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  • Name: Sasha Saveleva ( Alexander Savelyev )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married Kirill Safonov

    Sasha Savelieva: biography

    Alexander Savelyev, a popular Russian singer and the soloist of group «Factory», was born in Moscow in the family of the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Vladimir V. Saveliev and his wife Nadezhda Alexandrovna. Already from a young age the parents began to engage in the development of girls to ensure her a successful career in the future. So, in three years the child began to go to the section of figure skating, where he studied with the famous figure skater Irina Moiseeva. This early start rapidly bore fruit, and after a few years the girl was admitted to the Olympic reserve. It is the love of the sport instilled from early childhood, Alexandra owes its success and excellent physical shape.

    Five years old Sasha went to music school with honors graduated from two directions: flute and piano. It showed the talent of the girls are particularly bright, she performed concerts in the famous Metropolitan areas and even in the Kremlin. Before the parents had the choice to pursue athletic training or effort to make to achieve success daughter music. Biography of Sasha Savelyeva could have been so different if Sasha didn’t choose art.

    Relatives supported her decision. The future singer was sent to study at the folk music Department of theatre and school of music. During her studies, she sang folk songs in the children’s choral ensemble called «Kubicki». Choral singing liked Sasha, and after finishing school she decided to become a choral conductor.

    Yesterday’s graduate Savelyev filed documents simultaneously in two educational institutions: «gnesinka» and the school named after Schnittke. The talented girl was admitted to both schools, and she again had to choose its future path. Sasha chose the Gnessin school.

    During his studies, the singer organized together with your sokursnitsa student musical group that performed songs mainly by its authorship. The girls successfully performed at various concerts and festivals.

    Sasha Savelieva: «Factory»

    In 2002, on «the First channel» has started the talent show

  • «Star factory», and he successfully passed all the qualifying rounds. In the end you created in project proudcer Igor Matvienko female pop group «Fabrika» includes four adorable soloist: Irina Toneva, Sati Kazanova, Alexandra Savelieva and Maria Alalykina. On the project «Factory» took second place. Just over six months Maria Alalykina, a former winner of the beauty contest «Beauty of Russia-2001», suddenly left the band after the first tour. Officially the reason for the departure, the artist called his expulsion from the Institute and desire to continue training. Changes in the composition of the group was for the other «manufacturers» very painful. Sasha Savelyev said in his interview, leaving Maria was a great surprise for her and a real shock, as the girls have managed to become friends.

    However, the newly formed trio has gained immense popularity and love among the audience. Their songs are «About love», «Oh, mom, I fell», «5 minutes» and others became hits, and for months did not descend from the tops of the charts. Easy and exciting performance style, fragile delicate beauty on «game of thrones» earned the team a well-deserved success.

    In 2004, the song «Venus» brought the band two prestigious awards in the music world: «Golden gramophone» and «stopudoviy hit». In a year, according to the glossy magazine «GLAMOUR», «Factory» gets the title «band of the year». And in 2006, the popularity of «factory» trio overshadows the then leaders of the scene, the group «Brilliant». At the same time for the song «Not my fault», the girls get the second «Golden gramophone». All such awards in the account in four groups: in 2007 the Factory received the statuette for the Christmas song, «Light the lights», and the last award was presented to the team for the song «Not born beautiful».

    Sasha Savelieva, together with Irina Tonewall are an indispensable part of the group «Factory» from the very beginning of its existence, as, Sati Casanova left the band in 2010, deciding to focus more on his solo work. In the place of Sati came Catherine, ex-member of the team, «Hi-Fi», which three years later was forced to leave the band for health reasons — on the filming of the clip «Not born beautiful» Kate Lee suffered a serious back injury. Now the third «the» star factory «participant» is Alexander Popov, who became famous thanks to the project of Konstantin Meladze «Hochu V VIA GRU».

    Team Sasha Savelyev is considered a balanced party, which is always committed to its principles. The group Saveliev took part in numerous photoshoot for men’s magazines, including erotic. Among these publications we can mention «Playboy», «Maxim», «FHM», «Penguin» and the magazine «XXL» where photos of Sasha Savelyeva in a bikini was posted on the cover.

    Despite the fact that the «Factory», the singer feels quite comfortable, from time to time she thinks about going solo and taking the first steps in this direction. Sasha Savelyev has for many years been a constant participant of a rating «Hundred most beautiful people of Moscow».

    Sasha Savelieva: personal life

    Personal life Sasha Savelyeva due to the popularity of the «Factory» is often the object of gossip in the glossy magazines. In 2007 on the set of the entertainment show «Ice age» Sasha Savelyev met with Russian figure skater

  • Alexei Yagudin, who became her partner in the show. Between the artists began a romantic relationship, which was even awarded the «Marriage rumor of the year» in the nomination «Marriage 2007». However, the romance did not last long, after six months, the couple broke up. Yagudin went to figure skater Tatyana Totmjanina and two years later became a father. The singer did not stay alone. 23 February 2008 at a party in a nightclub, she met actioncialis Safonov. The novel that ensued then escalated into something more, and in 2010, Sasha Saveliev, Kirill Safonov got married. The ceremony was held in the fabulously beautiful in Moscow, the Tsaritsyno estate.

    Despite incessant rumors in the press that Sasha Savelieva pregnant or gave birth to a son, the couple has no children.

    Sasha Savelieva: discography

    • Factory girl
    • About love (single)
    • Fish (single)
    • I’m not guilty (single)
    • Raspberry (single)
    • White-white (single)
    • Light the lights (single)
    • We are so different
    • Best and favorite (collection of)
    • Films about love (single)
    • Not born beautiful (single)
    • The secret (single)

    Sasha Savelieva: photo

    Sasha Savelyeva

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