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  • Name: Santa Dimopulos ( Santa Dimopulos )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer, former soloist of Ukrainian female pop group «VIA Gra»
  • Marital status: married

    Santa Dimopoulos : biography

    Santa Anesovna Dimopoulos was born in may 1987 in Kiev. In her veins mingled Ukrainian, Greek and Assyrian blood. Hence its exotic name and visible appearance. A girl from an early age show a remarkable plasticity and danced well. In this regard, she began attending dance school and was able in this field to achieve the title «master of sports».

    Perfect settings and striking model looks Santa has not escaped the attention of modeling agencies. In 2006, 19-year-old girl took part in the project «Miss Ukraine universe», which took 3rd place.

    In 2011, when Santi Dimopoulos turned 24, she managed to win the title in fitness and bodybuilding. This event took place in Bangkok, where she spent the world Cup. The girl was awarded 1st place in the category of «Women’s model physique».

    Photo shoot Santa Dimopulos gladly placed glossy magazines.

    At the same time, Santa didn’t abandon education. In 2011 she received a diploma of the Kyiv University and specialty of the lawyer.

    Musical career

    In addition to the excellent plastics of the girls were available and good vocal. For the first time the aspiring singer took the stage with little-known Ukrainian band, which was called «Seventh heaven». But soon Santa left the band.

    The second stepping stone has become a popular TV project «star Factory». From Kiev came in season 3 of the show in 2009. Here at bright performer drew the attention of Konstantin Meladze, who was acting producer of the project.

    On the TV show Dimopoulos did not last long and left long before the final. Remember Santa Konstantin Meladze had in December of 2011, when the «VIA gra» left Nadezhda Granovskaya. From Kiev replaced left the band singer. But in October of the following year Dimopoulos left the «VIA gra». In her part she had to sing only one hit called «Hello, mum!». On this track a famous film Director Alan Badoev shot will be remembered for many clip.

    Santa Dimopoulos announced plans to start a solo career. And indeed, in the spring of 2013, she introduced her debut song called «When We Move». Today, the singer recorded 4 singles.

    It soon became known that the former participant of «VIA gra» think seriously about her acting career. In 2014, she reported received the diploma of the new York film Academy.

    Personal life

    Much more attention is not a career and personal life of Santa Dimopulos. Beauty regularly «throws firewood» in this unquenchable fire. First husband dark-skinned singer was the Ukrainian showman and TV presenter Andrei Dzhedzhula. At the time this pair was one of the most beautiful in the show business of the country. The couple in October 2008 born son Daniel. But soon the marriage began to crack. Santa and Andrew went with the scandals and mutual accusations, in which their fans getting on one and on the other side.

    In the autumn of 2012 it became known that the Dimopoulos arranged my personal life with the Kiev businessman Vladimir Samsonenko. Rumor has it that the wedding ceremony was held in a lovely historic castle in Italy. Photos of the wedding for a long time was considered and commented on by anyone. But next year Santa Dimopoulos surprised by the statement that the wedding Samsonenko was a fake.

    Autumn 2015 again brought the latest news about Santa. As it turned out, she married a wealthy Kiev businessman Igor Kucherenko, who owns a chain of sports clubs and is a co-owner of a large construction company. About Kucherenko also referred to as a gold miner.


    Santa Dimopoulos

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