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  • Name: Rutger Hauer ( Rutger Oelsen Hauer )
  • Date of birth: 23 January 1944
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Breukelen, Netherlands
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor, film Director, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Rutger Hauer biography

    American actor Rutger Hauer born 23 January 1944 in the Netherlands. His father and mother were associated with the theater, often toured. Education Rutger and his three sisters were engaged in nanny. In 5 years She has already appeared on the theatrical stage.

    He grew up a naughty child, and dreamed of adventure. In 15 years, Rutger ran away from home and was hired as a sailor on the ship. In swimming he spent almost a year which has seen different countries and their customs. During this period he realized that he has a thirst for foreign languages, and began to learn English, French and German. Now he is fluent in these three languages.

    Rutger Hauer in his youth
    Rutger Hauer in his youth | LiveInternet

    He probably would have remained a sailor, if not for the vision problems. Rutger Hauer is color-blind, as his great-grandfather. After the end of the flight, the boy returned home in the evenings he studied at night school and by day was working at the car wash, carpenter at the theater.

    In 1962, the future actor moved to Switzerland and enrolled in drama school in Basel, but two years later went as a private in the army. Serve he didn’t like, so I had to feign a mental disorder. A few weeks Rutger held in a psychiatric hospital, after which he was demobilized – he went on to study at the Institute. Basel University, he was little: after graduating, Hauer continued training in acting school at home, and then started working at the theatre Royal.


    His first cameo role in the movie Rutger Hauer played in 1968 in the film «Monsieur Hawarden», however, when assembling the footage with his participation were cut. In 1969, he starred in the TV series «Floris», which was a successful start for the novice actor. In 1973 came the film «Turkish delight», which immediately became nominated for the award «Oscar». Then there was a multi-genre work in the films «well Done», «Flesh and blood», «soldier of Orange».

    Hauer played mostly positive characters, but I knew that already outgrown the Dutch movie. The actor has decided to try their luck in Hollywood. On «Factory of dreams», he made his debut in «Night hawks» in 1981. For this work there were a few good roles and international fame. Rutger Hauer starred in the films «Blood of heroes», «Blind fury», «Betrothed of death» and others.To get rid of European accent, he had to take language lessons from American teachers. In 1987, Hauer starred in the title role of the painting «Escape from Sobibor» and received the «Golden globe».

    Rutger Hauer in the movie
    Rutger Hauer in the movie «Escape from Sobibor» | RIA Novosti

    In the 90s he started to collaborate with small studios – his popularity began to decline. It was not until 1996, when he appeared in the film «call of the wild». This project was «Merlin», «the Tenth Kingdom» and others. In April 1999, Rutger Hauer was named the best actor of the century in the Netherlands.

    In 2000, he debuted as a Director: his short film «the Room» received the audience award at the Paris festival. In 2006, he made the film «tango starfish».

    The actor has now been removed, among his last projects, «the Key Salamanders», «Clones», «Depth», «Galavant», «Mata Hari». In 2017, the scheduled premiere of the film «Valerian and the city of a thousand planets».

    Personal life

    Rutger Hauer was married twice. At 22, he became the husband of Heidi Froze. Soon they had a daughter. But the relationship is the birth of a child is not saved. The actor still considers the marriage a mistake and regret only that after the divorce, long time no see daughter.

    Rutger Hauer and wife Ineke Ten Kate
    Rutger Hauer and wife Ineke Ten Kate | @diaries

    The second wife of Rutger – the sculptor and artist Ineke Ten cate. She, like Hauer, born and raised in the Netherlands. 16 years they lived in a civil marriage and only after that decided to legalize the relationship. Rutger Ineke and raise kids together. Most of the year they live in California, where they have their own mansion.


    • «Mata Hari»
    • «The Scorpion king 4: the Lost throne»
    • «2047 – the Threat of death»the Future»
    • «Wilfred»
    • Honeymoon
    • «True blood»
    • «The Minotaur»
    • «Sin city»
    • «Spy»


    Rutger Hauer in his youth

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