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  • Name: Sergei Dovlatov ( Dovlatov Sergei-Mechik )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1941.
  • Age: 48 years
  • Date of death: 24 Aug 1990
  • Place of birth: Ufa, Bashkiria
  • Activity: writer, journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Sergei Dovlatov biography

    Sergei Dovlatov, the Soviet and the American writer and journalist, who was considered in the Soviet Union is prohibited. But today just four of his compositions are included in the 100 books recommended by the Ministry of education of Russia for self-study students.

    Sergey was born in Ufa, in a theatrical family. His father, Donat Mechik, was the Director, and her mother, Nora Dovlatova played on the stage, and became a proofreader in the publishing house. For parents of the future writer, the capital of Bashkortostan was not his native city: they were evacuated with the outbreak of war. After 3 years the family returned to Leningrad, where he spent his childhood and youth Dovlatov.

    After school he enrolled at the local University on philological faculty, Department of Finnish language. At this University the young man lasted two and a half years, after which he was expelled for academic failure. Having served the required years in the army, Dovlatov again becomes a student of the Leningrad University, this time choosing the faculty of journalism.

    The first newspaper of the young specialist was the St. Petersburg «For shots to shipyards», he then went to Europe and served in such publications as «Soviet Estonia», «Estonian Sailor» and «Evening Tallinn». However, it should be noted that for the Tallinn residence Sergei a few months worked as a fireman.

    Later, the man returned to his native Leningrad and began to cooperate with the youth magazine «Bonfire». By this time he has accumulated a lot of short stories and novels, which were printed abroad in emigre periodicals. When this fact came out, Dovlatov start hunting the KGB in 1978 Sergei had to emigrate to the United States.

    In new York, the journalist became editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper «New American,» worked at the radio station, as well as continue to write their own works. New home gave him wealth, fame and popularity, and interesting work, but until the last days of Dovlatov missed Russia and had lived to see the collapse of the USSR, most likely, would have returned home.


    To write the prose of Sergei Dovlatov began in the army. But Newspapers and magazines rejected his work, so the writer had to be published in «Samizdat» and emigre magazines «Continent», «Time and us» and others.

    A similar practice in the USSR, to put it mildly, not welcomed. Dovlatov was expelled from the Union of journalists, that is, he was no longer able to work, but a set of «Five corners», the Estonian publishing house «Eesti Raamat,» completely destroyed the request of the KGB.

    But when Sergei donatovich went to America, where his stories began to be printed one after the other. Thanks to the prestigious journals «Partisan Review» and «The New Yorker» Dovlatov has achieved wide recognition readers. So began the edition and full-length books. Very popular were such novels and collections of short stories, like «Suitcase», «Our», «Compromise», «Solo on underwood: Notebooks» and «Zone: notes of a Warder».

    In just 12 years of emigration from the pen of the writer came out a dozen books that have had success in the US and Europe, and domestic readers acquainted with them solely because of the author’s program on Radio «Liberty».

    Personal life

    Very common rumor that Sergey Dovlatov had several hundred mistresses. Actually this man was very reserved and went hard on contact, especially with women. In the writer’s life had two official wives and one civilian. Other favorite none of his real friends know nothing, and they can be attributed to fictional.

    His first wife Asya Pekurovskaya Sergey lived for eight years. They met in his student years and was madly in love. But eventually the young woman chose Dovlatov has become a popular author Vasily Aksenov. After the divorce it turned out that Assia was pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter Mary.

    Later in his life came Elena Ritman, woman with man’s character. She is Dovlatov owes its popularity. Married Sergei and Elena, and immediately after the young person has returned from the army, he lived for several years, but then their feelings are weakened. Ritman found an opportunity to emigrate, divorced and taking a second Dovlatov’s daughter, Catherine, moved to the United States.

    Again there was one Sergey donatovich a few years hooking up with Tamara Simonovoy, who bore him another girl, Alexandra. But these relationships lasted very long. In 1978 over the writer under threat of arrest, and he goes after Elena Ritman in new York, where he married ex-wife.

    In the family the first born son of Dovlatov, who was named in the American style Nicolas Dole. Exactly Elena has influenced the work of her husband a lasting impact. She corrected his drafts, were forced to rewrite the least successful passages, and Ritman-Dovlatov first promoted books husband to the masses.


    Sergei Dovlatov in the Soviet Union abused alcohol. In America, he drank a lot less, but still was partial to alcohol. Each doctor who examined him, claimed – the writer is great, very good health.

    The unexpected was the sudden death of Sergei Donatovich 24 August 1990. It happened in new York, and the official cause of death is considered to be heart failure. Buried Dovlatov in the same city, in the cemetery, «mount Hebron» in Queens.


    • 1977 — the Invisible book
    • 1980 — Solo on underwood: Notebooks
    • 1981 — the Compromise
    • 1982 Zone: notes of warden
    • 1983 — Reserve
    • 1983 — March of the lonely
    • 1985 — the Demarche of enthusiasts
    • 1986 — Suitcase
    • 1987 — Presentation
    • 1990 — Branch


    Sergei Dovlatov

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