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  • Name: Sergey Aksenov ( Sergey Aksenov )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Balti, Moldova
  • Activity: the Russian politician, the businessman, the head of the Republic of Crimea
  • Marital status: Married to Elena dobryn’

    Sergey Aksenov: the biography

    Sergey Aksenov is a vivid example of an ordinary member, who through his activity in the political arena has reached incredible heights in his career and became the head of the Republic of Crimea after joining the Peninsula to Russia. For the outstanding organization of the Crimean referendum and the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia in 2014 was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland», and in 2015 he received the title of «Honorary citizen of Crimea». The vast majority of the electorate see the new Crimean Chapter of the serious, charismatic and self-confident leader who will be able to make Crimea a real home for the population and to restore the economy and the national economy on the territory of the Republic.

    Born Aksenov Sergey Valerievich, November 26, 1972 in the Moldovan city of Balti. Of parent and child, information is virtually nonexistent. We only know that parents are Valeriy and Nina Semenovna were citizens of Ukraine, and the father of the future head of the Crimean at the time, presided over the party «Russian community». Feldman studied at the local school No. 6, which, in 1989, he graduated with a silver medal. After receiving a high school diploma, Feldman went to Simferopol and entered the higher military-political school where has received the diploma of a military Builder.

    At the end SWITS Sergey V. engaged in entrepreneurial activity in the field of production and sales of canned food products. The next ten years biography Aksenov remained virtually unchanged – the future of the Crimean Chairman was the Deputy Director in several companies and cooperatives. Pursuing entrepreneurship, Sergey V. continued her studies at the University of Economics and management, which first received the degree of bachelor of the faculty «Economy of enterprise», and later became a master on speciality «Finance and credit».

    Sergey Aksenov: the policy

    Aksyonov’s political career started in 2008, when he began to actively engage in political activities in the Crimea. Then he joined the «Russian community of Crimea», and after a year became co-Chairman of the coordinating Council «For Russian unity in Crimea!» and became part of the Board «Civil asset of Crimea».

    Activity Sergey Valeryevich in the political arena allowed him a few years to become the leader of the all-Crimean socio-political movement «Russian unity», which had a lot of enemies. At that time Aksyonov and his movement were blamed for many of raider seizures of real estate, however, to prove specific facts of criminal activity of the future head of the Crimea and failed. This did not prevent Aksenov in 2010 to become a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, despite the fact that the «Russian unity», then voted only 4% of voters.

    Due to his ideological views, priority of which are the national interests of the Russian Federation, a self-sufficient economy of Russia, support of domestic producer, the differentiation of the taxation system, abolition of the taxes for the poor, Sergey Aksenov has won recognition among colleagues, and among the population of the Peninsula. This allowed him to suddenly rise on the political pedestal and become the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea.

    Sergey Aksenov: the head of the Crimea

    In February 2014 at the time of the coup in Ukraine, the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea were seized by unknown people who drove the employees of the interior Ministry of Ukraine, immediately replaced the Ukrainian flag on the Russian. On the same day at an extraordinary meeting Aksyonov was appointed Prime Minister of the new government of the Republic of Crimea, but still part of Ukraine. A few days VA. the head of the Ukrainian Oleksandr Turchynov signed a decree on the illegality of the election of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea, noting that they violate the Constitution, the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine.

    Then, in relation to Aksenov Ukraine opened a criminal case under article 109 of the criminal code, providing punishment for violent seizure of state power. At the hearing it was made the decision about the detention of Sergei Valeryevich.

    In the same period, Sergei Aksyonov in the Crimea is also not sitting idly by. Two days after taking office, he issued a decree subdued all the power and institutional structures of the Crimea and appealed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for assistance and cooperation in ensuring peace and tranquility on the Peninsula.

    The thorny path to the pinnacle of power in the Crimea, Aksenov was full of all kinds of pitfalls and conflict situations, but the politician survived all the trials in your path and became one of the key organizers of the referendum in the Crimea, where on March 16, 2014 the Peninsula’s population voted almost unanimously for secession of the Republic of Crimea from Ukraine and its entry into structure of Russia.

    After the official announcement of the results of the Crimean referendum on Sergei Aksyonov and several other politicians, who according to Ukrainian and European diplomats were involved in current events in the Crimea, imposed sanctions the US and the EU. Despite the lack of recognition and the indignant reaction to the referendum in Crimea, the West and Kiev, 18 March 2014, Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Aksenov with the chairmen of the coordination Council on organization of the Sevastopol city Department of life support and the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, Alexei Chaly and Vladimir Konstantinov, signed with the Russian head Vladimir Putin an Agreement on joining the Crimea to the Russian Federation. As a result, in the Russian Federation, formed two new entities – the Federal city of Sevastopol and Republic of Crimea.

    In September 2014, the President of Russia proposed to the state Council of the Crimean Republic Sergey Aksenov’s candidacy for the presidency of the Republic of Crimea. 9 October of the same year in a vote of the Board Aksyonov was unanimously elected to this position, and part-time left for him and the Prime Minister of the Republic.

    Sergey Aksenov: personal life

    In view of the fact that the new head of Crimea leads a fairly solitary life and is serious, aloof and very secretive, personal life Aksenov to society is completely hidden. It is known that he is still in the early 90s, married the economist

  • Elena Dobryn’. Together with his wife, Sergey V. engaged in business and commercial activities. In the family Aksenov there are several private companies engaged in the sale and rental of private and public real estate, travel agencies, and companies engaged in trade of household chemicals, food and industrial products. Elena Dobrynya in 1994 bore her husband a daughter Christina, and in 1997 joined the family and heir to Oleg. Currently, the children Sergey Aksenov are students at prestigious universities.

    According to the official government portal of the Republic, Sergei Aksyonov income for the first year at the head of the Crimean amounted to 1 million 621 thousand rubles. In the Declaration of Sergey Lavrov also stated that private property had no – Aksenov rents, land and a house.

    The wife of Aksenov unlike her husband, who receives a salary for the civil service for 2014 earned nearly 3 million. Thus, in its property there are three apartments with an area of almost 200 square meters and seven non-residential premises. Also the wife of the head of region has several land plots with a total area of 1568 square meters and a house area of 577 sq m, while Elena owns the car BMW750.

    It is known that the wife of Aksenov’s entire business and political activities of the husband gives him the all-powerful support in all endeavors. In his spare time the family likes to travel.

    Sergey Aksenov: photo

    Sergey Aksyonov Head Of Crimea

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