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  • Name: Savik Shuster ( Shuster Shevel )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Vilnius
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: journalist, broadcaster
  • Marital status: divorced

    Savik Shuster: biography

    Savik Shuster, journalist and broadcaster on Russian and Ukrainian television, has canadian and Italian citizenship. The last time he hosts the program «Shuster live» on their own channel «».

    Savic, whose full name Shevel, was born in Vilnius. His father Michael Schuster was a professional football player Lithuanian team «Spartak» and at the end of a career left there as a coach. The boy’s mother, Isabella Schuster served as a legal counsel. Savik, looking at his father, too, wanted to play the «sport of millions» and was trained in the children’s football school. He showed good results and even was summoned to the youth national football team of the Lithuanian SSR.

    But after graduating from high school, Schuster’s not on the sports field and goes to medical school. However, there is a guy who spent only half aware, as the whole family immigrated to Canada. In the North country Savic joined the faculty of the biochemistry and physiology of McGill University in Montreal.

    During his studies, he again returned to his beloved sport — based football team of the University and also played semi-professional clubs «Ankara» and «Ukraine» and was involved in the team Canada «All Stars». If not for the constant injuries, career Schuster on the football field could be very successful.

    After high school the young man worked for some time in Florence in the medical research center for the study of migraine, but soon abandoned medicine, as it began to attract journalism. As a photographer Savik Shuster visited many hot spots, especially often went to the middle East.

    He later told me that in Afghanistan also led the anti-Soviet propaganda, spreading false edition of the newspaper «Krasnaya Zvezda» and «Pravda». In Russia it is even considered a CIA agent, but the journalist argues that it is not so and in fact this action was his personal initiative as a supporter of the Italian radical media.


    In the late 80-ies of the Savik Shuster actively participated in the post «radio Liberty» in Munich. In the 90s, he formed and began to lead the Moscow branch of the radio station. And in 2001 leading first appeared in a television Studio, although it was unusual to him today political program. He led the football transfer inspection «Third time» on NTV channel. By the way, another sports analyst and commentator Vasily Utkin has repeatedly claimed that his program «Football club» was closed due to the intrigues Savik Shuster, who wanted to promote his own show.

    After the change of leadership of the NTV channel, Shuster was one of the few journalists who remained to work under the new order. In addition to «the Third half», he commented football matches, and also led programmes of various kinds — «Freedom of speech», «hero of the day» and «Influence.»

    When Savik left NTV, he worked for Ukrainian TV channels «inter», «First national» and «Ukraine». There was a program «Freedom of Savik Shuster», «Great Ukrainians», «African passions» and the most noticeable of them all — «Shuster live».

    In 2011, sitting on RBC TV channel, the journalist has become the main face of the program «live with Savik Shuster». It was planned a long series of programs, but after the second air guide channel has closed this project.

    Back in Ukraine, Shuster on the channel «» continued to form an independent political show «Shuster live». His manner of debate is quite unusual. He leads the discussion on the uncompromising and does not hesitate to say quite bold lines. This transfer format has attracted viewers, but in the end in 2016 Savik was not allowed to work in Ukraine, which caused a great resonance in society.

    Fans of journalist has organized mass rallies, and the Savik Shuster declared in protest hunger strike. He stated on 26 April 2016 and promised not to violate the veto as long as his right to speak freely is restored.


    Savik Shuster filmed documentaries on famous personalities. The most successful were such films as «8 and a half Yevgeny Primakov» and «Passions on Gorbachev» for which he wrote script and appeared on camera as the master.

    He also was twice invited to art paintings. It is used in the episode of the musical «a Very new year movie or Night in Museum» and in the Comedy «Seven days before the wedding,» Savic played the notary.

    Personal life

    In the mid 80-ies of the Savik Shuster worked in Florence, where he met an Italian girl whom he married and received local citizenship. Soon the couple had son Stephen and daughter Sarah. But when Shuster began working as a journalist, his wife refused to go with him to other countries and eventually the marriage was destroyed.

    Many years later the journalist met in Moscow with Olga and Neva, which since 2005 has lived in a civil marriage. Olga specialty stylist and she was doing work of «Savik Shuster Studio» as a producer.

    Husband was doing the Neva’s official proposal in a romantic setting, which Olga happily accepted. But away they went due to the fact that Savik at that time not yet divorced from his Italian wife.

    And in 2012, for unknown reasons, Nevskaya and Schuster broke up. Late TV presenter many times seen in the company of a young Ukrainian beauty Helen a Nut who was younger than his 32 years.


    • 2005 — the Passion according to Gorbachev
    • 2004 — 8-a-half-Yevgeny Primakov
    • 2007 — Seven days before the wedding
    • 2007 — Very new year movie or Night in Museum


    Savik Shuster

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