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  • Name: Serafima Nizovskaya ( Serafima Nizovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Serafima Nizovskaya: biography

    The girl with the unusual name Seraphim just had to be famous. The child actress was enveloped by the atmosphere of fairy tales, because the father of the girl has combined a challenging role of a journalist with the work of a writer of children’s books. And, as it is easy to assume that somehow all of his characters were similar to a favorite daughter, who gladly listened to his father’s stories. The book of reincarnation and living natural artistry girls inspired her to conquer the theatre stage and the filming sites of movies, made her a popular actress.

    Serafima Nizovskaya was born in the early spring of 1981 in Saint Petersburg. The girl grew up in a family of philologists and artists. Father often liked to go the whole family to the theatres, operas, museums and exhibitions. The daughter grew up dreamy and pleasant child, but terribly shy of his unusual name. Nizovskiy even demanded that his parents and younger sister Sofia to call her «Elena», but the entreaties fell only sister, whom she called a name «Zulfiya». Just before receiving a passport Seraphim finally realized the rare beauty of his name and love him with all my heart, abandoning the idea to change it to Helen or Diana.

    Parents saw their daughter of a famous pianist and a child gave it to study at a music school. A little later, on their own initiative nizovskiy entered the Theatre of youth creativity, where she was offered a role in the play «the snow maiden». The theatre is fully served on their own, so the children are often taken for other profession, except acting. So, when Seraphim realized that the long rehearsals and memorization of monologues tire her, she began to help with makeup. The creativity of makeup artists so captivated her that she worked in this field for four years before he left the theatre.

    When the future artist was the thirteenth year, the family Nizovskiy moved to another area. The girl was sent to school closer, based on the football community «Change» and focused on career. In the new class turned out to be a lot of young players, among whom was the now famous player, Andrey Arshavin. However, sport is not attracted to a young artist, she planned to major profession after school.

    In the eleventh grade Nizovskaya was preparing to enter the Economics Department. But shortly before graduation I met with Olga Medynich that currently, many television viewers know as the star of the sketch show «Female League». Girlfriend wanted to learn together and, as a compromise, chose drama school. Seraphim has submitted documents to the Academy of theatre arts, but didn’t make the cut. A year later, she again tried to enter the theater Institute, this time in Moscow. In the capital the girl was disappointed, because the competition for the place was huge.

    Nizovskiy returned home and again went to the State Academy of theatre arts. This time the attempt of the actress to succeed, and Seraphim began to study at the acting course under the guidance of talented Director and teacher Gennady Trostyanetsky. Diploma of cinema and theatre actress Serafima Nizovskaya received in 2003.


    The young artist was noticed by the leader of the famous theater «Shelter comedian», who invited the Seraphim in their company. Here she received the first real theatrical experience, having played in three productions.

    At the end of the year nizovskiy decided to move to Moscow, where he was a more promising environment for starting a cinematic career. The artist immediately fell in love with the capital for its beauty, weather and pace of life. Grew up in rainy Saint-Petersburg, the girl was constantly sick with colds, and Moscow has become a real salvation for her. Moreover, it was one of the theaters, the work in which nizovskiy dreamed of seventeen years — «the Theater of Stanislavsky».

    Fortune was on the side of the Seraphim, a talented actress easily accepted into the troupe, where he was immediately offered the starring role in the Comedy «Talents and admirers». In this theatre actress and works to this day.


    The first step in the cinema for the Seraphim began shooting student short film «Spilled tomato juice», where nizovskiy played the role of a girl named SIMA.

    Talented, beautiful, but little known actress called for a simple role of the second plan. Her appearance on the screen was sporadic, and some of the heroine did not even have names, as, for example, the image of the girl from the painting «Bride».

    In addition to film roles, in 2004, Seraphim made her debut as a leading state lottery «Sportloto». This work does not require acting skills, made Nizovskiy recognizable people on the streets took his autographs, and film Directors were invited to a much more visible and diverse role.

    The first successful role was actress character Helen from the popular TV series «Soldiers». The girl appeared in the thirteenth season of the painting, which was launched on the screens of the country in 2007. Despite the fact that the character was secondary, Elena is incredibly liked by the audience. They with a sinking heart watched the development of her storyline, which allowed the guide channel to extend the contract with the actress for a few more seasons. The artist herself in awe of her character, which has certain similar traits, in particular, stubbornness and the desire to do things his own way.

    Popularity Nizovskiy took part in the TV series «Junior», who is a mother of one of the main characters in the movie. The image was so successful and reliable that Seraphim happy to continue shooting in film series, when it was extended for next season.

    Personal life

    With her husband, producer and journalist Sergey Keshishev, Seraphim met on the set of «Sportloto». He was filming another TV show in the adjacent pavilion. Among them was a novel, and two months later, the lovers were married. In 2006 the couple had a son Hector, but their Union was not eternal, and the couple parted.

    Four years later a second son, Sam, whose father is actor Vitaly Kudryavtsev.


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    Serafima Nizovskaya

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