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  • Name: Semyon Shkalikov ( Semen Shkalikov )
  • Date of birth: 14 December 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Semyon Shkalikov: biography

    Semyon Shkalikov – Russian theater and film actor, familiar to viewers of such television series as «Perfumers», «Black river» and «Department.» He was born in Moscow in a family of actors Shkalikova Sergei and Galina Churilova. More specifically, at the time of the birth of the son of Sergey and Galina were still students at the Theatre Institute, where she studied with Oleg Tabakov.

    The family lived together only 5 years and then because of the systematic abuse of alcohol by head of the family Churilov left her husband. But Senya had not lost touch with his father, often visited the performances with his participation, and the last wife Shkalikova senior journalist Maria Slonim even considered a second mother, as she encouraged the boy. Unfortunately, in the 10 years Simon has finally lost his daddy: Sergei Shkalikov died suddenly.

    Then, at a young age, the child stuck the idea to continue the work started by his father. Even though Simon always knew and subsequently repeatedly said in interviews that he needs to try very hard to reach the same heights. After school years entered the Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin, where he taught acting Vladimir Beilis and Vitaly Ivanov.

    The furor in the theatrical environment Semyon Shkalikov managed to do his graduate work. He played captain Mislavskogo in the play «Black snow» by Mikhail Bulgakov’s play «Days of Turbin». ‘ve had that received a theatrical award «Gold list» for best actor of the year!

    After prom young talents immediately took in the famous Lenkom theatre, where he plays and sings still. The actor can be seen in musical productions of «Juno and Avos», «Jester Balakirev», «Royal game» and in productions of «the Cherry orchard», «peer Gynt», «Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro.» As for the role of Ricardo in vaudeville «Spanish madness» Semyon Shkalikov received another significant award, established by the Fund Yevgeny Leonov.


    In the movie, Semyon Shkalikov began acting as soon as he entered the theatrical school. His first work in the adventure film «Striped summer», a crime mini-series «the Bay of Philip», the family Saga «Thunder» and the Comedy «Real dad» brought the actor rather serious experience, not popularity.

    After graduating from theatre school, Simon concentrated on work in «Lenkom» cinema and came back only in 2013, but is back! Four major works and a lightning all-Russia popularity. Detective series «the Department» and the historical-biographic film «Chagall – Malevich» about the fate of Bella Chagall, wife of the famous painter, simply riveted the attention of the audience to the person Shkalikova.

    And when the screens came melodrama «Parfumare», where his partner was the famous actress Maria Kulikova, among the female movie fans started booming. Semyon Shkalikov received mountains of compliments for his performance in this film, and its appearance in the new project — the drama «a Vain sacrifice» adventure tape «Courier train of great importance» and the crime Thriller «Black river» — only confirmed the admiration of the fans.

    The latest work in the movie Shkalikova Jr. today is a biographical television series «Lyudmila Gurchenko» about the life and work of the legendary actress.

    Personal life

    For a long time, the Seeds Shkalikova tied a serious relationship with actress Anne of borisovoi, which was much older than him. Their romance was a long, violent and attracted the attention of others, but since Anna wanted official confirmation of the relationship, and Simon was not yet ready, the young men parted.

    Following passion Seeds was Polina Dolinskaya, daughter of the famous actor Vladimir Dolinsky. They were together for two years, but when years found out that the first girl has been Dating him for revenge to the previous guy that initiated the breakup.

    Heart Seeds Shkalikova filled with new love. His fiancee is also a theatre actress by the name Daria, but she plays not in order.


    • 2006 — Thunder
    • 2007 — Real dad
    • 2009 — Court
    • 2013 — Department of
    • 2013 — Chagall – Malevich
    • 2013 — Parfumere
    • 2013 — Express special importance
    • 2014 — Wasted sacrifice
    • 2014 — Black river
    • 2015 — Lyudmila Gurchenko


    Semyon Shkalikov

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