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  • Name: Sabina Akhmedova ( Sabina Akhmedova )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Baku
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Sabina Akhmedova biography

    For the first time the audience drew attention to Sabina Ahmadov, when she masterfully played gossip girl Tamara in the popular TV series «Club». But soon this beautiful actress has a new role, which eclipsed the heroine of «the Club».

    Sabine Gulbadeen Akhmedov was born in Azerbaijan in September 1981. In her family there are Azerbaijanis and Jews. Sabina’s parents were not related to the arts: his father was an engineer, mom was in real estate.

    To move from Baku to Moscow Akhmedovy decided when my daughter was 8 years old. In the country the war began, and parents were forced to take the daughter away from danger. In the capital of Sabina graduated from high school and the first attempt became a student of the Institute of contemporary art. She chose the acting Department and got on the course outstanding teacher and Honored artist of the RSFSR Vladimir komratova.


    A cinematic biography of Sabina Akhmedova began in his student years. On the 4th course the aspiring actress appeared in the episode melodrama «Christmas gift». But for the first time to show myself the girl managed on the theatrical scene, debuting well in the graduation performances of «Summer and smoke» and «Where subtly there and tear». To demonstrate another of his talent – vocal – the artist was able in the musical «Playing Prime Minister».

    Even while studying in high school theater Sabina Akhmedova went to look for their place under the sun. On the way to it, she changed several theatres. First it was the stage of the theater «Shalom.» A few months Akhmedov moved to the «School of modern play», after which took the stage of the theatre of Stas Namin».

    In 2002 the young actress received a diploma. But her education, she felt inadequate and went to the United States. Two years Sabina studied at the Theatre Institute Lee Strasberg.

    To return to Russia made her a loud series of «Club» where Akhmedova suggested that one of the main roles. The actress starred in all seasons of the series and gained the first popularity in Russia. To participate in the filming Sabina was torn between two countries, because in the US it was involved in the production of «Three sisters», which puts al Pacino. At the same time the artist was involved in the project «Men don’t lie».

    The road to the real success of the young actress opened up Igor Zaitsev. He noticed that Sabina Akhmedova versatile actress, equally well able to play the role in a completely different role. In the Comedy «high security Vacation» Akhmedov appeared in the form of a carefree pioneer Elena Bikini, and in the military drama «the Saboteur 2: the end of the war» played the heroine Lana, the Eastern woman who had lost a loved one.

    The appearance on the screen with such established stars of Russian cinema, Sergei Bezrukov, Dmitry Dyuzhev and Vladislav Galkin, has borne fruit.

    Breakthrough and very successful actress was 2011. She played a major role in the series «A4 Format», which is called the Russian analogue «Sex in the city». She got the role of Anna Simonova, one of 4 friends who meet regularly to discuss his personal life in the pub.

    But the real popularity came to Sabina Akhmedova after the release of the great project of Sergey Ginzburg’s «the Life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik». Zoe Thor – talented, spirited girl, poet and sister of Joseph, the Torah was very bright and remembered. Sabina claims to work on the image from another era was extremely interesting.

    In 2016 fans of the Sabina Akhmedova can see your favorite artist in the series of Sergey Sentsov «Hotel» where she got one of the main roles.

    Personal life

    Yet the actress is not married. She claims to be an opponent of the theory of biological clock for women. Personal life Sabina Akhmedova not depend on conventions. She will marry only when I meet a man that will completely sure. And while fans of this bright and talented women abound, but the person that she would like to Wake up every morning, yet.

    Akhmedov maintains warm relations with Mila Jovovich and her mother Galina Loginova. With the family of a Hollywood star she met while studying in America.


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    Sabina Akhmedova

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