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  • Name: Samantha Morton ( Samantha Morton )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Nottingham, England
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: English actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Samantha Morton: biography

    British actress Samantha Morton earned the status of star cinema. And not only in his country but in the world. Proof of this are the two nominations for the statuette «Oscar» award «Golden globe» and many others, just below the rating.

    Samantha Morton
    Future star |

    Samantha Morton was born in may 1977 in Nottingham. Her childhood rainbow will not name. When she was 3 years old, his parents divorced. Children (Samantha is the senior brother and the sister) the mother left the ex-spouse by leaving town with her new husband. Dad doesn’t particularly care about children. He, the poet and activist of the Socialist party, not enough time on their education.

    Therefore, little Morton all his childhood years wandered in and out of shelters and foster families. However, the actress, Recalling childhood years, is not inclined to dramatize this period of life. She said that it was the fate of all is in the past.

    Samantha Morton
    Early in his career | Korok.Gee

    Foster mom Samantha Morton died, and with their biological parents, it does not support relations.

    A penchant for acting at the future of British stars found themselves in 7 years. The girl played with dolls, and theater. She played small performances, acting in all roles at once. At the age of 13 the ability of the student noticed her teacher and advised Samantha to go to a specialized acting school.

    So Morton did. The next 3 years she increased skills in Central Junior Television Workshop. Here, she first appeared on the professional stage. And at age 14 made her debut in the movie. The girl was offered a role in rating British TV series «Soldier, soldier».

    Samantha Morton in the series
    In the TV series «Soldier, soldier» | vreakattiffanys

    Due to difficult life circumstances, Samantha Morton was old enough before. After collecting a certain amount of money, she went to London and rented an apartment, lied about his age. She found a use for their talents on the stage of the Royal court theatre. At that time she was barely 16.


    A cinematic biography of Samantha Morton started in 1994, when the young actress «knocked» 17. She starred in the series British crime drama Dragnet, playing the victim, adherents of a religious sect. And played so convincingly that was immediately noticed by the Directors. Since then, the actress is removed regularly.

    Harriet in the drama film «Emma», a young prostitute in the TV series «Band of gold», the main character in the miniseries «Jane Eyre» – these diverse roles Samantha Morton played what is called, in one breath, playing brilliantly of the heroines of the different roles.

    Samantha Morton in the series
    In the TV series «Jane Eyre» |

    It is not surprising that already in 1997 for the brilliant work in the film «Inside» a young British woman nominated for prestigious national award Boston Film Critics Society.

    After seeing this film, the legendary woody Allen was so impressed by the skill previously unknown to the actress, offered her one of the main roles in his new project «Sweet and lowdown». Samantha had to play the silent friend of the main character – guitarist and jazzman, whose role went to Hollywood star Sean Penno.

    Samantha Morton in the film
    In the movie «Sweet and lowdown» |

    It is noteworthy that not only Allen noticed this bright British star. Somewhat earlier, Morton received an offer to play Ophelia in the new film adaptation of «hamlet», where the main character was Ethan hawke. But for the sake of the project, woody Allen, Samantha turned down the role. Strange, but the famous Allen girl until then heard nothing and have not watched any of his movies. On the extent of the popularity of the Director told her when he invited her to star.

    For his work in «Sweet and lowdown» the Briton was first nominated for an Oscar, but at home she was presented the award London Critics Circle Film Awards.

    Samantha Morton in the film
    In the film «Son of Jesus» |

    Career of Samantha Morton have developed rapidly. In 1999, the actress starred in several high-profile projects: the independent low-budget American film «Son of Jesus» and in the films «Dreaming of Joseph Lisa» and «a coward».

    In the 2000s, the Briton continues to delight his fans. She appeared in the drama «Morvern Kallar», for which he received a prize at the British Independent Film Award. In the same 2002 on the screens out the film about the life of Irish immigrants In America.» He has received three nominations for «Oscar», one of which is Samantha. But the statuette again «floated» out of the hands of Morton. This time in the hands of Charlize Theron.

    Samantha Morton in the film
    In the movie «minority report» |

    However, the year 2002 was very generous to the British star. Because then on the left another high – profile project-the film, Steven Spielberg’s «minority report» in which the famous Maestro entrusted the English actress image seer Agatha.

    Of projects in which appeared the British in recent years, it should be noted drama, «the Libertine» with johnny Depp in the title role, the film «Longford», which Morton was nominated for a BAFTA TV award and became a laureate of the prize «Golden globe» and the movie «Control». Latest Samantha brought another nomination for a BAFTA.

    Samantha Morton in the film
    In the film «the Libertine» |

    The British star known for his tough character. She’s not chasing awards and is carefully choosing his roles. She also famous for his caustic and sarcastic remarks about the feet of Hollywood, why not dare to do many of her colleagues.

    In 2016, the actress has pleased their fans with some brilliant play in the project «Fantastic animals and where they live». This adaptation of the bestselling book by JK Rowling.

    Personal life

    In 2000, the actress was born a girl Esme. Her father is a colleague of Samantha Charlie creed-miles. Independent and uncompromising character of Morton was evident here: with the father of her child, Morton said good-bye still in the early stages of pregnancy.

    But the personal life of Samantha Morton still happened happy. The British met a man with whom she seems to get on well and trust each other. It Director Harry Hill. The couple had two children together.

    Samantha Morton with her husband
    Husband |

    In 2008, the actress once again convinced his fans in the strength of character and spirit. She admitted that in 2006 he received a severe head injury, after which he lost his vision and left him partially paralyzed. She had to undergo a severe and long period of rehabilitation, learning to speak and move. But she managed to cope and get back on stage.


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    Samantha Morton

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