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  • Name: Semyon Slepakov ( Semen Slepakov )
  • Date of birth: 23 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Pyatigorsk
  • Height: 197
  • Activity: the Russian producer, screenwriter, comedian, author and performer of his own songs
  • Marital status: married

    The artist : biography

    Popular comedian, author and performer of his own songs Semyon Slepakov S. was born in August 1979 in the South of Pyatigorsk. The boy grew up very intelligent, professorial family. The mother first took my son to a music school, but playing the piano the boy did not like. True love for the music the artist felt in high school when he got his hands guitar. The father has ensured that this passion was meaningful and moving in the right direction. He opened the son of «the Beatles», «rolling stones», Vysotsky and Okudzhava.

    Another passion of youth for the Seeds Slepakova became KVN. His shows on TV the guy did not miss. Soon he organized in his school team. Sense of humor the boy was not to occupy. Apparently proved heredity: one of the grandfathers Slepakova wrote scripts for domestic comedies, many of which after the release became known.

    After school, the artist became a student of Pyatigorsk linguistic University. Is a very good student, and in two faculties at the same time. At the end of the University receives two red diploma and economist and linguist (studied French). At the insistence of his mother Simon defended his thesis and received degree of candidate of economic Sciences. But more than Economics, Simon Slepakov like French. He perfectly speaks it. At the time, even went months internship in one of the provinces of France and had planned to stay and work in this country. Got to graduate school and was about to write a thesis. These plans KVN.

    Semen Slepakov: KVN and Comedy Club

    In his student years the artist began to play KVN. By the end of the University, his team gets to the majors. Slepakov becomes the captain of the team, and he is six years starting from 2000. And in 2004

  • «The national team of Pyatigorsk» became the champion in the Premier League. To move from Pyatigorsk to the capital suggested the semen Garik Martirosyan. Garik is a friend and respected Seed. Martirosyan suggested Slepakova to organize a community of authors and monopolize it in the WHC. And so they did. This author’s conglomerate soon became the most Garik with Simon, Sergei Svetlakov and others.

    The time when the now well-known and popular kaveenschiki moved to Moscow, was a difficult and unstable. Helped to stay afloat the money earned and collected from the past touring.

    Almost immediately the young artists together with Slepakova began to develop the project «Comedy Club». This work was very creative and brought the children a treat. And yet – the glory and popularity. Friends have created a brand new format on television. The debut took place in 2005 and was a huge success.

    Later, the artist participated in the creation of many Comedy shows, most of which deserved the love and attention of the audience. One of the most famous of such projects is «Our Russia». Slepakov – one of the writers of Comedy

    «Our Russia. Eggs of destiny». He is the producer of humorous TV series «Univer», «Interns», «I», «HB» and other youth projects.

    Biography Seeds Slepakova is not only projects and series, and popular comic songs, written by the author on the topic of the day. One of the most famous — «Well..and growing», «Liver», «Gazprom», «Every Friday I’m g..o,» and others. Slepakov has released two music album.

    The artist: personal life

    Personal life Seeds Slepakova is hidden from prying eyes. It is known that semen in 2012 married. His wife is not a public person and refuses to give interviews. About their relationship to tell friends of the couple. They argue that young people fell in love at first meeting. And the fact that she was far from show business, Simon especially liked.

    Wife Slepakova name is Karina. She works as a lawyer. Slepakova wedding took place in Italy in the fall of 2012.

    The artist: discography

    • Classmates
    • Time-naphthalene
    • All men cheat on their wives
    • A woman stood on the scales
    • Victory day
    • Birthday
    • Ass growing
    • Slapped his muzzle
    • Every Friday I’m in shit
    • Letter to shareholders of Gazprom
    • Spinning, spinning
    • New year
    • Electric wire

    The artist: photo

    Simon Slepakov

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