did not think seriously about who he wants to be. However, the actor’s talent manifested itself from an early age: he loved to perform before an audience, to amuse her.

    With age it is not passed, then Sergei Baryshev thinking about applying to drama school. After school he applied in the Saratov theater school – enrolled, and after graduation went to live and work in Saint Petersburg. In this city Sergey Baryshev lives now.


    In the 1990s Baryshev received the invitation from the Theater on Liteiny. On the stage he worked until 2005. Then the actor had to leave the theater due to the tight schedule of the filming of the series «Secrets of investigation».

    In 2015, Sergei set up his own Studio «Chudomir», and June 22, 2015 the premiere of the first show, timed to the 74th anniversary of the great Patriotic war.

    Parallel Sergei Baryshev involved in performances of theatre «On the Neva», «Version» and «Patriot ROSTO». Sergei Baryshev was awarded the prestigious prize «Monocle» for the main role in the play «Illusions». He is also the writer and Director of this production.


    Sergei Baryshev known to the Russian spectators on the role of major Vinokourov in the series «Secrecy of the investigation». In 2005, he successfully auditioned for the first season. After leaving the series on screen he was so popular with viewers that the producers decided to release a sequel.

    Perhaps the secret of his character that the source material is Sergey Baryshev. His character is similar to Vinokourov, and sometimes an actor is so merged with his hero, after filming speaks and behaves as a cinema operative.

    «Secrets of the investigation» is not the only role of Sergey Baryshev. He starred in other projects, among them — «Gangster Petersburg», «the Bodyguard,» «the Moon in Zenith», «Sea devils» and others.

    Personal life

    Sergei Baryshev happy with his wife Catherine. Catherine was born in Russia, but has long lived in Germany, worked as a journalist. When the «Secrecy of the investigation» became popular, she was assigned to interview the actors of the series. So she met with Baryshevym. Sympathy arose between them during interviews, and then moved to greater love.

    Katya has already had a failed marriage in Germany, growing up the son. She had to go through the painful procedure of divorce, the son stayed with the father, through the adaptation in a new place, but she was able to do it. Sergei behind, too, have a bad experience of family life, but about the first wife, he doesn’t mention, calling their relationship an episode.

    In 2004, Katia and Sergei were married. In Barysevich for a long time had no children, Catherine studied in European clinics and the doctors said that she would become a mother. In 2010, when the woman finally got pregnant, she was diagnosed with cancer. The pregnancy had to be interrupted. Catherine went for treatment to Germany, where her parents live. Actor all this time was near her, he stopped shooting for a while. Now the pair is already back in Russia, Katya began to work as an editor at the production centre and feels better.

    Sergei Baryshev does not like noisy companies – he prefers outdoor leisure, fishing, Canoeing. And he plays the guitar and saxophone, writes songs about Petersburg, which was native to him, and, of course, about love.


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    Sergei Baryshev

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