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  • Name: Sasha Zvereva ( Alexander Zverev )
  • Date of birth: 1 March 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Potsdam, Germany
  • Growth: 166
  • Activity: the Russian singer, DJ, former singer of the group «Demo»
  • Marital status: married to Dmitry Almazov

    Sasha Zverev: biography

    Sasha Zvereva (full name Aleksandra V. Zvereva) was born in the German Potsdam March 1, 1981. The girl’s father was in the military and since I was in the service in Germany. Soon the family returned to Russia, in the suburban village of Staraya Kupavna. At first Sasha was in secondary school and then in high school. Graduated from the local music school.

    In March 1999 Sasha Zvereva becomes a student of Moscow linguistic University. In the first year the girl heard the radio ad about finding a music band soloist. Alexander, from childhood loved to sing, went to the audition, where he performed «Chorus girls» from «Eugene Onegin». Zvereva immediately offered to sign a contract.

    Sasha Zverev: «Demo»

    The soloist of group «Demo» Sasha Zvereva becomes in 1999. Summer new soloist performed their debut song «Sun» and «2000 years». Performed by Sasha Zvereva song took a leading place in the charts and sounded on all radio stations. These hits can be considered the hallmark of the young singer, for which she was known and loved by millions of fans.

    Soon the band started touring actively. Posters with Sasha’s image and posters the fans had a collection. During this period, the singer has worked continuously in the Studio, it was painted every day, and the tour schedule was so dense that it breaks «Demo» is almost non-existent. The group traveled with touring tours not only all over the country, but also near and far abroad. Sasha Zvereva has performed most of the large cities of Germany, Israel, Finland and America.

    During this time, the singer has acquired a huge experience on the biggest stages of the country: «Olympic» Luzhniki «Ice» applauded the popular team and its solar soloist. Zverev not fundamentally worked to the soundtrack, which further raised her stature. Sasha easily «gets the audience in any venue. Her beautiful costumes and radiant voice and charisma instantly capture the audience.

    In the spring of 2009 Zvereva and «Demo» celebrated the anniversary: the 10th anniversary of the group. The concert of the popular band took place in «Tochka» club. But less than two years after the singer left the band, deciding to start a solo career.

    In a creative collection of Sasha left the «Golden gramophone» Russian Radio, multiple awards from «Song of the year», «Stopudoviy Hit», «Bomb of the Year».

    Sasha Zverev: solo career

    Biography Sasha Zvereva successfully continued after the departure of the team. In 2011 received airplay on her new song.

  • «Losing my mind», which was first heard on dance radio stations in the capital. In the United States Zverev writes to this song our first music video. Soon the singer will present another solo single called «Stay», which she wrote the music and words. The song immediately becomes a hit. Following the same successful was the music track Sasha «don’t go». The New year 2011 it also removed the clip.

    Since 2011, Alexander Zverev becomes the presenter of the program «Junior Box» and «News Box». She also acted as a well-known expert in the program «Promotion» to «Russian Music Box».

    Sasha Zvereva in demand in Russia and neighboring countries with his new concert program is a two-hour «Dj-singer-show».

    June 1, 2015 released his first solo album, Sasha Zvereva called «Thank you.»

    Sasha Zverev: personal life

    Personal life Sasha Zvereva is a zigzag of tractorization and downs. From his first marriage to the Bank clerk

  • Ilya and Sasha left two children: a daughter Vasilisa was born in December 2003, the son of Makar in July 2008. Shortly after the birth of a son, the couple broke up. As it turned out, Ilya all the time their life together actually lived at the expense of his wife. The couple began to quarrel continuously. One day Zvereva took the kids and left the house. With her second husband
  • Dmitry Almazov (DJ Bobina) Sasha met at a friends house. They married at the festival Kazantip. And in July 2015, the 34-year-old ex-soloist of the «Demo» Sasha Zvereva became a mother for the third time: she gave birth to son Leo. The singer is keen on motorsports. She’s a designer dress – all costumes were born in her imagination. Sasha is friends with actress and singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Sergey Zhukov from group «Hands up!».

    Sasha Zverev: discography

    • The sun
    • 2000 years
    • I don’t know…
    • I’m breathing
    • Simple!…
    • Above the sky
    • Let’s sing!
    • Strange dreams
    • Goodbye, summer!
    • New year is coming…
    • Do not think, do not guess
    • Everything is fine
    • Tenderness
    • It is heaven
    • Point
    • Stay
    • Crazy
    • Poisonous
    • Why

    Sasha Zverev: photo

    Sasha Zvereva

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