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  • Name: Sasha Sokolov ( Alexander Sokolov )
  • Date of birth: 20 March 1981
  • Age: 34 years
  • Date of death: September 24, 2015
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer, soloist of group «atlantida project»
  • Marital status: not married

    Sasha Sokolov: a biography

    St. Petersburg cyber-folk group «atlantida project» appeared not so long ago – in 2007. Then the fans of qualitative club music learned and Sasha Sokolov – the original singer with an amazing voice. Each composition group is a concentrated musical idea, a bundle of energy and unusual images. There is no unnecessary lengthy nor vulgar and hackneyed plots.

    As for the Sasha Sokolov, she was born in St. Petersburg on 20 March 1981. It Sokolov was the inspiration and curator of the team, but her extraordinary voice and incredible charisma quickly made the project known and famous far beyond his native city and even the country.

    «atlantida project»

    Each song, sung by Sasha Sokolova, a unique. Her strong «folk» voice, combined with super-modern cyber-motifs make a lasting impression on listeners. During the short existence of the «atlantida project» about the guys and the vocalist is recognized far outside Russia. After the appearance of the debut album consisting of 12 songs, the band toured extensively around the country. After touring all the major cities of Russia, the musicians began to go on foreign tours in Estonia, Poland, Israel, where they were very warmly received.

    The question of how Sasha manages to write songs (many) who do not like one another, the singer replied, what does as feels. Each song is a stream of consciousness and inspiration that Sokolov only embodies in words and music. Importantly, this stream was clean and clear.

    Songs Sasha Sokolov, and really like the light beam or stream. They are surprisingly harmonious. Everything else – business equipment. In the truest sense of the word. Conceived by Sasha cyber-motifs and musical landscapes» creates Sergei Cold – musician, multi-instrumentalist. Interestingly, the music accompanying the singing of the vocalist created without using a computer or your DJ controller. This analog synthesizers. In the musical fabric is skillfully woven into instrumental music and electronic sound.

    As for tools, used by musicians, among them there is a very strange and unusual, such as Tibetan bowl, didjeridu, recognisable by lovers of Indian music, percussion and others. Sasha and Sergey Cold changed frequently at the concerts of the tools that created a certain surprise, a pleasant performance.

    Sasha Sokolov defined the musical experiments of the group as Cyber-Psycho Punk and Cyber-Folk. An important aspect of the creativity of the team was very careful and respectful attitude to folk music from different countries. Interestingly, the musicians didn’t prefer folklore of any one country. They met and Slavic chants and Indian mantras.

    Illness and death

    About his terrible diagnosis, cancer stage IV, Sasha Sokolov found out in may 2014 in Israel, where the group came on tour. Apparently, the severe climate and the not too comfortable conditions, where the musicians stayed, were the last straw: disease manifested by a sudden and terrible pain. Sasha was hospitalized immediately after the concert. The doctors announced her verdict, which knocked her down. As told then Alexandra herself, the month she was in shock, from which it could not recover. The hardest thing for her was that the doctors didn’t give her any time or chance to recover. A month – that’s how he measured the doctor’s 33-year-old woman.

    Another problem is that a huge amount of money that is needed for an emergency operation that gave hope for the continuation of life. Half a million rubles for the band and the singer proved too heavy a load. Then they asked through social networks their fans for help. The desired amount was collected by surprisingly quickly for the may holidays.

    After surgery and chemotherapy Sasha Sokolov returned home. Began the difficult and painful treatment. In between regular sessions of chemotherapy, the singer has found the strength to go to concerts. It seemed that the disease has receded. And although Sasha was very weak (she was sitting during the concert), fans rejoiced at her appearance and hoped for the best.

    As classical medicine was powerless, Sasha Sokolov, treated non-traditional methods. One of them is virusware.

    19 September 2015 condition of the girl worsened dramatically. Began pulmonary edema. She has not been able to get out of bed. 24 Sep Sasha Sokolov did not.

    Personal life

    Personal life Sasha Sokolov broke on takeoff. She did not have time to start a family and have children, the appearance of which had long dreamed of:

    «A month I couldn’t get over the colossal horror. Not that I was scared of dying, I was afraid that I will cut off my main – organs of small pelvis. I was scared as scared can every woman. Moreover, I haven’t had children.»


    • Mind
    • Lullaby
    • Sarva Mangalam
    • Metaphysical longing
    • Harmonious gamma
    • Internal conflict
    • A new dimension
    • Signal lights


    Sasha Sokolov, Atlantida Project

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