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  • Name: Sergei Bodrov Jr. ( Sergei Bodrov )
  • Date of birth: 27 December 1971
  • Age: 30 years
  • Date of death: 20 September 2002
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, Director, writer and broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Sergei Bodrov, Jr.: biography

    Sergei Bodrov, Jr., Soviet, and subsequently Russian actor. His «Brother» has become a classic of cinema, for many viewers, the actor became a symbol of the generation of the 90s, a replica of his hero fans quickly taken away on citations. Sergey is known not only as actor of the cult film, but as a screenwriter, film Director and TV host.

    Sergei Bodrov, Jr.
    A photo of actor | sluevits

    Sergey Bodrov – the son of famous film Director Sergei Bodrov Sr., was born December 27, 1971 in Moscow. The mother of the actor was a critic, so the whole family has a direct relationship to creativity. Parents often worked. As a little boy, Sergei was often left alone, and he was well able to cope with loneliness. In the childhood Sergey dreamed of becoming an actor, but his father dissuaded him, according to his father the boy was very calm for this profession. In his youth, Sergei was a strange dream of being a garbage man to ride around the city on the orange car, and thoughts about the movie in those years did not arise at all.

    Sergei Bodrov Jr. in childhood
    Baby photo

    Sergey graduated from the secondary school of Moscow in the class bias of the French language. His teachers remember that the guy was crazy and restless, but never did dirty tricks. To work Bodrov was prepared from an early age, as every week together with the class visited the factory «Udarnitsa», where children have Packed sweets. Money received from labor, of course, pupils are not distributed. All funds collected by the school in order to organize excursions for children.

    At the end of the school Bodrov Jr. expressed a desire to come to VGIK, but the famous father explained to Sergey that movie needs to be a passion, not just a desire to learn. In his youth, the young man had no feelings for the cinema, and even more passion, so he joined the history faculty of Moscow state University. Classmates Bodrov Jr. considered the luckiest guy because of the popularity of his father. But the presence of star dads never affect the manifestation of the talent of Sergei. University Bodrov graduated with honors, then enrolled in graduate school. Then he planned to become a librarian or an employee of the Museum.


    The debut of Sergei Bodrov Jr. on the screens of cinema took place in 1989 when he took part in the filming of his father’s «Freedom is Paradise». His character was a young bully who sat in one camera with the main character. For a short story really needed a clean-shaven guy. Actors refused to shave for such a minor role, and the only person that Bodrov was able to persuade, or force, was his own son.

    Sergei Bodrov Jr. in his youth
    A young actor

    As a student, Sergei Bodrov tried to shoot film «prisoner of the Caucasus», which came quite by accident: the father took his son with him to Dagestan to take the picture. Bodrov-younger was ready to do any work, but it rewarded one of the main roles. The film was successful, it said at the Cannes film festival, the film received awards at various festivals in Sochi and Karlovy vary and Sydney.

    His game Amateur actor struck even Oleg Menshikov, his partner in the film. The crew was surprised to learn that a young man, never studied acting business, played better and more convincing the master of his craft. Then Bodrov Jr. got his first award for best acting debut. In addition, the actor received several awards for the best role and was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation of 1997 in the field of literature and art.

    Sergei Bodrov Jr. in
    With Oleg Menshikov in the film «prisoner of the Caucasus» | Reedus

    The acting world and the glory fell on the young man quite suddenly. He Bodrov Jr. considered himself an actor and was ready to repeat constantly to the press that he is not an artist. He never studied acting, but the play was not his profession, he believed her act.

    In 1996 Sergey took part in the TV program «the View», but not as a guest, and the host and the co-author, where he remained for four years. After the actor has very fond memories and the feeling that he got a good long lesson.

    In 1996, Bodrov was lucky to meet Aleksei Balabanov at the festival in Sochi, which brought him to Studio STV. In that time, just worked on the cult film «Brother», where Bodrov Jr. played the role of Daniel. The film has caused discontent of the media as, in their opinion, the film is teeming with racism. Along with these charges sounded and the opposite, the critics believed the film rusofobno, oriented only to the Western audience and exposes his native country in a bad light. However, the Russian fans perceived this work differently. At the festival in Sochi «Brother» received the Grand Prix. Daniel became the idol for millions of viewers. Abroad, the film also received sufficient recognition and got several awards at the festival in Chicago.

    The main role of Sergei Bodrov Jr. in
    The main role in the film «Brother» | ELLE

    The character of Sergei repeatedly accused of excessive simplicity and primitiveness. Actor and admitted it himself, but to protect his character said to the press that the world is still quite immersed in the chaos and sometimes you just need characters who Express seemingly obvious and basic things and be these things to protect.

    Filmography of Sergey Bodrov-younger has continued to grow with the advent of «stringer», but this film and role came out inconclusive and then «East-West», spoke about persevering athlete. Both films are hard to call gave significant movie roles in the Treasury of the actor. In 2000 year the long-awaited premiere of the film «Brother 2». Like the previous part, the work seriously criticized, but that didn’t stop painting once again become iconic. The country literally went crazy for Daniel. Almost instantly came the computer game based on the movie, a documentary about the making of «Brother-2» and compilations of the soundtrack to the film, at the largest venue repeatedly given concerts, composed songs for the film.

    Most of the movie was shot in USA: Chicago, new York and Pittsburgh. Related to this was a lot of funny cases. As he admitted, the most difficult for him, a graduate of Moscow state University of culture, was talking to the Americans at crooked English secondary school. In addition, the Russian crew repeatedly struck by their American counterparts. In the story the protagonists have a self-made weapons that the prop could not provide, and need this gun for a few minutes did the Russian operator. Later, the Russian persuaded the guards to put the strain requisite passport of Daniel.

    In 2001 year Sergey has again appeared in the film Bodrov Sr. called «let’s make this quick» is also in the US, but this time in California. Sergei played guard of the Russian businessman.

    Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Oksana Akinshina in the film
    With Oksana Akinshina in the film «Sisters» |

    Almost all movies with Sergey Bodrov Jr. was directed by his father, but the younger Bodrov was also your directorial work. But one develops the actor began writing his script to the first film «Sisters», in which he played a cameo role. Auditions for the main roles Bodrov conducted independently, within a month talking to different candidates. I see it very much, every day there was a queue of about three hundred girls. Sergey chose Oksana Akinshina and Katya Gorin, than revealed to the girls the way to the cinema.

    Bodrov wanted to find a simple and sincere young Actresses who would not be looking like the actor, and the more will be the enthusiastic fans. That is why it caught the arrogant and cocky Akinshina, who wanted to be a model, not an actress, and to audition only after the requirements of the Agency. For Oksana, Sergey Bodrov became a mentor in the acting business.

    Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Alexei Balabanov
    From Director Aleksey Balabanov |

    The film is about two girls that you are hunting for the criminal life of his father. The film received recognition as the best debut. He has told the press that he really liked to direct movies, create and develop their own world Bodrov-younger has promised supporters to continue to shoot their own movie. But the «Sisters» were the only directorial work of Bodrov Jr.

    In 2001, Sergei played in the film Balabanov’s «War,» which was filmed in Chechnya and the North Caucasus. Almost immediately after the premiere, the film was awarded the prize «Golden rose». Then Bodrov Jr. received the award «Nika». In the same year the actor played in the movie «Bear’s kiss», which was released a year later.

    The film
    In the movie «War» with Ingeborga Dapkunaite |

    In 2001, Sergey has tried himself in the role of presenter of the project «Last hero». The essence of the campaign was the fact that 16 people were stranded on a desert island and had to compete in various contests and challenges. Bodrov commented.

    Tragedy in Karmadon gorge

    Sergei Bodrov went missing in 2002 at the age of 30 years. This year the plan has begun shooting the second film by Sergei Bodrov Jr.

  • «The messenger». The plot of the film was the philosophical and mystical story of two friends. In the film Bodrov was supposed to act as the main character, writer and Director. In September, the crew filmed in the Caucasus a few episodes. On 20 September the crew went in Karmadonskom gorge. Shooting had several hours to postpone, because the group could not wait for the transport that lifts up.

    Sergei Bodrov on the film
    In the film «the Messenger» |

    After some time, the decision was made to return to the city. At the same time came to the mountains, the cleavage of the Kolka glacier, which previously fell block of ice. The flow of stones and huge boulders covered the whole of a film crew headed by Sergei Bodrov Jr. A few months rescuers tried to find the body, and the relatives of the victims continues the search for his family until February 2004.

    More than a hundred people still missing. Body Bodrov Jr. is also found.

    In 2008 year employees, paving the tubing accidentally found a car with human remains. This discovery has excited fans of the actor, but as shown by tests, the body does not belong to anyone from the crew. Despite the fact that the probability of death of Sergei Bodrov incredibly large, there are still many people do not want to believe in his death.

    Sergei Bodrov with the crew in the Karmadon gorge
    With the crew in the Karmadon gorge | the memory of the dead

    Sergei left a huge mark in the cinema and in culture in General. In memory of him many of the iconic rock group wrote not one song. Documentaries and books try to cover the life of the actor, to show his creative and life views. In 2016, the year fans Bodrov began collecting funds for a monument to «brother Daniel» in full growth, a well-known image of Sergei. Signed to sculpture must become one of the most memorable phrases of the movie «Brother»: «I think that the strength in truth.» How to comment on the organizers of the gathering, the monument will be a tribute not only to Sergey Bodrov-younger, but also a unique character, similar to that in the Russian film industry there for more than a decade.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Sergei Bodrov was short but happy. Sergei was married to a colleague, with whom the actor issued the relations in 1997. The actor said that at first glance, the girl realized that they have to be together, and instantly fell in love. Wife Svetlana Mikhailova gave Bodrov two children: first was born the daughter, and after 4 years the couple had a son. The boy was born a few weeks before the events in the Karmadon gorge. A great tragedy has taken a father and a husband of a happy family. Despite the fact that before I met Sergei, Svetlana was in long-term relationships and even married, after the disappearance of the actor, and even after recognizing his dead, the woman never remarried.

    Sergei Bodrov, Jr. with his wife
    With his wife Svetlana | Day online

    Olga, Sergei’s daughter, also decided to become an actress. She was admitted to VGIK, hiding who she was to get an apprenticeship and fair competition. Contrary to the rules of the Institute, she hadn’t even called his middle name during the entrance auditions. And only at the last stage of the girl to the core.


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    Sergei Bodrov, Jr.

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