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  • Name: Semen Elistratov ( Semen Elistratov )
  • Date of birth: 3 may 1990.
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Ufa, Bashkiria
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: short-tremist, Honored master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Semen Elistratov: biography

    Semen Elistratov – utimes. He was born may 3, 1990 in a simple and friendly family, where love reigned and understanding. The athlete’s father is a construction business, mother is a teacher. From Elistratova has a brother, Stepan, who is younger than his 5 years.

    Semen from childhood was active and agile, could not long sit on one place. His parents enrolled him in the sports section.The boy had to combine classes in regular and sport schools. From the first grade he was involved in Taekwondo, but after six months, lit up the short track. Two sports at the same time – this load was not even targeted semen Elistratov. He faced the choice and chose the short track.

    Prospective student first noticed Andrey Maksimov, who coached him to this day. He showed sporting talent Elistratova, have put their knowledge and soul. Maksimov was always there, even when 12-year-old Simon a few months not practicing because of a broken foot and thought about how to quit sports. At competitions Andrey Maksimov does not hide his emotions and screams louder fans.

    Semen Elistratov had to get up at 5am and run to the gym, after – school, then back to training. Having such a busy schedule he managed to graduate, go to College of physical education, then a master’s and become a professional coach.

    In sports schools there is a tradition that the first skates youth receives a gift from the older generation. Semen Elistratov gave them to Julia Chechina, bronze medalist of the European Championship. The athlete received a gift from the strongest runner of the Republic and saw it as a good sign. Now the skates do for him on special order, so they sit on the leg as if he was born.


    In 13 years, semen Elistratov became the master of sports of Russia, and three years later was part of the Russian team. At 17 he won the winter Junior Olympics and received the title of master of sports of international class. It took six years for the athlete to pass a difficult path from novice to member of the Russian national team, champion of Russia, twice champion of Europe, prizewinner of the world championship. But his main victory was to come.

    The Olympics-2014 in Sochi became the second in career Elistratova. In Vancouver In 2010, he ranked only 24th. Then there was intensive training. In the spring and in the fall of 2012 he trained with athletes from the Dutch national team, along with the world leaders in short track -it was a wonderful school. In Sochi, the Dutch have shown aerobatics classic skating. And semen Elistratov won the Olympic gold in the relay.

    6 Feb 2016 Elistratov became the world record holder at the distance 1000 meters and won the world Cup short track in Dresden. He says that his sporting life had two important victories – the men’s medal of the championship of Russia, won in 15 years, and an Olympic medal.

    Family and coach say that semen Elistratov much experiencing failure. In his youth, he took 4th place in the competition and could not go to the award ceremony because he was ashamed of the fans for this result.

    Currently, the athlete is going through a difficult situation. He did not go to the world championship in Seoul for the positive samples for doping his body was discovered Meldonium. From 1 January 2016, the World anti-doping Agency has included this drug in the prohibited list. In the center of the scandal Meldonium was not only Simon, but also other Russian Champions Maria Sharapova, Ekaterina Bobrova, Pavel Kulizhnikov, Alexander Markin, etc.

    The Seeds Elistratova goal – a gold medal at the Olympics in 2018, but now in the standings.

    Personal life

    The athlete recently married. With his wife Julia he knows from school. Short-tremist admits that he’s smart, intelligent woman who supports him in difficult situations.

    Semen Elistratov travels a lot. The first country he visited – Germany. For several years, the athlete changed 5 passports, because there was nowhere to put the visa. From each foreign trip, Elistratov brings the presents to the parents.

    His hobby is collecting cars. Each car is dear to the sportsman. Semen Elistratov – fan knows about vehicles all. The athlete asked the parents, that they watched him on TV and didn’t come to the stadium so he could mentally prepare at the start. That’s what they do.


    Semen Elistratov

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