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  • Name: Sardor Milano ( Sardor Ishmuhamedov )
  • Date of birth: 14 September 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent
  • Activity: singer, winner of the project «Main stage»
  • Marital status: not married

    Sardor Milano: biography

    Sardor Milano — winner of the music talent show «Main stage», which won over the jury and the hearts of the viewers with his amazing vocals and range in three and a half octaves. Beautiful voice, bright appearance and a very sincere manner of execution brought the young Uzbek singer deserved victory on the show.

    Sardor Milano (real name ishmuhamedov) was born in Tashkent on 14 September 1991. From early childhood the boy was fond of music and professional vocal training. Six years Sardor acted in the children’s show «Aladdin». When the young singer was ten, he played one of the leading roles in the production-the musical «Island of Dreams». Four times a boy became a laureate of the music festival «Umid Yulduzlari». In 2004, Sardor received the Grand Prix at Yalta competition «Star Crimea», and a year later won the main prize of the festival «Shining star» in Saint-Petersburg. Numerous victories in musical competitions finally convinced Milano that music is his main calling.

    Big shock for a teenager has become an inevitable breaking voice. As said Sardor, then he had to begin to learn to sing again. Perseverance and patient work has led to stunning results: his vocal range has expanded to three and a half octaves (for reference — the working range of the professional choral soloist is just one octave). Still in school he released his first solo English album called

  • «All I wish». So, after finishing school in 2010, Sardor went to conquer Moscow, where he successfully entered the Russian Academy of music Gnesin on the pop-jazz Department. A year later he starred in the video for a song of his own composition «Stop».

    Already on the second year of College, the young man decided to try his hand at international competitions and participated in the selection for

  • The Eurovision song contest under the pseudonym Sardor. Then came the video clip of the singer on his song
  • «Believe», dedicated to the competition. However, in that year went to the competition Udmurt collective Buranovskiye grandmothers.

    The setback did not upset the young actor, three years later he again took part in a large-scale project. This time Sardor went on a «Main stage».

    Sardor Milano: «the Main stage»

    In early 2015 the launch of the Russian talent show for young musicians

  • «Main stage» where famous producers selected for collaboration of best of the best. Producers are responsible for certain directions in music:
  • Konstantin Meladze oversees the direction of neo-classics,
  • Victor Drobysh is «responsible» for the stage, the style of «fusion» is running
  • Igor Matvienko, and indie band promotes Max Fadeev. The jury includes such famous figures as the rock musician Sergei «Chizh» Chigrakov, the legendary singer of the Soviet pop Yury Antonov, composers Christmas Jeanne and Walter afanasieff. The latter is author of the world famous romantic ballad «My heart will go on», performed by canadian singer Celine Dion for the disaster movie «Titanic». As the leading «Main stage» was made by the famous showman, a leading Moscow «Comedy club» Garik Martirosyan and Maestro Russian pop stars Grigory Leps.

    For his first speech before a jury of Uzbek talent chose the song

  • «Time to say goodbye» Italian Andrea Bocelli. Sardor impressed everyone with his performance, and almost instantly became a favorite of the TV show.

    In the super final of «Big stage» the pupil of Konstantin Meladze sang a song of the authorship of his mentor under the title «Grazie». For Sardor Milano was voted by an overwhelming majority — 73% of viewers. Popular support and the warm attitude of the jury provided the singer from Uzbekistan landslide victory.

    Sardor Milano: personal life

    The private life of Sardor Milano is of interest to the press, but the singer prefers not to extend about it. The musician confessed only that he has a girlfriend, with which they share their romantic feelings.

    Sardor Milano: photo

    Sardor Milano

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