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  • Name: Savely Kramarov ( Saveli Kramarov )
  • Date of birth: 13 October 1934
  • Age: 60 years
  • Date of death: 6 Jun 1995.
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: the Soviet and American film and theater actor, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: was married to Natalia Siradze

    Savely Kramarov: biography

    Savely Viktorovich Kramarov Muscovite. He was born in October 1934 in one of the capital’s maternity hospitals. His family at that time was quite prosperous. Dad – known capital lawyer, the mother did not work. When Sawa was 4 years old, father Victor KRAMAROVA were arrested. On charges of agitation against the Soviet system, he was sentenced to 8 years and sent to the logging in one of the Northern camps.

    Can a family survive without their sole breadwinner was very difficult. To get a job because she didn’t want until then, until she divorced her husband convicted.

    Father Savely Kramarov almost forgotten. He saw him only once, when in the late 1950s dad got fired and he briefly came to Moscow to see his family. But to stay in the capital would not let him, and he returned to Biysk. There father was arrested and convicted again by sending to Krasnoyarsk. Soon Victor Kramarov died. According to some reports, he committed suicide.

    Full orphan Savva remained in 16 years. Mother died. Guy, another student of the school, took care of his uncle. Savely Kramarov was a difficult teenager. To learn he was not wanted, ran away from school, fighting. The only outlet where he felt quite happy, was a cinema. It seemed to him that the world of theatre and cinema — this is the place where he will always stay happy.

    After school, Savely Kramarov, of course, tried to go to one of the capital’s theatre Institute. But failed the exams. Had to carry documents in a forestry College. But already in the second year, Sawa has managed, despite the huge competition, to enroll in drama school at the Central House of workers of arts.

    After graduating from the Forestry Institute in 1958 KRAMAROVA had to work in the specialty. But he soon quit his job, which was never really the soul.

    Savely Kramarov movies

    Savely Kramarov realized that I need to act more decisively. He sent his photos to all film studios of the country. Fortunately, one of his letters he waited for the answer. Soon, the aspiring actor made his debut in the film «They were nineteen.» It was a small role, but it began with her biography of actor Savely KRAMAROVA.

    But the real artist was noticed after the painting «the Guys from our yard», in which Sawa appeared in the form of a bully Vaska Rusty. The artist immediately offered a similar role of a bully Pimenova in the film «my Friend, Kolka!». Then Kramarov and received long-awaited recognition. Moreover, subsequently this role Savely Viktorovich was named one of the best and favorite in his career.

    The stunning success he received after the release of «Elusive Avengers», although he appeared here only in passing. But his phrase about the dead with braids along the road instantly turned into winged.

    In 1967, Savely Kramarov was invited to the Theater of miniatures. He gladly accepted it and played very well on this stage. But it is a movie, not a theatrical stage, KRAMAROVA turned into a legend. In the 70s he was the most famous Comedy artist of the USSR. And in 1972 Sam finally entered GITIS and received acting training. Surprisingly, with his extremely popular with KRAMAROVA, graduated from high school, failed to get a job in one theatre. The unique appearance of the artist and helped, and at the same time interfere. Characters of this type, like Kramarov, had no chance to get the lead role in the Soviet cinema. Therefore, the most significant work of the actor considered the role of the thief-recidivist Fedya Yermakov from the cult movie «Gentlemen of fortune». The picture was a great success. Many phrases have become winged KRAMAROVA. For example: «a Car to buy with a tape recorder, Pourciau suit with outflow and to Yalta!». Or: «Everything! Kin will not be!».

    «Gentlemen of fortune» really brought the artist to success. Showered with offers to star on Savely KRAMAROVA from the horn of plenty. Now the actor could even afford to abandon the role, which he liked. One, over time, greatly regretted. It was Petro of «White sun of the desert». The film, which became a cult.

    Without Savely Viktorovich KRAMAROVA not done both legendary production of «the Twelve chairs». Gaidai Kramarov was a one-eyed President of the chess club in Vasyuki, Zakharov – mechanic-intellectual Polesov.

    On KRAMAROVA fell deafening glory. For the artist even made an exception, allowing him to buy a white «VW beetle» in. It happened when the management of the Affairs of the diplomatic corps of the USSR was distributed remained after the departure of Embassy workers the car. This little car Kramarov long paraded through the streets of the capital.

    1974 brought KRAMAROVA the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR. Answering journalists on the question about future plans, Savely with humor said, «I Will save the people!». Unfortunately, these plans went awry.

    Savely Kramarov: emigration

    Over the years, Savely Kramarov started to think more about life, philosophical questions of life, about faith. He was a Jew, and especially painful, when his uncle – the only family man, he emigrated to Israel. Since then, Sam began to lead a rather doubtful as to the time, a way of life. He became interested in yoga, raw food and vegetarianism, regularly attended the synagogue and even refused to play on Saturday. Offers new roles began to receive less and disappeared altogether.

    Kramarov is realized as a silent hint of power about his unwanted presence in the country. And Sam decided to apply to emigrate, claiming that he wants to join the only native man. He refused. According to the rules of the time in case of emigration it was necessary to withdraw from circulation all the paintings where there is Savely Kramarov. And there were more than forty, and most of them were very famous.

    In the fall of 1981, Savely Kramarov with Alexander Levenbook wrote a desperate «Letter to the American President Reagan», where he complained of destiny. The letter read «Voice of America». Then to keep the artist did not. Departure KRAMAROVA happened in October 1981.

    In the US, Savely Viktorovich has chosen the place of residence in Los Angeles, where he settled Ilya Baskin, the actor that played «Big change». Later, the actor rents an apartment nearby. After some time, Kramarov along with Buccinum starred in the dramatic film «Moscow on the Hudson». Sam appeared in the image of the KGB agent Boris. And in the final hero of this picture KRAMAROVA were in the frame together with the tray full of hot dogs. So home came the rumor that Kramarov in the US sells burgers and sausages.

    The actor Savely Kramarov did not suffer in the US from lack of work. He participated in a number of paintings, though the main roles were not.

    In the film «2010» Savely Viktorovich played pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR. I wonder what the artist needed a evil caricature of Soviet reality, but Kramarov strongly resisted, arguing that «in the Soviet Union, astronauts could be only the educated and brave people, and certainly not idiots.

    Then came the painting «Armed and dangerous», «the Return of Morgan Stuart», «Red heat». Savely KRAMAROVA received the screen actors Guild. It was almost impossible for immigrants, but for him an exception was made, why Kramarov was indescribably happy. Soviet actor managed to work with stars of the Western cinema, among whom were Warren Beatty and Robin Williams.

    At home after emigration Kramarov visited twice. In 1992 he was invited as guest of honor at the festival «Kinotavr». The second and last time he came to Russia in 1994, a year before his death.

    Unfortunately, in their penultimate year of his life he received the offer to star in a very promising movie that accepted it even without the samples. But suddenly the actor was diagnosed with cancer.

    Died Savely Kramarov in early June 1995, hospital San Francisco. The artist was buried at the Jewish cemetery near the city. After a while at the grave a monument of authorship Shemyakin and Buhaeva.

    Savely Kramarov: personal life

    While studying in GITIS have KRAMAROVA were having an affair with a classmate Lyudmila. Soon they were married. But this Union was short-lived. Next wife Savely, though civil, was the architect of Maria. They lived together for 13 years.

    In 1986 personal life Savely KRAMAROVA has taken a new turn: the actor officially entered the second marriage. After a year, his wife Marina gave birth to his daughter Benedict (Basia). But the couple did not live long. Basia — an only child KRAMAROVA.

    The last year of his life in America Savely Kramarov lived with Natalia Siradze.

    Savely Kramarov: filmography

    • The guys from our yard
    • My friend, Kolka!
    • The elusive Avengers
    • 12 chairs
    • Good luck gentlemen
    • A big change
    • Can’t be!
    • 2010
    • Moscow on the Hudson
    • Armed and dangerous
    • Double agent
    • Red heat

    Savely Kramarov: photo

    Savely Kramarov

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