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(biography, photo, video) Alexander Vasilkov

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  • Name: Sasha Dahl ( Alexander Vasilkov )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer and vocal coach has created and heads the group of «Fruits»
  • Marital status: not married

    Sasha Dahl: a biography

    The real name of the author and vocalist of the group «Fruits» Sasha Dahl Alexander Vasilkov.

    Sasha was born in St. Petersburg in February 1984. In the family of the future singer was not musicians, but the girl nature has endowed a great ear and a beautiful voice. Mother took 4-year-old Alexander in one of St. Petersburg’s music schools, where she chose piano. Soon this tool girl persuaded to buy and he took a good third of the room in a communal apartment where the family lived. A little later Sasha Dahl was in school for musically-gifted children «tutti». There she met Mimi, who later became the second soloist.

    It is noteworthy that with the guys that comprise the band, «Fruit», Alexander also studied together, but not in the music, and in secondary school. Unlike Sasha they admired the year, so their paths first diverged.

    In high school Sasha Dahl began writing poetry and music. After high school she went to St. Petersburg University of culture and art, selecting a specialty Manager-producer of show business.

    «Fruits» and «Evening Urgant»

    After high school Sasha Dahl for a long time, I dated guys. They created a rock band called the «War poets» and went on his way. Meanwhile, Alexander made his first steps in musical career. She became a laureate of the music festival «song of the year» as a songwriter. While Sasha Dahl has created soundtracks for films. She organized a small training Studio, which helped everyone to develop hearing.

    Once St. Petersburg restaurateur Aram Mnatsakanov came to Sasha Dahl is a proposal to try to create a joint project. Thus was born the group «Fruit.» Her first composition was very heterogeneous. Together different musicians, but most of them worked in the orchestra of the St. Petersburg Alexandrinsky theatre.

    Joint activities began to yield its first success and money. But when Sasha Dahl felt that members of her staff turned into a hack and started to treat the game like a banal way to earn more money, she immediately said goodbye to them.

    Fortunately, Sasha Dahl immediately met with his high school friends in the band. The musicians agreed to perform at the festival of the covers. The success was so great that after the first performance, the guys threw all my old classes and merged into new warehouse «Fruit.»

    The band played on new year’s corporate parties that are known for many groups of beginners is the basic salary. Once the guys heard and saw Ivan Urgant. He traveled with the musical producer of the show «Evening Urgant» on one of these corporate events. As the musicians seemed, Urgant didn’t even notice them. So when the offer came from the well-known showman to work in his program, the joy and wonder of Sasha Dahl and her «Fruit» turned out to be huge.

    Since then, the band masterfully performed covers of famous hits in the «Evening Urgant». St. Petersburg moved to Moscow in full force. Not so long ago Sasha Dahl shared joy: the team at one of the concerts presented some of his new songs, which were met with as warm as previously performed covers of popular foreign songs.

    The uniqueness of our group Sasha Dahl in that its band performs on the principle of «unplugged», that is, acoustically, without connecting their instruments to sound equipment. Thus, the «Fruits» do not depend on technical support and can be used anywhere: on the square, a huge stage and in a small apartment. It is a kind of modern «Bremen town musicians».

    Sasha Dahl is proud of its band, thanks to the cooperation with the «Evening Urgant» was able to sing with such legends as will Smith, Craig David and many domestic stars. In General, the group appeared to more than five hundred editions of the show Urgant.

    Sasha Dahl dreams of creating videos on his songs, and plans to compose music for a great movie.

    Personal life

    Artist and founder of «Fruit» very light and open person. She happily talks about his creative plans. Frankly answer almost all questions. But personal life Sasha Dahl is one of the topics she loves to talk.

    According to reports she, as the second soloist Mimi, do not yet have their own families. As you know, for the device personal life. But it is in a huge deficit for Sasha Dahl. She comes home late in the evening to the morning again to run to your favorite team. However, «Fruit» has long been a big family for Sasha Dahl.


    Sasha Dahl

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