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  • Name: Semyon Treskunov ( Semyon Treskunov )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1999
  • Age: 17 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Semyon Treskunov: biography

    Semyon Treskunov was born in Moscow on 14 November 1999. From early childhood the boy had visited the club team, but in connection with beginning acting classes, which he dedicated 5 years of his life, had to leave. Simon is also engaged in acting class, loves to ride on the Windsurfing, snowboarding, ice skating.

    In the movie Simon came thanks to a fun case. It turns out that the mother of the young actor always wanted to get into movie, or at least to be in the ad. To realize his dream, the woman always went on auditions. One day it occurred to her to take on the next casting of their children. Ten Seeds and his younger brother Jacob so enjoyed the process that they soon also began to come to these events. But their mom stopped going to auditions after the birth of her daughter Sofia.

    Seeds Treskunov family - parents, sister and brother
    Seeds Treskunov family — parents, sister and brother | Hello

    The first success of the Seeds was successfully passed the casting for MTS. He received an invitation to a meeting with the Director, arrived from America, but the appointed day was ill and was going to stay home. At the last moment the boy decided to bring down the heat, still came to the meeting. Thus began a actor biography Seeds Treskunov, which he successfully combines with regular classes at the Metropolitan school.

    Movies with Simon by Treskunova

    During his short career Simon has starred in more than 25 films. Since 2009, infinite tries his hand at various auditions. In 2010, after successfully passed trial MTS the young actor was invited to the picture of the «Emergency state», but as a backup. Being seen by Director Vsevolod Bengtson, the role of a boy Vasey entirely got semen Treskunov.

    In the summer of 2011 Simon played a small but significant role of a homeless Dwarf in the crime Thriller «Steel butterfly». In the same year in the film «the Night visitor», he played Kirill, the son of the main character. In subsequent years, thanks to successful film debut Semyon Treskunov has starred in many leading filmmakers, and also in the series, most of which received high audience rating.

    Semyon Treskunov
    Semyon Treskunov | Glamour

    In 2012, Treskunov took part in the Novella «Operation M» popular almanac «Mom». The role of the student Bears Khrustaleva in the film «Private pioneer» has allowed semen to many awards at various film festivals, including for best acting Duo with Egor by Linaewen. The young actor in the image of a quiet, shy boy when it comes to rescue dogs, turns, overcoming their own fears and reveals its character.

    In 2013, he starred in an episode of the films of Alexander Mitta «Chagall — Malevich», where he plays a young Lion. In the same year in the mini-series «the Third world» by Alexander Kott Treskunov plays Petka, the grandson of father Maxim and the detective series «Black cats» – a minor bully me in disbelief. In the series «side of the moon» Seeds was a small role of a maniac in childhood.

    In 2014 he played Luke in the film «the lower depths» and has garnered a lot of positive reviews on the festival «Window to Europe». According to the critics, great creative achievement Seeds Treskunov was the role of Vanya Kuznetsov in the Comedy «Ghost» (2015) where he plays together with Fyodor Bondarchuk.

    Semyon Treskunov on
    Semyon Treskunov at «Kinotavr-2016» | Posta-magazine

    In 2016, the screens out the picture «Good boy», where Simon, played by Konstantin Khabensky, and Michael Efremov. Note that the film won the Grand Prix at «Kinotavr-2016».

    Personal life

    Semyon Treskunov says that with the advent of the glory of the attitude of his peers towards him has not changed. The actor learns in an ordinary Moscow school, where he has many friends and girlfriends. The girls do not show to a young artist some special attention to them, the semen in the first place classmate. Until seventh grade boy was «the nerd» is doing «excellent» in all subjects.

    In an interview on the question of whether the life of an actor first love, Simon told me about a girl from next door, which for some time he went and saw a movie. However, true love this relationship is hardly admitted the guy.


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    Photo Semyon Treskunov

    Semyon Treskunov

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