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  • Name: Sergey Bezrukov ( Sergey Bezrukov )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actor, film producer, screenwriter, people’s artist of Russia
  • Family: married Anna matison

    Sergey Bezrukov: biography

    Variety of played roles on the stage and the set the actor is amazing. A successful career, numerous awards, professional relevance point to the high talent of the artist that is the subject of disputes and disagreements between critics.

    Sergey Bezrukov was born on 18 October 1973 in Moscow into a family of actors. John’s mom, Natalia Bezrukova, worked as the head of the store, and my father, Vitaly Sergeevich Bezrukov — actor and Director, worked in the theater of Satire in Moscow. The name he received in honor of the poet Yesenin, who is the father of the actor was very fond of.

    Sergey Bezrukov in childhood
    Childhood | Livejournal

    Bezrukov’s father didn’t want his son to follow in his path and became an actor, but when the boy played in school plays, that his father taught him not to play, and live their role. His lesson Sergey learned at the age of 14, when he played in the play «My poor Marat».

    Sergey Bezrukov
    Photo: Sergey Bezrukov | Spletnik

    Biography of Sergei Bezrukov with childhood is associated with incredible perseverance, which helped him to finish school almost one fives in the certificate and with honors off the wall Theater.


    After graduation, the actor entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in the course of Oleg Tabakov, who played on the stage during their studies and continued working in theater after graduation in 1994.

    It is interesting that the Moscow art theatre was not the only institution that did the artist. Bezrukov auditioned and other College theater and, according to him, passed easily, knowing that in the Moscow art Theater is already involved in the competition. Armed with a guitar, which I learned to play in music school, as well as a tape recorder, a prospective student read poems, sang, danced in front of selection committees.

    Sergey Bezrukov with performances
    Elizabeth Seigniorial in a production of «Cyrano de Bergerac» |

    For the period of working in the theatre the actor played many roles in such famous productions as «Inspector», «Matrosskaya Tishina», «Joke», «Last». Thanks to its talented playing for a theatrical role artist was awarded numerous prizes.

    One of the most famous roles of the doctor in theatre — the role of Esenin in the play «my Life, or you dreamed of me?» for which he was awarded the State prize.

    Sergey Bezrukov in a role of Sergei Yesenin
    In the role of Sergei Yesenin at the theater | Official website of actor

    In 2013, the talented artist became the artistic Director of the Moscow regional house of arts «Kuzminki», and from 2014 is the artistic Director of the Moscow provincial theater. The Sergey Bezrukov theatre,established in 2010, ceased to exist, and his productions have transferred to the Provincial repertory theatre.

    Movies Of Sergey Bezrukov

    In the period from 1994 to 1999, the actor worked in television in satirical program «Kukly» on topical issues of Russian politics. In this program all the time Bezrukov voiced 11 characters, showing himself a fine parodist. His voice spoke Boris Yeltsin, Gennady Zyuganov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and others. Transmission was a huge success and high ratings. Despite this, Bezrukov has left the project.

    Sergey Bezrukov in the transmission
    With «Dolls» | NEWS blog

    Although by the end of 1999, the actor was already quite popular and had a lot of theatre fans, but a good movie and the role was extremely small. Of the 15 films with the participation of Bezrukov’s most successful and notable was the «Chinese Service» and the «Crusader — 2».

    In 2001 came the «hour of triumph» of Sergey after the release of the legendary series «Brigada». Immense popularity seemed to fall from the sky. Auditioned for the role of White were about 300 actors, but the Director long time no suit, as a result, the sample invited Sergey. The role of Sasha White he received immediately after the first trial.

    Sergey Bezrukov
    With the actors of the series «Brigada» | Tv Person

    Play Sergey Bezrukov, Dmitry Dyuzheva, Pavel Maikov, and Vladimir Vdovichenkov was so convincing that conquered millions of viewers. After the release of the movies Sergey received one invitation to audition after another, becoming a popular actor.

    Next was the popular TV series «Plot», a role which he received the prize «Golden eagle» and «Azazel», «one Life» and «the Moscow Saga», where the actor played the role of Vasily Stalin. In the future, he often had to play very famous in the past, including Sergei Yesenin, Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Vysotsky and a player of Kiev «Dynamo» Nikolay Radevica. Because of this, the actor often became a target for jokes.

    Sergey Bezrukov in the movie
    In the role of Sergei Yesenin | moskva-baku.RU

    In the creative biography of Sergei Bezrukov is worth noting the role of Sergei Yesenin, played them in 2005. The actor dreamed of since childhood, because in honor of this poet he was named. Interestingly, the screenplay was written by father Bezrukov. Critics have given mixed reviews to the picture. But the actor is definitely talent gave the image of the great poet. It should be noted that in addition to playing a very talented artist reads poetry Esenina and sings them.

    Despite the huge employment in the theatre, actor annually takes part in several TV projects. In 2016, the artist appeared in the acclaimed TV series «Mysterious passion», where he has a small, but bright enough role.

    Sergey Bezrukov in the movie
    Dmitry Duuuum in the Comedy «high security Vacation» | Livejournal

    Speaking of films this wonderful actor, you can list a set of images, played brilliantly. However, all roles he played with his usual talent.

    Personal life of Sergei Bezrukov

    After the filming of «Crusader-2», the actor wrote to his future wife Irina a note which only had his phone number and only one word – «Wait.» Irina was married to Igor Livanov and could not decide on such a desperate step. Finally, she called Sergey on some invented pretext, and the reply was an enthusiastic «Yes! So! So!». She realized how sincere her feelings actor.

    Sergey Bezrukov, Irina Bezrukova
    With his first wife Irina Bezrukovoj | land of the Soviets

    Officially, the couple married during the filming of «Teams». From the first marriage she had a son Andrew, who Bezrukov was accepted as a native. According to media reports, in 2013, Sergey Bezrukov had their own children – twins John and Alexander. According to rumors, their mother is actress Kristina Smirnova. Supposedly, the actors met on the set of the movie «Yesenin».

    Sergey Bezrukov, Irina Bezrukova son
    With Irina Bezrukovoj and her son | the Paparazzi

    Personal life of Sergey Bezrukov became the main theme of the tabloids in 2015. Irina and Sergei Bezrukov for a number of reasons and I broke up. Journalists called the main cause of divorce, illegitimate children Sergei Bezrukov. In the fall of 2015 died the son of Irene, Andrew, from his first marriage. It also had a negative impact on family relationships.

    Sergey Bezrukov, Anna Matison
    With his second wife Anna matison | Nasha Niva

    Soon after these events, the actor increasingly began to perceive the Director and screenwriter Anna matison. Long time couple has refused to comment on their relationship, but in March 2016 in the press appeared information about the fact that married love. In June 2016, the pair announced the imminent completion of the family. And 4 July 2016 was born the daughter of Sergei Bezrukov, which he called Maria.

    Now the actor cares about her figure and is afraid to gain extra pounds. In food he prefers vegetables, salads and meat in its purest form. Recently, the actor was fond of Boxing.

  • Filmography
    • «Chinese service»
    • «Team»
    • «Plot»
    • «Yesenin»
    • «The irony of fate. Continued»
    • «Admiral»
    • «In June 41-go»
    • «High security vacation»
    • «Vysotsky. Thank you for living»
    • «Match»


    Sergey Bezrukov

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