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  • Name: Sarah Jessica Parker ( Sarah Jessica Parker )
  • Date of birth: 25 March 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Nelsonville, USA
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Sarah Jessica Parker: biography

    Sarah Jessica Parker was born in the American city of Nelsonville, which is located in Ohio. Her father is Stephen Parker was a journalist and had his own small commercial business. Mother Barbara Keck was a teacher, and a teacher in an elementary school. Barbara and Stephen had four children, besides Sarah — it was the boys, Timothy Britten and Pippin, who later become actors, and sister Maria.

    Sarah still did not go to school when her parents decided to divorce. Father went to the East of the country, and the mother married truck driver Paul Forst and along with 4 children moved to him. Paul also had four children from his first marriage, so the family, which grew Sarah Jessica, was very great.

    While still in secondary school, the girl was fascinated by theatre, ballet and vocal arts. The parents noticed the talent of her daughter and began to encourage her endeavors. In 9 years Sara has successfully passed his first audition, and played a first role in a Broadway play-musical «Innocent». After this success, Barbara and Paul, along with the children move to new York so Sarah could visit the professional Studio of acting. A year later, she played a major role in the theatrical production of the musical «the Sound of music» and later in musical «Annie.»

    There she finished school, «Dwight morrow» and ballet Studio, school of creative and performing arts in Cincinnati and is a professional acting school for children.


    Debut on television for Sarah Jessica Parker took place in 1982 in the television series «Square pegs,» which lasted about a year and have not had too much popularity, but critics have left very good reviews about the 17-year-old actress.

    After this series went a little role in the Comedy «Rich kids», the melodrama «Loose» and the title role in the musical Comedy «Girls just wanna have fun».

    In 1984, the screens out the very popular children’s sci-Fi film «Flight of the Navigator» in which young actress played the scientist-Intern Carolyn Mack Adams.

    The following roles Sarah Jessica Parker had to wait 5 years. In 1991 he appeared in the romantic Comedy «L. A. story», after which the actress was waiting for a series of films in which she starred in the lead roles. It was a Comedy «Honeymoon in Las Vegas», fantasy «hocus pocus», the Thriller «striking distance», a tragi-Comedy «ed wood», the Comedy «Miami Rhapsody» and the melodrama «If Lucy falls». Each of these films was a success, and she and Parker have only received positive criticism for specialists. In these films, her partners on the set became such stars as Antonio Banderas, johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Bette Midler and Nicolas cage.

    There were also supporting roles in various films, the most famous of which is the witty Comedy «the first wives Club,» in which Parker was not lost among such excellent Actresses as Goldie hawn, Maggie Smith and Diane Keaton.

    But really famous and popular Sarah Jessica Parker was after the release on television screens in 1998, a series about strong, independent women of «Sex and the city.» In this serial film actress plays the lead role of Carrie Bradshaw for which she won 4 times the award «Golden globe», 2 times «Emmy» and 3 times award screen actors Guild USA. Also 20 times was nominated for various film awards. All was filmed 6 seasons of this series, and in 2008 came the movie «sex and the city», which continued the story of the characters, and then in 2010 there was another sequel «Sex and the city 2».

    But Sarah Jessica Parker has not only limited by the game as Carrie Bradshaw. In parallel with participation in the TV series she starred in the Comedy «Dudley Fair,» the romance «Romantic crime», the Comedy «Hello family!», the melodrama «Love and other troubles» drama «Test,» tragicomedy «Clever» romantic Comedy «Spouses Morgan are in hiding» the Comedy, «I don’t know how she does it.» In all of these movies Parker played leading roles and received very high marks critics. Also for the film «Hello family», she was nominated for the award «Golden globe».

    The last time the actress appeared on the big screen in 2011, playing a minor role, Kim Doyle in the romantic Comedy «Old New year». After that, she played a minor role in season 4 of the television series «Glee».

    Personal life

    Sarah Jessica Parker had some stellar novels. When she was 19, she dated actor Robert Downey Jr. This relationship lasted about 7 years. Then Sarah had an affair with actor Nicolas cage and John Kennedy Jr., son of the tragically famous President.

    In 1997, the actress got married with his colleague Matthew Broderick. After 5 years of the marriage of Sarah and Matthew had a son, James Wilkie Broderick, and in summer 2009 they appeared and twins Marion and Tabitha, who endured a surrogate mother.

    Since the end of 2009, the actress is one of the advisers to the President of the United States on issues of culture, art and humanism.


    • 1986 — Flight of the Navigator
    • 1993 — striking distance
    • 1994 — Ed Wood
    • 1996 — If Lucy will fall
    • 1996 — the first wives Club
    • 1998-2004 — Sex and the city
    • 2002 — Romantic crime
    • 2005 — Hello family!
    • 2006 — Love and other troubles
    • 2011 — I don’t know how she does it


    Sarah Jessica Parker

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