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  • Name: Samra Rahimli ( Samra Rahimli )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Baku
  • Activity: singer, participant of «Eurovision 2016»
  • Marital status: not married

    Samra Rahimli: biography

    Semra Ragimli, better known simply under the name of Samra (Səmra) – young Azerbaijani singer who represented his country at the vocal competition «Eurovision 2016» in Stockholm. In the semifinals, the singer danced to the song «Miracle» and successfully passed the final.

    Sing Samra started pretty early on, but professionally vocal was only a teenager. The main stages of the training were various singing contests and festivals in which the girl consistently stood out among hundreds of other competitors. Of the most important show, which was attended by Semra Ragimli, is called «O Ses Türkiye», is the Turkish counterpart of the reality show «the Voice» and its Azeri version.

    It was there that Semra first time I felt on the way to the musical Olympus. In the blind auditions of the show «Voice of Azerbaijan», she performed the popular song «Wrecking Ball» from the repertoire of American pop diva Miley Cyrus. Vocal Camry so impressed the jury that it turned all four judges, and some gave a standing ovation.

    In the «Voice» Rahimli reached the final, but after two months represented Azerbaijan in Sweden «Eurovision 2016». But it should be noted that the girl realizes, only through competitions the professional not will be, so she studies all the wisdom and subtlety of the vocals at the Institute of culture and arts.


    At the age of 16 Semra Ragimli tried to go to «home» Eurovision», but then she lost to a more prepared participant Sabina Babayeva. In 2015, the young singer recorded the dance track «O sevir» and shot a candid video in Azerbaijan caused a scandal, because the song title is translated as «He loves it».

    But a huge success in «the Voice» rounded out a mixed reaction of the public to creativity of the singer, and she was unanimously elected national representative at the «Eurovision 2016».

    The song «Miracle» for Semra was written by the whole Council of European authors, mostly Swedes, so the song is very bright and modern.

    As stated in an interview with the singer herself, she sees «Miracle» as the anthem of the strong and brave woman who, even after losing love, is able to move forward.

    Personal life

    Semra Ragimli not married and don’t have at the moment no serious romantic relationship. But during the Eurovision song contest she had at least two star admirer. The girl spends a lot of time with Russian singer Sergey Lazarev. A couple repeatedly noticed at the joint walks in Stockholm.

    But the young people claim that they are United not all of a sudden had feelings and common interests – Lazarev and Ragimli love to travel and also love spending time with our smaller brethren.

    Also on Samru drew the attention of the representative of the Netherlands, singer daue Bob. As they walked the red carpet, the young man even made her an offer of marriage. Maybe jokingly, maybe seriously, but Caucasian beauty in any case it was not accepted.


    • 2015 — O sevir
    • 2016 — Miracle


    Samra Rahimli

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