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  • Name: Saif Ali Khan ( Saif Ali Khan )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: new Delhi, India
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor and producer
  • Marital status: married Kareena Kapoor

    Saif Ali Khan: a biography

    India is a country with centuries-old culture and traditions that differ from European. Even movie special here, not like the cinema of other countries. Indian film industry is the huge number of films made at the studios of bollywood, Orissa, Tollywood, Rajasthan, Punjab.

    Saif Ali Khan
    Saif Ali Khan | VK Group

    Each state operates its own factory movie releases of Indian movies. Saif Ali Khan is a famous actor, who starred in movies of bollywood. His filmography includes dozens of paintings, loved by his countrymen and foreign audiences.

    Childhood actor

    Saif Ali Khan was born in the Indian capital new Delhi on 16 August 1970. Biography of the actor from an early age was good, and he was born in the family of famous people. His mother is a popular actress of Indian cinema Sharmila Tagore, the father – the champion of cricket Mansoor Ali Khan. It is interesting that the grandfather of actor was good and the famous athlete.

    Saif Ali Khan in childhood
    Saif Ali Khan with mom | VK Group

    Mother Sharmila Tagore hails from the state of Bengal. From an early age spent a lot of time in prayers to the Hindu gods. In marriage changed faith, became a Muslim and changed her birth name. Saif was the second child in the family, at the time of birth he already had a sister Saba. After a few years the ROC was born, who became an actress.

    Saif Ali Khan in childhood
    Saif Ali Khan in childhood | Group VK

    Saba – known in India, fashion designer. It is noteworthy that the father of the actor – a descendant of the kings of Bhopal (capital of Madhya Pradesh). Until today, the family owns its own castle, which is located in this city, and Saif Ali Khan for the people of Bhopal remains a national hero.

    Adolescence and training

    Since childhood, parents have made all their efforts to make their child received the best of everything. Saif graduated from three educational institutions in the UK:

    Saif Ali Khan in his youth
    Saif Ali Khan as a youth | Group VK
    • His first school was Himachal Pradesh’s Lawrence School Sanawar.
    • Then he went to College, Lockers Park School and Winchester College.
    • The next school was Winchester College, which graduated his father.

    In the early years Saif Ali Khan was fond of music and dreamed of becoming a rock star. He now enjoys playing the guitar. But after graduation he chose the path of the actor.

    The path to glory

    His acting career began in 1992 after starring in the film «the Unwritten law» (Parampara). Enthusiastic game rookie did not cause, the audience treated him quite indifferently. But Saif Ali Khan did not panic. He soon starred in two movies: «shadow of the past» (Pehchaan) and «Wandering love» (Aashiq awara).

    Saif Ali Khan
    Saif Ali Khan | Bollywood

    A new milestone in the biography of the actor started with the publication in 1994 of the film «do not joke With love» (Yeh Dillagi). In this picture Saif Ali Khan failed to disclose his talent in full. His hero Vicky (Vikram Saigal) was loved by the audience, and they appreciated the actor. Critics work too much, they recognized that he has talent, due to which Saif Khan will achieve a lot. His partners in the film was Kadzhaev and Akshay Kumar.

    Saif Ali Khan
    Saif Ali Khan | Bollywood

    The huge success of this film sparked the interest of a young actor was showered with offers from Directors. It allowed Saif Ali Khan to sign contracts to film in several scenes. But to surpass themselves after the success of the hit movie he has long worked. In 1994, he works on several roles. His career was not only the rise and growing popularity, but fall, and periods of calm. By 2000, the year his filmography, there were more than 20 films.

    Success and recognition

    The new Millennium brought the actor a fantastic success. In 2001 it reached its peak of popularity, starring in Director Farhan of Akhtar in the drama «the Desire of the heart» (Dil chahta hai). The film became a hit and brought everyone who worked on it, deafening glory. Thanks to this film, his name appeared in the list of best actors of bollywood.

    Saif Ali Khan
    Saif Ali Khan | Bollywood

    After the release of Saif Ali Khan’s invite only in most successful projects. More than sixty films on account of the talented actor. Some of which he acted as producer. An example of such a pattern is romance «Cocktail». The film was recognized as a masterpiece, which revealed not only the skill of the Saif, but a co-worker Dipika of Padukon. Many consider this the best film in the filmography of the actor.

    Personal life

    Divorce in India is almost unacceptable. A negative attitude affects primarily the middle strata of the population who continue to live together even when it becomes unbearable. The personal lives of celebrities such conventions is devoid. Saif Ali Khan has been married twice.

    Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh
    Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh | Celebrity Tonic

    His first marriage with popular bollywood actress Amrita Singh was held in 1991. By age she was older than her husband by 12 years. Marriage, which had two children (daughter Sara and son Ibrahim), collapsed in 2004.

    Saif Ali Khan with his wife
    Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor | Celebrity Tonic

    Kareena Kapoor is the second wife of Saif, also an actress. They were married 16 October 2012. The actor is credited with an affair with Priyanka Chopra. The veracity of this story is questionable, because the young actress is credited with the novels and with the other actors. Saif speaks well of his wife Karine. Enthused that it has a positive impact that they understand each other and are good together. This is eloquently and numerous photos of this beautiful couple.


    Saif Ali Khan

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