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  • Name: Sarah Michelle Gellar ( Sarah Michelle Prinze )
  • Date of birth: 14 April 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Sarah Michelle Gellar: biography

    In four years she has graced the cover of children’s publishing, and in five years Sarah Michelle is already well known in America. She starred in a famous advertising Burger King. The girl, absorbing the delicious Burger, assured buyers that it is delicious and better than McDonald’s. Advertising over the trial in which Sarah was a witness. After this story, Directors of advertising peppered her sentences – she’s starred in nearly a hundred commercials.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar was born on April 14 1977 in new York. Her parents divorced when she was not 11 years old. The family lived modestly – mother’s salary was hardly enough to rent an apartment.

    After Sarah Michelle became popular, the relationship with the classmates she had deteriorated dramatically. The mother took the daughter to another school where he taught the children of rich parents. Brand new they ignored because she appeared in dresses of past seasons, of money on clothes from the new collections of her mother was not. A month later Sarah left this school and began studying at the Professional children’s school. There she quickly became mine, became interested in Taekwondo and until graduation, received his brown belt. Sarah Michelle Gellar enjoyed figure skating and won a bronze medal at the competition in new York. She went to school a year early.

    The actress says that mom always took her to castings and auditions for that Sarah was grateful. She says thanks to mother decided on profession.


    His first prominent role Sarah Gellar played in seven years. This was a movie «over the Brooklyn bridge.» In 1993 she appeared on the big screen in the TV series «All my children», and two years later received the award as best young actress. Then there was the casting for the TV series «Buffy the vampire Slayer». Sarah Michelle auditioned for the role of Cordelia, but instead it was approved for the main role. After the filming of this project, the actress found all over the world.

    Sometimes she had to work on set for 22 hours a day. One day she came to the Studio in a night shirt, forgot to change in the morning.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar was popular among young people, but attempts to conquer an adult audience were unsuccessful. She coped with the role of Helen in the Thriller «I know what you did last summer» and received two prestigious awards. Unfortunately, these movies were a failure.

    Then the actress was invited to star in the film «Cruel intentions», the plot of which tells about the «Golden youth», rolling in luxury cars, do cocaine. When the shooting ended, Sarah Gellar went on a promotional tour and were given 40-60 interviews every day. It succeeded: several prestigious awards, the film’s success and love of the audience. Sarah Michelle was named the sexiest actress.

    In 2001-2006, she starred in the project «Man from Harvard», «Curse», «Curse-2,» «Revenge» and «Tales of the South». By the way, the movie «Tales of the South» opened the Cannes film festival 2006. In 2009 Sarah Michelle starred in the dramatic film «Veronika decides to die», and two years later launched his own project — «the Double». Not only is she producing this series, but plays him as a loser.

    Personal life

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is a happy wife and mother. With her future husband Freddie Prinze, Jr., Sarah met on the set of the picture «I know what you did last summer». It was in 1997. Then they became friends, but about a serious relationship it was not. Freddie at the time was another girl. The shooting ended, Sarah Michelle and Freddie are no longer met. But in 2000, when Freddie broke up with his beloved, he regained contact with the actress. Between them began a romantic relationship, and two years later the couple celebrated the wedding.

    The newlyweds settled in a private mansion. Soon they had a daughter Charlotte, and three years later the son rocky.

    Sarah Michelle says that their relationship is an eternal honeymoon. They spent the evening together, Freddie invites her for a romantic date. Acting couple rarely goes out, preferring a quiet family cosiness.


    • «Veronika decides to die»
    • «Teenage mutant ninja turtles»
    • «Scooby-Doo»
    • «Scream 2»
    • «Robinsons of Beverly hills»
    • «She’s all that»
    • «Cruel intentions»
    • «Happily n’ever after»
    • «Tales Of The South»
    • «Simply irresistible»


    Sarah Michelle Gellar

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