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  • Name: Sergey Chigrakov ( Sergei Chigrakov )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Dzerzhinsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, musician, founder of the group «Chizh & Co».
  • Marital status: Married

    Sergei Chigrakov: biography

    The legend of the Russian rock musician, whose songs and sing karaoke in the yard with a guitar, Sergei Chigrakov, or just «time machine», was born in Dzerzhinsk. Parents of future rock stars were ordinary workers.

    Play the guitar boy taught elder brother returned from the army. Sergei was only 11, but 6 of them he has studied in Dzerzhinsk musical school of a name of Skryabin’s piano. At the age of 14, the young musician had already mastered the guitar quite professionally and with his brother played in various Amateur ensembles of Dzerzhinsk, and then began to sing. The first song, which the young Sergei Chigrakov took to the real stage was the composition of Alexander Gradsky «Blue Forest».

    After mastering the guitar, Sergei Chigrakov is taken for the accordion. Future rock star ends up in the Dzerzhinsk musical school there and entered the school of music. Student life artist is always full of fun and temptation: a lot of new friends, girls, alcohol, rock-n-roll and spontaneous appartment. As a result of Chigrakov Sergei was expelled from music school for not attending. However, then the musician has come to his senses, he began to learn the accordion, recovered and graduated almost perfectly.

    Then Sergei Chigrakov went to Leningrad in order to impress the admission Committee of the Leningrad State Institute of culture. Krupskaya, the people familiarly called «Balls». Talented applicant accepted at the Department of orchestral conducting and folk instruments. Received a diploma of higher music education, the future of the legendary rock singer, got a job with a degree in Leningrad cultural enlightenment, but after working there for a short time, went to give back to the Motherland. Military service musician took place in the tank forces in the Latvian port town of Ventspils.

    Returning from the army, Sergei Chigrakov continues to learn in the «Bag» in absentia and parallel flows in the jazz Studio of the Leningrad Conservatory on a class of drum. Received another musical education, Siskin returned to his native Dzerzhinsk, there to get a job a teacher of music in normal school No. 33. It was this experience many years later formed the basis of the plot of the famous songs of Sergei Chigrakov «Eternal youth».

    Sergei Chigrakov: «Chizh & Co»

    By the time Sergei Chigrakov already know all of Dzerzhinsky musicians, which is not surprising for such a small town. Then a school teacher, moonlighting at weddings, I invite you to Kharkov to play there in a local «day care», abbreviated as «SDA».

    Soon Kharkov «GPA» collapsed. Sergei Chigrakov remained with Alexander chernetski, Pavel Mikhailenko and other musicians who formed a new group called «Different people». When he became seriously ill money for treatment was collected from all of the world. Boris Grebenshchikov and Yuri Shevchuk has organized several charity concerts and even wrote in the program «Vzglyad». While he was treated, the frontman in the «Different people» instead, it was Sergei Chigrakov. Then Alexander went on the mend, able to go on stage, and she and swallow began to sing their songs in turn.

    A couple of years the Siskin has gone from «Different people» to do a solo career. Boris Grebenshikov long name of the musician Peter. In 1993, with it, Chigrakov recorded his first solo vinyl record, called simply «sky».

    Famous colleagues via rock-and-roll activities gave Sergei a few concerts at St. Petersburg clubs. Sophisticated St. Petersburg audience took the new rock singer-songwriter quite favorably, and Siskin finally decided to move from Kharkov to St. Petersburg. A month later he already had his own band «Chizh & co», which soon became nationally known.

    Less than a year as «Chizh & co» has already released his first Studio album, «Crossroads» and live recording «Live», while continuing to perform on the stages of various clubs. After a year, Sergei Chigrakov and his company have recorded a new album «About love». Siskin became a true rock star. It’s time to release the album best songs. The musicians took the path of least resistance: recorded his speech in St. Petersburg DC «Jubilee», where the hall echoed the frontman’s songs. After the success of «Chizh & co» went to the United States.

    In 1998, «Chizh & co» tours in Israel and recorded the album «New Jerusalem», and then goes to London. Learning about what Siskin in London, the legendary Soviet times voice of America, Seva Novgorodtsev invites musicians into his radio show in BBC. Then a recording of the program will be released as the album «At 20:00 GMT».

    A year later, czyz and his company playing at a rock festival in new York city, give a concert in Chicago, then returned to Russia. No major rock festival in Russia can not do without «Chizh & co».

    In 2002, Sergei Chigrakov and his company participated in the creation of 3 tribute album: Dyusha Romanov, Egor Letov and his group «Secret». And in 2004, Siskin carried out his dream, playing a Blues of his own composition with these black Blues musicians. The project, called «Chizh & Blues company», participated the musicians, «Herbert Maitlandt Band».

    The anniversary of the group «Chizh & co» celebrated on a Grand scale concerts in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The team was congratulated by famous Russian artists.

    Sergei Chigrakov: personal life

    Sergei Chigrakov married for the third time. First darling of the future rock star was a classmate Marina in the Dzerzhinsk musical College. She gave birth to Sergei, Mikhail’s son, but after three years the marriage broke up. Sergey, which started to get the musical fame, fell in love with his fan of Olga. Homewrecker, by the way, were familiar with the Marina, as girls are taught together in one course.

    Sergei and Olga daughter Daria. The couples marriage lasted 15 years, but then history repeated itself: the swallow again fell in love with his fan, which was younger musician for 20 years. A new chosen one was called Valentine. Married at the time a rock musician has dedicated their song new Muse. The young wife gave birth to Sergei’s son Nicholas.

    Sergei Chigrakov there is a child out of wedlock, the son of Vlad, who followed in the footsteps of his famous father and became a musician.

    Sergei Chigrakov: discography

    • Crossroads
    • About love
    • Erogenous zone
    • Polonaise
    • Bombers
    • Nothing to lose
    • Live
    • Greatest Hits
    • The New Jerusalem
    • At 20:00 GMT

    Sergei Chigrakov: photo

    Sergei Chigrakov

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