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  • Name: Sergey Drobotenko ( Sergey Drobotenko )
  • Date of birth: 14 September 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: comedian, satirist, actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Sergey Drobotenko: biography

    Sergei Drobotenko – satirist, actor, songwriter, member of «full House» and other humorous programs.

    Sergey was born in 1969 in Dnipropetrovsk, and when the boy was only three years old, the family moved to Siberia, in Omsk city. It was here, at the Institute of railway engineers, who later graduated from the Sergei, his father taught Anatoly Fedorovich. The mother of the future humorist, Vetta A., he worked in the tram control engineer.

    Sergey Drobotenko in childhood
    Sergey Drobotenko in childhood

    In the childhood Sergey had to learn in two schools, and everywhere it was almost a straight-a student. The boy dreamed of an artistic career, he attended a singing group, raved about the dance and ballet scene. However, parents did not like the idea that their son will go to actor, even in cinematography or GITIS.

    The result Drobotenko native successfully graduated from Omsk University in 1990, and after distribution of Ameeta even managed to work in the specialty. Studied at the faculty of «Automatics and telemechanics», Sergei while he taught in the railroad school of the city of Omsk.

    Sergey Drobotenko
    Sergey Drobotenko | Privilege

    During the training the student Drobotenko, like millions of his peers, had to serve a year in the Soviet Army. Service Sergey took place in the far East, in the town of Bikini, in armor. In 1989, the order of the Minister of defence Yazov he was prematurely discharged.

    KVN and theatre

    While studying at the University for technical studies, Sergey has not renounced the dream of a creative career of the artist. Returning to school after military service, he took an active part in the performances of the Institute’s KVN team. Soon the student Drobotenko was the team captain and led her confidently to the final victory – city championship KVN. Unfortunately, his institution suffered a complete fiasco in the championship of Omsk.

    The first steps towards future pop glory Drobotenko did, sitting as a DJ at the Omsk branch of the radio station «Europe plus» in 1993. It was then popular, and at first only independent news radio station in the country began to develop its network by opening branches in other cities besides the two capitals.

    Sergey Drobotenko
    Sergey Drobotenko | Krasnodar Krai

    To Sergei finally came to a well-deserved reputation, although quite one-sided. It is now the artist is instantly recognizable in photos and performances on television, millions of fans, and then his face was behind the scenes, and people just knew the voice of the master.

    On radio he worked for five years – from 1993 to 1998. During this time, to him in the Studio do not just have well-known entertainers and satirists. Among them were such stars as Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Jan Arlazorov, Vladimir Vinokur. And they all advised Drobotenko to move to Moscow, where he and his talent will succeed.

    Sergey Drobotenko on stage
    Sergey Drobotenko on stage | Youth Smolensk

    Before working at the radio station Sergey Drobotenko founded his own theatre pop miniatures under the name «BIS», who made the troupe of friends, students and colleagues in the team of KVN. Next year at the Omsk theatre festival performance of «ENCORE» brought it to the Creator of the first Grand Prix. The prize was awarded to Sergei as author and Director of the play «Love and fat» and was a brand new Japanese TV for the 1994 real wealth.

    The next few years, Sergey has served as the «Europe plus» with a Siberian pop festivals. And in Omsk, in Tomsk, he has repeatedly got the first places and prizes.

    Sergey Drobotenko
    Sergey Drobotenko | Max-relax

    My first solo concert Drobotenko held in Omsk, in DK «Star» in November 1996. According to the memoirs of the artist, in the hall was a full house, although a few hours before the show workers-welders shut off the heating in the hall. The audience had to sit in coats and gloves, but no one left.


    Two-year visiting acting courses and instruction received from stellar colleagues on the shop floor, made themselves felt: in 1998, Sergey Drobotenko moved from Omsk to Moscow. Immediately upon arrival, the artist sent the cassette with the recordings of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Regina Dubovitskaya.

    After six months on the First channel’s «Smehopanorama» Petrosian with the participation of Drobotenko. Earlier he made his debut in GKZ «Russia» in the program «Ah, a joke, a joke». Soon, the artist has worked as a staff writer for the same program that came on the channel «TV-Center».

    Sergey Drobotenko, Maxim Galkin
    Sergey Drobotenko and Maxim Galkin | tvnz

    A year later, about Sergey Drobotenko learned the whole country. This happened thanks to his victory at the competition of artists satire and humor, where he took an honorable third place. The Grand Prix went to Yuri Galtseva, first place – Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka), second place – Maxim Galkin, with whom Sergey has struck up a close friendship.

    It was there, on the «Cup of Humor-99», Sergey has developed many useful contacts and restored old connections. The jury was Regina Dubovitskaya, Anatoly Trushkin and Mikhail Zhvanetsky. The organizer of the competition was made by Yevgeny Petrosyan. Since then, the comedian Drobotenko not only to learn on the street. Soon he took a position as a staff writer of «full House», and then he began to speak in the popular program.

    The best monologues and rooms

    Sergey Drobotenko has written many texts, which played popular pop artists, including Elena Stepanenko, Efim Shifrin, Jan Arlazorov, Vladimir Vinokur. In 2000 Drobotenko and Galkin took part in the concerts of Michael Zadornov. In recognition of the Drobotenko, he was «a resounding success», so he had to leave master. However, this has not prevented talented people to maintain friendly relations.

    On account of the writer-humorist numerous prizes at festivals, concerts and dozens of individual rooms, the best among which there are the monologues and miniatures:

    • «The prompter»;
    • «Two slices of toast for an anniversary»;
    • «Exam»;
    • «Rush hour»;
    • «Drawing in the pharmacy»;
    • «Well, no, you’re weird!»;
    • «Monologue of the wife»;
    • «Dedication to beloved mother-in-law»;
    • «One day in the life of a bachelor (about the cat)»;
    • «Women’s logic»;
    • «There Is RAM»;
    • «The son takes after you (mother’s father)»;
    • «Our joy (meeting in the bus)».

    In 2005 Drobotenko made in GKZ «Russia» in recital «a good concert», which traveled all over the country, neighboring countries were in Israel and Germany. The actor has released several CDs with recordings of his speeches: «And laughter, and sin», «we’re bored».

    Sergey Drobotenko
    Sergey Drobotenko | Cocktail

    Now Sergey, as before, takes part in concert programmes, and also participates in the entreprise. The first and most famous of them – «Family turmoil».

    Personal life

    Details of the personal life of Sergey Drobotenko trying to advertise. About the artist we only know that he is still unmarried, has no children and in any love relationships is not seen. And this is in spite of numerous army of fans almost in every Russian city.


    Sergey Drobotenko

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