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  • Name: Mr Chelobanov ( Sergey Chelobanov )
  • Date of birth: 31 August 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Birth place: Balakovo
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: singer, musician, composer
  • Marital status: not married

    Sergei chelobanov: biography

    Born Sergei chelobanov 31 Aug 1961 in Balakovo, a small town in Saratov region. Intelligent family was hoping for the older son, as a reliable support and assistance in old age. The father of the future celebrity Vasily chelobanov worked at the plant engineer. Musician and teacher Nina Petrovna, the mother of future musician, instilled in their children a love of art and literature.

    The boy grew up very active and energetic. The parents tried to pacify the crazy nature of Sergei. He was taught to play the piano, given to the sports section. But even such measures are not always saved, was fighting and clashes between groups of young people. In school, many parents complained Chelobanova for constant attacks on classmates. Then Vasily took only seemed like the right decision: he took the child in Boxing section. This course had a positive impact on the character of the composer. In addition to the art of warfare Boxing teaches you to keep your own rage and generates standards of behavior. The fight receded into the background.

    In school, Sergei chelobanov felt the effect of the star disease. Victory in the ring and significant gains at a music school impact on the self-esteem of a teenager. Attention girls, the envy of classmates and partners in Boxing, a sense of permissiveness, pride and inflated egos played with the young Sergei a bad joke. For being rude to a random guy he was repeatedly punished the older kids.

    In high school the situation has improved slightly: Sergey chelobanov seriously interested in music, particularly rock ‘ n ‘ roll. This affected the attendance, but teachers are not particularly interfered with it, because he was engaged in all the activities and concert life of the school. At this age chelobanov for the first time seriously violated the law. Yielding to the influence of the trendy actions of the time, the future musician stole the motorcycle, which was going to conquer girls ‘ hearts. But the vigilant police caught the robber. Sergei was given three years probation. Not knowing what to do with your son is a troublemaker, Basil chelobanov decided to make it work for your plant. But to call it it was hard work, day Sergey slept, and at night played heavy rock. He gathered musical group that performed at a local house of culture. Conditional conviction did not allow time to get to the army, as a conscript Sergei chelobanov was only 22 years old.

    After the army, the future composer began to use drugs. On the basis of addiction Chelobanova arrested again. In search of money for the next dose, Sergey and company stole the synth and sold it. Second, the court has appointed three years of imprisonment with serving of term in a colony-settlement, where chelobanov continued to make music.

    Sergei chelobanov: career

    To take the big stage Sergey helped Arkady Ukupnik. Thanks to him the tape recordings of the «N-Band» fell into the hands of Alla Pugacheva. Interested in music and a pleasant voice Alla Borisovna has arrived to meet the young performer. After lengthy conversations Sergey Chelobanov was asked to sign a contract with the Theater Pugacheva, to which he agreed.

    Since 1990, the group «H-Band» began performing on famous stages and venues. In the same year Sergey was invited to speak at the «Blue Light». A year later, the musician recorded his first album titled «Uninvited guest». Around the same time, chelobanov wrote two pieces for the movie «God’s creation» in which he played the role of Jesus. Under the guidance of Alla Pugacheva chelobanov toured across Russia with the program. At that time there were many rumours about the young musician and Alla Roman. Sergey Vasilyevich did not confirm these rumors, but did not reject. According to him, no relations but business between the artists was not.

    Due to the influence of Alla Sergei chelobanov came to the society of famous musicians and performers of the time. But their cooperation did not last long. In 1994 there was a split in a well-coordinated team, and for some time chelobanov ceased to appear in public. Longing for the big stage and appreciative listeners forced the musician to return and continue their work. Followed by three more albums that have received great popularity among fans of the composer.

    Then Sergey has several times tried to perform a solo program, but, unfortunately, not found the song echo in the hearts of listeners. But arrangements Chelobanova have used Philip in his album «Cinofilia», which is easily dispersed and gained some popularity. After working with Kirkorov Sergei chelobanov gave up trying to perform on stage and devoted himself entirely to the work of the composer and arranger.

    Sergei chelobanov: personal life

    The first school love Sergei Chelobanova remained just high school sweetheart. Although the composer himself recalls the relationship as turbulent and passionate days. He was terribly jealous of his passion literally all and Sundry and often came to fights. But the attitude still exhausted ourselves and to no avail.

    The first wife of the future artist was a girl named Lyudmila, who he married, being in the army. She gave Sergey two sons: Denis and Nikita. Lyudmila took place with the composer all the way from the beginning of his career as a musician. A loving wife has tolerated the antics of the famous husband and did not react to the rumors about the novel by Sergei and Alla Pugacheva. Lyudmila Chelobanova — not a public person, and at different social events appeared rarely, leaving the attention of the press and fans fully Sergey Vasilyevich.

    In 2008, the couple decided to end the relationship and dispersed peacefully. The reason for this decision Sergey chelobanov preferred to leave in secret.

    In 2012 paradisica Elena Sparrow told the press about her affair with the composer, but chelobanov chose not to give any comments.

    Sergei chelobanov: discography

    • The intruder
    • Don’t know how to tell you
    • Whim
    • Zelophilia
    • The sky

    Sergei chelobanov: photo

    Sergei Chelobanov

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