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  • Name: Sergey Astakhov ( Sergey Kozlov )
  • Date of birth: 28 may 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Krasny Liman, Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Sergey Astakhov: biography

    Sergey Astakhov was born on 28 may 1969 in the village of Krasny Liman. The parents of the Viscount M. and Kozlov, Zinaida I. Astakhov was the military. When Sergei was a baby, his family moved to the mainland of Sakhalin to Khabarovsk Krai and settled in the port town of Busan. Sergey from childhood accustomed to the discipline, although it was still a bully: one day a boy almost burned my home school. He wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming a military officer and go to the legendary Suvorov military school.

    After graduating from secondary school, my parents persuaded his son to apply for the Polytechnic Institute, he came to the aviation Department, the specialty «engineer». Technical education was given to Sergey’s hard, exact science he didn’t like. After studying at the Institute year, the guy abandoned his studies and was forced to join the army. About to attempt to evade service could not be and speeches, after all, grew up in a military town Astakhov perceived the army as an honorable duty of every citizen of the USSR. Due to incomplete technical education Astakhov was assigned to a tank company engineer.

    Sergey Astakhov
    Sergey Astakhov | Talkyland

    After demobilization Sergey Astakhov went on to live with his parents, who by that time had moved to Voronezh. There’s a guy spontaneously decided to go to the Voronezh theatre school, although he never was interested in neither the theatre nor the movie. Despite the competition, Sergey came to the acting Department, where he studied until 1995.

    After drama school the actor accepted into the troupe of the local drama theater. There he worked for almost five years, until I realized that his career is not moving forward, and he ceased to grow. In search of opportunities to change this situation, they decided to go to Moscow. Only two years later Sergei has found a suitable job: theatre «Et Cetera» was looking for the male actors. Astakhov came to audition, but the Director Alexander Kalyagin took the actor not immediately. Then the rising star of the theatre on the advice of a friend replaced the dissonant surname «Kozlov» on the name of the mother, «Astakhov». Literally in the same year he received his first theatrical award «the Seagull» in the nomination «Fatal man» for her role in the play «Hedda Gabler».

    In 2009 the actor came to the scene of Drama theatre of a name of Stanislavsky.


    Becoming a star of the theater in 2001, Sergey Astakhov almost immediately received an offer to participate in the filming of «happy birthday, Lola!». The actor has landed the role of one of the two killers, played by actors, who a little later will be incredibly popular: Ekaterina Guseva and Vladimir Simonov.

    Sergey Astakhov and Ekaterina Guseva in the movie
    Sergey Astakhov and Ekaterina Guseva in the movie «happy birthday, Lola!» |

    The actor became a frequent guest of Russian TV series, he played in the «Ice age», «Lawyer», «Poor Nastya» and many others. For the actor gradually entrenched image of the «bad guy», and Directors invited him to appropriate roles.

    The most famous he won the role in a serial «the Black Goddess» and «Palmist» in 2005. In the same year, Astakhov made his debut as a screenwriter of the film «Escape.» However, from the original text of the actor has only half, most of the dialogue was written by Dmitri Kotov, Oleg Pogodin, the producers also made a lot of edits. Sergei got the role Sobolev, a friend of the protagonist. Some critics saw in «Escape», the similarity with the movie «the Fugitive», but this did not prevent the project to its viewers.

    Another notable role Astakhov was the image of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, the brilliant designer and engineer, which made possible the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space. The film premiered in 2007. The role brought the actor a people’s choice award at the annual festival «Constellation».

    Every year, the actor is involved in several film projects, Sergey Astakhov has achieved well-deserved fame and love of the audience, today it is a very popular actor of Russian television.

    Personal life

    With his first wife, actress Natalia Komardina Serhiy met in College. Natalia at that time was in the third year. They met at an informal dedication to the students. The young actor almost immediately invited the girl to itself and introduced her to his parents. After a few days Natalia moved to his apartment, and after a month the young people got married, having a big wedding for a hundred people. After the New year the couple were married in the Church, but it did not save their marriage.

    Sergey Astakhov and Victoria Adelfina with my daughter
    Sergey Astakhov and Victoria Adelfina with her daughter | the Big question

    Astrahov again married Princess Victoria of Adelfino, whom he met in the entrance exams. By the end of training between them broke out a novel, and in 1994 young people were married. Four years later they had a daughter Maria. Victoria has repeatedly appeared in films with her husband, later joined by a little older daughter, Masha. The second marriage of the actor lasted until 2011.

    And in 2011 the press has reported the sensational news: the actress Elena Korikova robbed from her house was put a large sum of money and personal belongings of Sergey Astakhov. With this information, the press started talking about the affair between the two actors. The couple broke apart with a loud scandal in 2013. It was rumored that Korikova could not stand the jealous nature of her lover.

    Sergei Astakhov and Yelena Korikova
    Sergei Astakhov and Yelena Korikova | Our city

    In 2013, around the name of Sergei Astakhov was a scandal. On his page in the social network «Facebook» Director of the Moscow theater Kirill Ganin reported that the actor allegedly entered into a same-sex marriage with actor Yevgeny Mironov, who registered on the territory of Germany. He Astakhov was extremely shocked by such news and stated that it was not in the mood to comment on such nonsense.

    After rumors and talk associated with the name Astakhov, the press leaked information about the affair of the actor with Victoria Shakeaway. The girl under her beloved of 16 years, to the world of show business has nothing — she’s a primary school teacher. Sergey very warmly of Victoria. In the press talking about possible wedding of lovers.


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    Sergey Astakhov

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