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  • Name: Ryan Aslanbekova ( Rayana Aslanbekova )
  • Date of birth: April 24, 2001
  • Age: 15 years
  • Place of birth: Grozny
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Ryan Aslanbekova: biography

    Ryan Aslanbekova, a young singer from Chechnya, a member of the musical project «Voice. Children» what made the team mentor Leonid Agutin. She was born and grew up in Grozny, where since the age of five began singing in children’s musical group.

    Ryan was easily able to combine work and school, in which she is very good student and from year to year is the student.

    When she was only 13 years old, she was invited to perform in a children’s song and dance ensemble named after N. Esambaev «Daimohk». The ensemble toured throughout Russia, so we can say that Ryan Aslanbekova already started its professional activities.

    The repertoire of songs girl of all genres, except Opera. She copes with both folklore and modern compositions, enjoys performing songs not only in their native Chechen, but Russian, French and English.

    TV show

    When Ryan Aslanbekova first time appeared on stage of «the Voice. Children» at the blind audition she sang a romantic song «Derniere danse» from the repertoire of the French singer Indeli. Her voice is very pleasant to all mentors, but returned to Ryan only Leonid Agutin, which deprived a modest girl from a difficult choice.

    In the second stage, television show, when the winners in threes showed their ability to work in vocal ensembles, Aslanbekova together with Elina Arbeninoj and Yaroslav, Buravchenko sang the song of Igor Sarukhanov «Violin-the Fox». The performance was flawless, and the coach was faced with a difficult choice, but decided to leave it to Ryan Aslanbekova.

    And after the third stage of casting, in which she again sang a song in French, the girl joined already in the final of the Azerbaijan Nasibov and Taisia Podgorny from the team Pelagia, and Daniel Pluzhnikova and Yaroslav Degtyareva, representing Dima Bilan.

    But the qualifying rounds until finished. Due to the fact that the third season of the show «the Voice. Children» has a huge rating and this year there were a lot of talented people, the project organizers decided to expand the number of people in the final. And now every mentor has already retired participants select one representative team, which will also appear in live broadcasts.

    Personal life

    Ryan Aslanbekova – she is very modest and restrained, probably due to her piety. She is very serious about religion and says prayer helps her cope with any anxiety and difficulties in life. Also to help calm down her book, nature and animals.

    Despite the fact that the vocal talent of the Ryans no doubt, the girl dreams of becoming a Prosecutor to help people in distress. She is confident that she will become a good specialist and to participate in eradicating corruption.


    Ryan Aslanbekova

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