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  • Name: Sati Kazanova ( Satanei Kazanova )
  • Date of birth: 2 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Verkhniy Kurkuzhin, Kabardino-Balkar ASSR
  • Activity: the Russian singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Sati Casanova: biography

    Saitgalieva satanei Kazanova (Sati) was born on 2 October 1982 in the village of Upper Kurkuzhin, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kabardian in a large, traditional family. In Senigalia of Tlostanova and Fatima Ismailovny Casanova grew four daughters – Satanei, Svetlana, Mariana and Madina. Sati was the eldest and helped her mother to care for younger sisters.

    The future singer studied in a rural school. When Sati turned 12, the Casanova family moved to Nalchik, where she began to study singing at the school of art. After finishing the ninth grade, Satie enrolled in Kabardino-Balkaria school of culture and arts, majoring in classical singing. During her studies, she actively engaged in creative work and participated in various concerts, laboring in the restaurant singer, not just aroused the anger of the father. At the same time, Sati becomes the winner of regional competition «Nalchik dawns». But it was a small victory in the provincial nal, and like latitude, space and great glory.

    Biography sati Casanova, began in Moscow. After the third year of the Kabardino-Balkaria school of culture, Casanova went to conquer the capital. In Moscow she entered the Music Academy of Gnessins in the class of pop-jazz vocals. Sati has received higher education at the Gnesin music school in the specialty «pop vocal».

    Sati Casanova: «Factory»

    While studying at the Gnesin music school, the girl has honed his skills working as a singer in the musical show «Voyage of dreams» casino. But here Sati was practiced not only in singing, but also earned a living. The family was not able to financially help his daughter. The salary of an aspiring singer is not enough, and the first years of the Casanova I had to be very difficult, because it was necessary to look good, and pay the rent.

    In 2002, Sati Casanova became a member of the project «Factory of stars». In December of the same year in the framework of the project show Casanova joined the female trio «Factory». In addition to the Kabardian singer was Alexander Savelyev and Irina Toneva. The project under the guidance of the famous producer Igor Matvienko became very successful: love songs», «Girls factory», «Fish» and others were in tank tops Russian charts.

    In 2006 Sati Kazanova decided to study further and get higher education. Due to the participation in the project «Factory of stars» she never managed to finish the Gnesin music school. In 2014, the future pop star graduated from the Russian University of theatre arts (GITIS) in the specialty «actor».

    Sati Casanova: music and projects

    Biography sati Casanova, group «Factory» came to an end in may 2010. Having worked in a trio for eight years, Sati left the «Factory» and started a solo career under the leadership of Igor Matvienko. Now the singer has worked only on his authority and in the same year he released his first solo single, «Seven-eighths», specifying the clip. Each year record on the new video for the new song has become a tradition. In turn there was «Buenos Aires» (2011), «Beyond» (2011), «Feeling of ease» (2012), «Idiot» (2013), «We believe in miracles» (2013), «goodbye» (2014) and «Till dawn» (2014).

    In addition to his solo career, Satie was pleased to take job offers in television. In 2010 she takes part in the First channel show «Ice and fire» together with Roman Kostomarov. Despite the training injury Sati continued to work in the TV show, and the pair took the third place.

    In 2011, Sati Casanova, co – presenter Anton Makarsky in the project «the phantom of the Opera», in which pop stars performed classical works. Two years later, the singer participated in the show «one to One» on the First channel, and in 2014 she became a member of the program «Live sound» on channel Russia-1. Fans love singer is not only a great vocal but for the charming smile, the ability to look stylish and bright personality.

    On account of Sati Kazanova prize «Astra» in the nomination «the most stylish singer» in 2006, as well as four music awards in the group «Factory». In 2009, She was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Republic of Adygea.

    Like many stars of show business, Casanova tried his hand in the role of restaurateur. In 2011 she opened her own restaurant «Kilim», in which menu were dishes of Azerbaijani, Uzbek and Arab cuisine. But the institution lasted less than a year, bringing the singer a loss, not the desired income.

    The desire to learn and improve has never left Caucasian girl. In 2012, Sati Casanova entered the School of drama Herman Sidakova.

    Sati Casanova: personal life

    Personal life sati Casanova, is under the scrutiny of reporters. A beautiful woman has a lot of fans, among which there are the rich and famous, but she is in no hurry to get married. According to Sati, she searches for the perfect man just like her father. He should be generous and noble, it does not seek to make her a housewife.

    In 2012, Sati Casanova, often seen together with the son of Iosif Kobzon

  • Andrew. Reporters were quick to make them a couple. Along with 35-year-old Andrei Kobzon, the former «star factory» participant appeared at the birthday party of Director senior. However, the official comment on this occasion neither Sati nor Andrew was not given. Perhaps the novel was, but it was. Soon the tabloids are talking about another novel of the singer. In September 2013, Sati Casanova met in a club on Pokrovka, where she spoke with a businessman
  • Arthur Sacavem. Pair always appeared together at the best parties, and everyone was talking about the imminent wedding. But as it turned out, the girl was in no hurry to acquaint the young person with their parents. Father Casanova believes that his daughter was not completely confident in your choice, so there was nothing for him in his native Nalchik. In early 2014 it became known that personal life Sati Casanova has changed: it now no Arthur Shachnev. New elect Sati carefully hides it annoying press.

    Sati Kazanova — vegetarian, she is actively engaged in yoga.

    Sati Casanova: discography

    • Seven-eighths
    • The game
    • Buenos Aires
    • Tale
    • A sense of lightness
    • Winter
    • We believe in miracles
    • Before dawn
    • Goodbye
    • I loved you

    Sati Casanova: photo

    Sati Kazanova

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