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  • Name: Ryan Gosling ( Ryan Thomas Gosling )
  • Date of birth: 12 January 1980
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, Director, producer, writer, musician
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Eva Mendes

    Ryan Gosling: biography

    Ryan Gosling was born in the town of London, Ontario. His parents Thomas and Donna Gosling, Ryan also has an older sister Mandy.

    Shortly after the birth of son Gosling moving to Cornwall, where Ryan begins to walk to the secondary school. There is not only open the ability of the boy to the fine arts and playing in the school theater productions, but also the amazing «talent» not getting along with their peers. Ryan almost every day is a party of fights and scuffles. So the 5th grade parents transferred him to home schooling, performance of test tasks was controlled by the mother.

    Later the family moved to Burlington. Ryan is back in school, this time it was the high school of Leicester. Pearson, though, and here he pursued the conflict.

    Determined to prove to himself that he is worth something, 13-year-old Ryan Gosling goes on casting famous in Canada and the United States talent show «the Mickey mouse Club». Demonstrating their vocal abilities, the boy becomes a participant in a television program in which takes part in for 2 years. Then in films and broadcasts of the TV channel «Disney». His first role was a serial film in the style of children’s fantasy «the Youth of Hercules.» Also, young Gosling played in the youth series about teenagers «School of broken hearts.»

    But it was a small or cameo role. Gosling was thinking about a dedicated acting training, but success found him without education.


    After several minor roles, Gosling invites producer Daniel diamond for the lead role in the film «Fanatic». He plays Danny Balint, a boy of Jewish origin, became one of the leaders of the skinhead movement. The film was released in 2001 and received rave reviews and awards, including the Sundance film festival. And at the Moscow film Festival noted by not only the film itself, but the game Ryan Gosling, giving him the prize «Golden St. George» for best actor.

    This role followed a successful work in the dramatic Thriller «Countdown to murder,» psychological picture «the United States of Leland,» the acclaimed biographical film «the notebook» by Nicholas sparks novel, the psychological Thriller «Stay». All the roles have been appreciated, Ryan even made the list of «Most eligible bachelors of America.»

    Another triumph for the actor waited after the release in 2006 drama film «half Nelson», Ryan drops school history teacher who does not imagine his life without drugs. The film had positive reviews, and the magazine «Paste» I put it on 16 place in the list of «50 best films of the decade». And Ryan Gosling was nominated for «Oscar» in the category «best male role».

    For participation in the following four films the actor has been 4 times nominated for a Golden globe for best actor but never won. It was a picture of «Lars and the real girl», «Valentine», «This — stupid — love», «the ides of March».

    In 2014, Ryan Gosling tried something new. In the film «Lost river» (in another translation — «How to catch a monster») he participates not as an actor but as a Director, writer and producer. This non-profit art-house project was shown at the Cannes film festival.


    Ryan Gosling is a creative person and loving the experiments. Being at the Zenith of the actor’s fame, a young man alone learns playing the guitar and piano. This wasn’t enough for him and he is in the company of actor and producer Zach Shields organizes a group of «Dead man’s Bones». The team focuses on Halloween themed songs: ghosts, witches, ghosts, zombies, monsters, skeletons and other characters are regular characters in the lyrics.

    As an experiment, the guys sat down in the Studio trying to record a song. The result of their work was «In The Room Where You Sleep», which is posted for free download on the Internet and also a video for this track.

    Joint work has so captured Ryan and Zach, they wrote 11 songs and was released in late 2009, the album «Dead man’s Bones». And then went on tour across America, virtually no rehearsing. In each city they are hired to do backing vocals for a local children’s choir and improvised during performances. As support of his speech, Gosling and shields held the contest of children’s talents and showed a puppet show.

    Personal life

    Ryan Gosling was in a romantic relationship with several stellar ladies. Little more than a year lasted his relationship with his partner in the film «Countdown to kill» with Sandra bullock. Much longer about four years, he dated actress Rachel McAdams, with whom he starred in «the notebook». The case went to the party, but in 2008 the pair finally breaks the relationship. After that, had Affairs with Actresses Famke Janssen and Jaime Murray. With each actor were Dating for about a year.

    In 2011, Ryan met with actress Eva Mendes. A couple begins to live in a civil marriage, and in 2014 gave birth to their daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling.

    Ryan Gosling is the owner of the restaurant exotic cuisine in Beverly hills, which is called «Tajine».

    Selected filmography

    • 2001 — Fanatic
    • 2002 — Count of murder
    • 2003 — the United States of Leland
    • 2004 — the notebook
    • 2006 — Half Nelson
    • 2007 — Lars and the real girl
    • 2011 — Drive
    • 2011 — the ides of March
    • 2013 — the place beyond the pines
    • 2014 — Lost river


    Ryan Gosling

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