Sasha Spielberg

(biography, photo, video) Alexander Balkovskaya

photo Sasha Spielberg

  • Name: Sasha Spielberg ( Alexander Balkovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 27 November 1997
  • Age: 19 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: video blogger, model, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Sasha Spielberg: a biography

    Sasha Spielberg – the popular Russian video blogger and singer, whose voice is familiar to fans of the fantasy film, «He’s a Dragon.» Sasha was the first young girl in Russia, has not yet reached the age of majority, which was officially confirmed by the channel owner on YouTube.

    Sasha Spielberg, which real name is Alexandra Balkovskaya, was born in Moscow in 1997. It should be noted that blogger itself does not distribute information about his real name and does not endorse it. The first years the girl lived in Russia, but in 7 years the doctors diagnosed him with asthma. To cure his daughter, the parents decided to move to a country with a warmer climate, so the family moved to Cyprus.

    Then Alexandra felt much better. She became very active, began to engage in tennis, horseback riding, swimming, skating and even played Golf. And in the 5th grade a girl first came on the scene as part of the school Amateur girl group and realized that he wanted to dedicate his future to music. She began to develop her vocals, and this fascination has not disappeared, and the family returned to Russia.

    But in Moscow, Spielberg was faced with another problem – the longing for his Cypriot friends. She spent a lot of time at the computer, communicating with them and in that period I started to upload my first video in YouTube. It was a musical cover versions of famous hits. Seeing that the daughter is more and more immersed in virtual reality, the parents sent to Alexander in an American boarding school. But there she continued to sing, record yourself and upload the result for everyone to see.


    First video Sasha Spielberg addressed an English speaking audience, but after returning home from the orphanage she started to make videos in Russian. In 2010, the girl created his first channel on YouTube that contained music content.

    Two years later she needed another channel which has become her personal blog in the format of a video diary. There you can see the impressions Sasha Spielberg travel, cosmetics, clothes, fashion, and so on. Also blogger advertises the products of famous brands, including the famous «Procter&Gamble».

    In a relatively short time the projects Spielberg became popular. She even received from the organizers of the prize «Golden button». To date, the number of subscribers to the blog of Sasha a lot more than three million, and its program «Spielberg Vlog» for some time even went on television on TV channel RU TV.


    Sing Sasha Spielberg fell in love with at the very tender age. First, she tried to sing famous hits of other artists, and later began recording their own hits. With first samples stood out spectacular «Gatsby’s Girl», inspired by the reading of the novel «the Great Gatsby» and the latest film adaptation of the book, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

    The great success she has brought songs like «Your Shadow», duet song «Promise», which she performed together with singer Alexander by panajotovym, energetic dance hit «Break the Ice», but especially the ballad «afraid to Love», which became the soundtrack to the fantasy film, «He’s a Dragon.»

    Personal life

    When in high school Sasha Spielberg went to study abroad in a closed boarding school, she disliked this school. The only bright spot in the period was the first love of a girl. However, after returning Alexandra to Russia with her boyfriend, they broke up.

    Sasha is now about their romantic relationship does not apply, though fans regularly credited her novels with someone from colleagues. The last hearing concerned Sasha Spielberg and Ivan Rudskoy, better known as Eeoneguy. It later turned out that these relations – fiction fans.

    In addition to the successful career of the singer and videoblogger, Alexandra tried herself as a fashion model and even appeared on the cover of the Russian edition of Elle magazine.


    Sasha Spielberg

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