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  • Name: Sandra Bullock ( Sandra Bullock )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Arlington, VA, USA
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Sandra bullock: biography

    Sandra bullock is one of the highest paid Actresses of Hollywood, owner of his own production company and restaurant, a bright and charismatic woman. It simultaneously brings and the admiration and the envy of many women. In 2015, People magazine recognized her as the most beautiful woman. Posting on the magazine’s cover photo of the actress, they called it «true and radiant», because Sandra, that’s a minimum of makeup even on the red carpet, still looks young and fit. Without a doubt, such a piece can boast, not every lady over 50.

    Sandra Annette Bullock born July 26 1964 in Arlington (USA, Virginia). She was the only child in the family: six years after the birth of the actress came to light her younger sister Resin. Sandra was born into a creative family, which could not impact on her upbringing. Her mother is an Opera singer and her father a vocal coach. They wanted a daughter to follow in their footsteps – the girl took vocal lessons and learned to play the piano.

    Sandra bullock in childhood
    Sandra bullock in childhood | Pin Me

    Career of the pianist or Opera singer has ever attracted Sandra, so she did everything in her power, but would not join in a music school. Once in Salzburg the Opera, she was entrusted a small role, but she made it a circus. From that moment on, John and Helga, her parents stopped insisting on the musical future of her daughter.

    Childhood the future actress went travelling because her family often flew from America to Europe and back through the touring of her mother. They finally moved to America when she was 12. The other children perceived bullock as a foreigner and ignored her. The girl managed to convince the peers and to persuade them to his side. She was even entrusted with an honorable mission – to lead a group of support for the school football team.

    Sandra bullock young
    Sandra bullock in youth | 4everstatic

    After graduation, Sandra bullock wanted to be a lawyer, admitted to the University, but soon realized it was the wrong choice of profession and left the University. Being a normal 22-year-old girl with big dreams, she moved to new York with hopes of becoming a model or a flight attendant. However, instead she had to work as a waitress in a eatery. In addition, Sandra in his youth worked as a bartender and coat check.

    Cheap American bars she has a new dream – to become a popular actress. She had saved some money and enrolled in acting classes. In new York with an acting career at a young bullock did not work, so she moved to Los Angeles and, as it turned out, not in vain.


    Her career began with several roles in the «off-Broadway productions». It was enough that talking about it is criticism. Several positive reviews did the trick – Sandra was invited to the role in the series.

    Her first serious job – a Comedy «Working girl,» which was released in 1990. Then there was a three-year lull. 1993 broke all records – the actress was involved in five paintings, one of which was a fantastic action movie «the Destroyer». In this movie Sandra plays with Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone. The film was not impressed neither critics nor viewers, however, many memorable comedic game actress and her character is a COP from the future Lenina Huxley. Sandra bullock has been approved for this role just a couple of days before filming due to the failure of the actress Lori petty star in the film.

    Sandra Bullock in the film
    Sandra Bullock in the movie «Speed» | Movies Around

    Part of Sandra in «the Destroyer» is not unequivocal – she remembered and loved the audience, but was nominated for antinarco «Golden raspberry» as worst actress of the second plan.

    Despite the dubious success of the young Actresses, Hollywood Directors drew attention to the bullock. In 1994, she rocketed to stardom – mega made her role in the film «Speed» with Keanu Reeves. After the premiere, the actress recognized the most natural Hollywood star, best performer of a role action.

    On the crest of success Sandra Bullock created his own production company and starred in the films «While you were sleeping» and «Network» — in both films she plays a major role. The movie premieres were successful, but later in her career there has been a decline.

    Sandra bullock at the awards
    Sandra bullock in the award «Golden globe» | Kinofrash

    A new round of popularity has brought her role in the film «Miss Congeniality», filmed in 2000. In this movie Sandra was able to fully reveal his comedic acting talent. «Miss Congeniality» has collected $ 200 million at the box office. The role of Gracie HART, FBI employee, has brought the actress a Golden globe. The sequel failed to repeat the success. After such a failure, the actress said that goes for low budget films.

    The painting «the Clash» with a budget of just over $ 6 million became a hit. Its creators have received three «Oscar».

    In 2009, the actress managed to completely opposite awards: an Oscar and a Golden globe for her role in the film «the blind side» in a nomination «Best actress» and «Golden raspberry» as worst actress for the film «All about Steve».

    Sandra bullock at the awards
    Sandra bullock at the Oscar | Eskipaper

    The movie «the blind side» was a very sweet and touching. Critics and viewers have praised this film based on real events.

    2013 brought the actress from the film 2 with the main roles – «Cops in skirts» and «gravity,» which was hailed by critics as the best film of 2013. Job bullock it was recognized as the strongest in her career.

    Sandra Bullock in the film
    Sandra Bullock in «gravity» | LIVEstory

    Sandra bullock has a star on the walk of fame in Hollywood. Her filmography is filled with extremely brilliant pictures and a complete failure. The actress has starred in dozens of films, including «notoriety», «Anticipation», «Proposal», «Love potion No. 9» and others.

    Personal life

    In 20 years, Sandra Bullock was married to actor Jean Vincent, but their marriage was brief. That period of life, the actress tries not to remember.

    Tate Donovan, whom She met on the set of «Love potion No. 9» she believed the man of my dreams. The gap experienced a hard, long out of depression. Her biography is full of young and Mature men, but all the stories ended in a breakup.

    Sandra Bullock and Jessie James
    Sandra bullock and Jessie James | Celebuzz

    In 2004, bullock married Jesse James, who led the show, «Garage monsters». In 2010, their family had adopted son Louis. In the spring of that year, the press started talking about cheating Jesse: the actress has filed for divorce. In June 2010, the couple broke up. Sandra petitioned to educate yourself son. At the moment bullock has two children – daughter Lila she adopted in 2015.

    After the movie «the Proposal» there were rumors about Sandra’s affair with actor Ryan Reynolds. This information is vehemently denied by both parties, but after the divorce of actor Scarlett Johansson relationship partners on the film ceased to be so secret. However, they lasted long.

    Sandra bullock and Brian Randall
    Sandra bullock and Bryan Randall | Paparazzi

    In 2015, the press released information about changes in the personal life of the actress. New boyfriend turned out was photographer Brian Randall. Their romance began to talk after Sandra has led Brian to wedding Jennifer aniston.

    The press has repeatedly appeared information about the fact that Brian made Sandra an offer. For many information the wedding was supposed to play in the summer of 2016, but it did not take place.

    Sandra bullock children
    Sandra bullock with children | About the movie

    Bullock is fluent in English and German, which is not surprising, as the mother Sandra is German. The actress is engaged in charity. It is one of the largest sponsors of the «red cross,» twice donated a million dollars to the organization.


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    Also in 2018, it is expected the release of the film «Eight friends of Oushena» with Sandra Bullock in the lead role.


    • 2010 — Oscar — best actress for the film «the blind side»
    • 2010 — Award «Golden globe» best actress in a drama for the film «the blind side»
    • 2010 — screen actors Guild Award nomination the United States — best actress for the film «the blind side»
    • 2010 — Prize «Golden raspberry» worst female role, and worst on-screen Duo (with Bradley Cooper) for the film «All about Steve»


    Sandra Bullock

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