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  • Name: Samuel L. Jackson ( Samuel Leroy Jackson )
  • Date of birth: 21 December 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Washington, USA
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: actor, film producer
  • Marital status: married to Latane Richardson

    Samuel L. Jackson: biography

    Samuel Leroy Jackson born December 21 1948 in Washington. Since childhood, the boy lived with his mother and grandfather – father went to Kansas. Soon, the Jackson family moved to Chatuga, in this small town and spent his childhood years.

    Samuel was a good student in school, was fond of music. He played the trumpet in the school orchestra. As a teenager, he decided he would become an architect and after school he applied for faculty architecture College in Atlanta, but was soon transferred to the drama Department of the same College. In the school Samuel L. Jackson organized a community theater. The core of the company was dark-skinned students. The mother and the boy’s grandfather did not believe in his acting talent, and doubted the correctness of choice of profession.

    The situation changed when Jackson appeared in ads for hamburgers. He’s so good eating fast food, that the audience never suspected him of insincerity. For shooting student received the first money.

    As a student, guy came face to face with racial discrimination. Social injustice turned him into a staunch defender of the rights of the black population.

    In 20 years, Samuel L. Jackson, along with like-minded people came to the demonstration after the murder of Martin Luther. The guy was kicked out of College for two years. Samuel hard, but rebounded in the school – in 1972 he received a bachelor of arts.

    After College, Jackson went to new York, where there was more chance for the novice actor.


    He made his debut in the film «Together forever,» then there was the drama film «ragtime». The first role did not bring him popularity, on the contrary, for the next 10 years filmmakers have forgotten about Samuel. All this time he worked in the theater.

    In 1985 the actor was selected for the role in the TV series «Spencer». Two years later he appeared in the role of uncle Eddie in the Comedy «Eddie Murphy uncut». 90 m Jackson was offered a small role in the crime drama «Goodfellas».

    During that period Samuel L. Jackson could play a lot more roles, but because of problems with drugs and alcohol never got the chance. The turning point was the preparation of the musical «two trains Running», where he was to play a major role, but the Director found another actor. Then Jackson decided to undergo rehabilitation at the clinic and get rid of the addiction.

    After treatment, Samuel was offered the role of a drug addict in the film «jungle fever». In fact, he played himself. The hero was convincing and the actor received for this work a prize at Cannes.

    In 1993, he participated in the filming of the movie «Loaded weapon». In the same year, played in the film «Jurassic Park» famous by Steven Spielberg.

    Acting triumph, Jackson became pulp fiction, crime drama, he appeared in the form of Jules Winnfield. In 1994 for this role, the actor was nominated for «Oscar» and «Golden globe», has received the British film Academy award. With Samuel L. Jackson, is finally getting the recognition and showered with offers from the Directors. The following year he starred in the film «die hard 3: with a Vengeance», a year later appeared in detective, «Time to kill» and was again nominated for a Golden globe.

    Fruitful for the actor was 1997 in rolling out three films with his participation: «187», «eve’s Bayou» and «Jackie brown.» For her role in the drama «Jackie brown,» Samuel received the award at the Berlin film festival and was nominated for a Golden globe.

    With the popularity grew and the fees of the actor. For shooting the movie «the Negotiator» paid him $ 5 million.

    In the summer of 2000, Samuel L. Jackson came the nominal star on the «walk of fame» in Hollywood. The new century brought a new role. Jackson starred in the films «Rules of engagement», «Unbreakable», «Shaft», «Star wars: attack of the clones», «xxx», «Formula 51».

    In 2010, the actor has signed a contract to participate in the nine films in which he plays nick fury. Four films the audience has already seen.

    One of the last works of Jackson – the Quentin Tarantino’s «Django unchained». In this film he played a Butler Steven.

    Personal life

    Samuel – monogamous. With future wife, actress Latane Richardson — he met in College. In 1980, the couple has registered relations, and two years later they had a daughter Zoe. The happy family lives in Los Angeles.

    Samuel L. Jackson enjoys football, he is a fan of football club «Liverpool». His passion was passed on to the daughter. Zoe is now working as a producer for a sports channel.

    The actor has a hobby – he collects caps and has already gathered a few hundred. Spouse Jackson charity – supported education.


    • «Together forever»
    • «Star wars: attack of the clones»
    • «Xxx»
    • «Formula 51»
    • «Loaded weapon»
    • «Two trains running»
    • «Eve’s Bayou»
    • «Django unchained»
    • Pulp fiction
    • «Jurassic Park»


    Samuel L. Jackson

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