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  • Name: Sacha Baron Cohen ( Sacha Noam Baron Cohen )
  • Date of birth: 13 October 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Hammersmith, United Kingdom
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: married Isla Fisher

    Sacha Baron Cohen: a biography

    British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen born 13 October 1971 in Surrey in the UK. He grew up in a Jewish family where he had two more children. Family of Sasha Baron was secured – his father had a men’s clothing store, so that kids in no way needed.

    The family soon moved into the elite area of London. Cohen studied at the prestigious school, and after graduation entered the College of Christ in Cambridge. It was there he discovered his acting talent. It all began with Amateur student performances with his participation. He shone at the student’s stage in performances of «Cyrano Bergerac» and «Fiddler on the roof».

    Stylish cute guy wanted to try out modeling. He was lucky – soon he has graced the covers and pages of fashion magazines. But Cohen was little, he was constantly looking for his place in life, tried to be a weatherman on the cable channel.

    In 1995 channel 4 have announced a competition for the position of lead. Sacha Baron sent a TV crew film in which he acted as correspondent from Albania Cristo. The producers have approved his candidacy the next few years, Cohen has worked on this channel, participated in several projects and starred in advertising.

    Sacha Baron Cohen in the role of Ali g
    Sacha Baron Cohen in the role of Ali g | PIKABU

    After College, Cohen went to work in a Comedy club, which belonged to his brother. He was attracted by political satire. In 1998, Sasha took a two-minute video, which was posing as the host of the fashion show gay. But fame came to him later when he created the image of Ali g. The fictional character began to appear frequently on channel 4, and in 2000 he had his own gear. Sharp satirical program was a success with viewers. On the wave of popularity of Sacha Baron Cohen decided to move to America, and there is his show always went on one of the channels.


    International recognition came to the actor in 2002, when he released the film «Ali g in Parliament». The comedian himself referred to this work as a warm-up, because he played the hero created himself and whose image had already become intimate.

    In 2006, viewers saw the Comedy «Borat,» in which Sasha Cohen appeared in the familiar to his fans the way Sadiev Borat, the journalist from Kazakhstan. The film is a provocation angered the people of Kazakhstan and was banned. But the scandals around the project played into the hands of the actor. In 2006, the film «Borat» became leaders at the box office, and Sasha Cohen Association of American film critics named the best actor of the year. Early next year he received a Golden globe for best actor and the MTV award for best comedic role.

    Sacha Baron Cohen in FLM
    Sacha Baron Cohen in «the Dictator» | Kinopoisk

    Next television project he participated in was the Comedy «Ricky Bobby: king of the road». Three years later, in 2009, viewers saw the film «Bruno», which was heavily derided by modern society. The picture became the most cash not only in America but also in Canada, England, Australia. In the movie «the Dictator», the shooting of which began in 2011, Sacha Baron Cohen departed from the previous standards. He played just two main roles – the ruler aladeen and his double, but he did it so that the motives and actions of the characters were understandable to a broad audience. In 2012 the project «the Dictator» was released worldwide and received positive reviews from critics. In the first week the film has collected more than $ 60 million.

    In 2010, Sasha Baron was supposed to play Freddie mercury in a biographical film, but due to disagreements with the musicians plan had failed. Among other works actor — films «Les Miserables», «the time Keeper», «the Brothers of the Grimsby», «Alice in Wonderland».

    Personal life

    Sacha Baron Cohen married to actress from Canada Kyle Fisher. They officially legalized their relationship in 2010, although he was familiar to more than three years. Three years beloved woman Cohen studied Judaism, then took this belief to my husband’s parents blessed their marriage.

    Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher
    Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher | STMEGI

    In autumn 2007, Ali gave birth to daughter olive. In the summer of 2010, the couple gave birth to a second daughter, called Elul.


    • «Les Miserables»
    • «The dictator»
    • «The time Keeper»
    • «Ricky Bobby: king of the road»
    • «Bruno»
    • «Ali g in Parliament»
    • «Anchorman 2: Hello again»
    • «Alice in Wonderland»


    Sacha Baron Cohen

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