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  • Name: Serena Grandi ( Serena Fagioli )
  • Date of birth: 23 March 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Bologna, Italy
  • Activities: actress recognized as a sex symbol of Italy 80-90-ies
  • Marital status: divorced

    Serena Grandi biography

    Serena Grandi is one of the pseudonyms Italian actress, whose real name is Serena Fagioli. At the beginning of her film career, she appeared in the credits under the name Vanessa Steiger, but in the films that brought her fame and a title of a recognized sex symbol of Italy 1980-1990-ies, the woman starred as Serena Grandi, what can be translated as «Serena Majestic».

    Serena Grandi
    Serena Grandi | Artimagesfrom

    Serena was born in the Italian city of Bologna. From childhood, she was very attractive. The girl dreamed to become an actress or to appear before the cameras as a model. But at the insistence of parents who wanted the daughter received a profession that allows you to stand on her feet, Serena Grandi enters the local computer College, where he received the profession of a programmer and a computer operator.

    Serena Grandi
    Serena Grandi | Artimagesfrom

    The first work of the future stars of screens have become data processing in scientific and analytical laboratories. Honestly after enduring a year, Serena Grandi resigned and went to Rome to begin to fulfill his childhood dream. The girl held a special acting course, puts the articulation with professional teacher, participates in master classes of American Directors. In 22 years Serena Grandi gets debut movie role.


    First role as an aspiring actress Serena Grandi was the young wife of one of the characters in the Comedy «the hitchhiker». In the same year she appeared in the family drama «Peaceful village women» and the acclaimed horror movie about a cannibal «Antropophagus». It should be noted that in all these projects, the actress starred under the name Vanessa Steiger and had at least one obligatory erotic scene.

    Serena Grandi in the movie
    Serena Grandi in «Miranda» | Cinema del Silenzio

    Similar roles to adult Serena Grandi continued to appear on the screen in the future. She tried on the image of call girl in romantic melodrama «Boy and girl» and candid picture of the «Dwarf» appeared in the role of pervert girls in the comedies «Pierino takes revenge» and «Acapulco’s first beach… then left.

    Serena Grandi in the movie
    Serena Grandi in «the Exploits of a young don Juan» | Movie-theater

    The first major role went to actress in 1985. It was an erotic melodrama «Lady of the night» with a lot of explicit scenes. And in the same year on the screens out the film directed by Italian Director Tinto Brass’s «Miranda», filmed in the same genre. This brings Serena Grandi worldwide fame and the title of the most sexy women of Italy.

    A European symbol of eroticism she will remain for 10 years, during which will participate in such films as «Exploits of a young don Juan», «Rimini, Rimini», «Teresa», «Master of cello», «burning Desire» and many others. All of these paintings belonged to the genre of light romantic Comedy or melodrama, where he added a large share of eroticism.

    Serena Grandi in the movie
    Serena Grandi in the movie «Teresa» | Movie-theater

    In the second half of 90-ies Serena Grandi continued to develop their roles. She became the main character in the historical Thriller «the Strange story of Olga O», starred in the mini-series «50 years» and the melodrama «Radio Freccia». The last painting of the «Golden years» actress is considered an erotic Comedy, «tongue in cheek», after which Serena for 10 years disappeared from the scene.

    Serena Grandi in the movie
    Serena Grandi in the movie «Limitless youth» | Cinema del Silenzio

    In 2008, she returns to the screens thanks to the military drama «the Pope of Giovanna». This film was nominated for an award at the Venice film festival. In the same year, the actress joined the drama tape «Zoe». For the role of aunt’s Bolognese from the melodrama «Endless youth» Serena Grandi had to gain a few extra pounds, and also to impose a special make-up to look much older.

    Also worth noting is the social drama «the Great beauty», which received the award «Oscar» as the best foreign language film, the latest project of actress – Comedy «My Italy».

    Personal life

    The romantic adventures of Serena Grandi in his younger years, similar to its role – a series of fleeting Hobbies replaced by one another. The first serious actress began her meeting with the Italian diplomat and Executive Director of firm «Fiat», Gianni Agnelli, who was older than Serena for 23 years.

    Serena Grandi and Gianni Agnelli
    Serena Grandi and Gianni Agnelli

    But after a year of Dating, the couple broke up, and soon Grundy was married to the antiquary, the millionaire, and known playboy Beppe of Arcola. By the way, between the spouses is also a decent age difference of about two decades. The wedding was held on 7 March 1987, and three years later, Serena gave birth to their only son Eduardo. Having existed for 11 years, the family split up as the husband of Serena Grandi was fascinated by French actress Corinne Clery, which still lives in a de facto marriage.

    Serena Grandi and her husband Beppe, Ercol
    Serena Grandi and her husband Beppe, Ercol

    One of the controversial novels Serena Grandi was with a young Italian actor Manuel Labate, who is younger than her 25 years. At the time of their acquaintance she barely turned 21, however, they met until 2005.

    Serena Grandi and Manuel Labate
    Serena Grandi and Manuel Labate

    Recently, the actress is in a serious relationship with the Italian pop singer and songwriter Cristiano Malgioglio.

    Serena Grandi and Cristiano Malgioglio
    Serena Grandi and Cristiano Malgioglio | Facebook

    At the beginning of the XXI century, Grande tried to return to the screens through the reality show «the restaurant», which appeared in the form of Housewives, but the TV show special had no success. Besides, at the same time, the scandal associated with the name Serena Grandi – she was arrested on suspicion of use and possession of drugs. Subsequently, the actress was acquitted as she was able to prove that he was not going to distribute drugs, and bought for a private party. According to Italian law it is not prohibited.

    Serena Grandi today
    Serena Grandi today | Picstopin

    In 2006, Signor Grandi tried to go into politics. She became a candidate of the far-right neo-fascist Alessandra Mussolini’s «Social action», but the results of the vote were not elected and ceased his public activities as a politician. But the woman was held as a writer: she has issued its own erotic novel «the Federal lover», which had some success, mainly among her fans.


    • 1985 — Miranda
    • 1986 — the adventures of a young don Juan
    • 1993 — Burning Desire
    • 1995 — the Strange story of Olga O
    • 1998 — Minx
    • 2008 — Father Of Giovanna
    • 2010 — After last night
    • 2010 — Infinite youth
    • 2012 — Like shooting stars
    • 2013 — the Great beauty
    • 2016 — Italy


    Serena Grandi

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