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  • Name: Sergei Barkovsky ( Sergey Barkovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 14 December 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Sergei Barkovsky: biography

    Not every actor can boast of three higher education and three honors, and Sergei Barkovsky can.

    He was born on 14 Dec 1963 in Alma-ATA. However, Sergey had almost forgotten this city: when he was three years old, the family moved to Nikolaev (Ukraine). There, on the Black sea coast, and the childhood of the future actor. It is not much different from the childhood of thousands of Soviet schoolchildren: a pioneer, a Komsomolets, timurite with faith in the bright Communist future and the power of his country.

    Sergei Barkovsky was a good student in school and knew it would be to go to College. Received a certificate, he decided to enter the Leningrad state University faculty of philosophy. The applicant remained one exam – Spanish language, that was due at five points. He passed, but asked the admissions office to give him a four. The request shocked the teachers, because five minutes student wanted to serve in the army (just in the midst of the military campaign in Afghanistan). Teachers have to persuade Sergius to become a student. As he admitted, a year later, after talking with the guys returning from the army, he realized that his teacher was right.

    He’s lucky to have a training program – the course was torchesk: many poets, musicians, it is not like gloomy thinkers and sages. After high school, Sergei Barkovsky taught philosophy at the Leningrad Institute, was going to go to graduate school. But at some point I realized that his vocation – theater scene.

    In his student years Barkovsky enjoyed playing in Amateur theater, acted in plays and skits. Every time he went on stage, he felt an unprecedented upsurge inside, touching another reality – mysterious and special. The young man was engaged in a theatrical Studio, which was led by the artistic Director of the Comedy Theatre of Vadim Golikov, and soon enrolled him for a course in theatrical Institute. In half a year Sergey Barkovsky went on the course Sulimova. He believes that Sulimov made him an actor. Barkovskaya graduated from the Institute with two diplomas – actor and Director.


    In 1992, immediately after graduating from high school, Sergey enrolled in the Youth theatre on the Fontanka. In difficult 90-s Sergey Barkovsky was not a quitter. In collaboration with a classmate he wrote the play «kalif-stork» and was shown in schools and kindergartens. In 1996 at the children’s festival in Tallinn, she brought him the victory in the nomination for best actor.

    In the theatre on the Fontanka, he has to this day. His love of the St. Petersburg theater-goers and spectators. His images work in the productions of the deep, vital, and accurate. Sergey Barkovsky has played dozens of diverse theatrical roles. He is equally convincing as the Russian in «Three sisters», Bolingbroke in the «Glass of water», Alexei in «Days of Turbin,» King Charles in «the Lark».

    The actor takes part in productions of other theaters. Viewers have seen him in productions of «Days of our lives», «Jokers» and «Is Russian people» in the theater «Russian enterprise». For her role in «the Jokers», he received a Golden Sofit, the highest theatre award of Saint-Petersburg. At different times, Sergey Barkovsky has collaborated with the Theatre of Comedy, «Art Peter», the Pushkin theatrical center, the St. Petersburg experimental theater. The actor was awarded the prize. I went to his prize. Mironov. To the first prize it was doubly nice because Innokenty Smoktunovsky – idol Barkovsky.


    Barkovsky’s film career is more modest than a career in the theater. It is removed often, but mostly plays «little people». The actor himself explains that for the Russian cinema it is atypical, a kind of «dark horse».

    The audience Sergei Barkovsky familiar role of Libman in «Gangster Petersburg», the Snitch] in the «Streets of the broken lanterns», the Dora in the «special Department». He also appeared in small roles in the films «Flying gun», «Three colors of love», «Brezhnev».

    The most striking work was the role of Professor Zverev in the Comedy «Crazy». The actor playing a living person with its own advantages and disadvantages, sometimes weak, sometimes ridiculous, but with his fate. Sergei Barkovsky said that the youth theme of the film is close to him, because the generation gap is eternal, it is possible to develop on the TV screen.

    Recent paintings, which starred a talented actor, became «Londongrad», «Battle for Sevastopol», «Kitchen», «Godfather», «the owls hoot».

    Personal life

    Sergei Barkovsky is married and has a son. His wife Nika theater, so they have something to talk about. But at home, as the actor says, he wants peace and comfort.

    Barkovsky – egalitarian: in the theatre the chief is he, and house – wife. No one, no one took the initiative, and both happy together. The home does nick, and Sergei is trying to bring some interesting exotic Souvenirs from the tour.


    • «Gentlemen of the jury»
    • «Opera 3. Chronicles of lethal Department»
    • «The vanished Empire»
    • «Anya»
    • «Drug trafficking»
    • «Londongrad»
    • «Retribution»
    • «Group ZETA. The second film»
    • «The heiress»
    • «The ring of the heir to the dynasty»


    Sergei Barkovsky

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