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  • Name: Sagdullaev Rustam ( Rustam Sagdullaev )
  • Date of birth: 25 July 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Uzbek actor and Director
  • Marital status: married

    Rustam Sagdullaev : biography

    Love and gentle Romeo movie from Leonid Bykov «go To fight some «old»». It was love almost all the spectators of the vast country. He has always been a close person in every Soviet house. Such Uzbek artist remember and love.

    Rustam Abdullaevich Sagdullaev was born on 25 Jul 1950 in Tashkent, in a wonderful family where children grow up in an atmosphere of parental love and kindness. The head of the family was a major party official, but not strict to son and daughter. The obligation to keep children in check rather belonged to the mother, the homemaker.

    Artistry was Rustam at an early age. In elementary school the boy had joined the drama club of the local Palace of pioneers. The standard of acting was Georgy Millyar. The young artist with all his might imitate his idol. On all school holidays and new year performances he portrayed the Koschei the deathless and Baba Yaga, trying to achieve maximum similarity with the Millyar.

    Probably Rustam Sagdullaev managed well. Because at the age of 13, he was chosen from 300 applicants for the role in the film Ravil Batyrov «Walkers». In this picture starred the stars of the Uzbek cinema. Rustam struggled trying to fit in and closely watched the work of these masters of the stage.

    After working on the set and output «Rope» screens on Sagdullaev already about anything another never dreamed of: he wanted to be an artist.

    In 1975, Sagdullaev graduated from the Tashkent theatrical Institute and was hired by the film Studio «Uzbekfilm».


    A cinematic biography of Rustam Sagdullaev, beginning at the age of 13, successfully continued in school and College. At 16, he starred in the film «white, White storks», and at 18 played a major role in the remarkable melodrama «Lovers». In this picture Elyor ishmuhamedova, which was released in 1969, in addition to Sagdullaev played the rising stars of the national cinema Anastasiya Vertinskaya and Rodion Nahapetov.

    It Nahapetov has recommended a young and talented Uzbek actor Leonid Bykov, pozyskiwania the right actor for the role of Romeo.

    After the release of the movie «go To fight some «old»» in 1973 Rustam Sagdullaev woke up incredibly famous. The film entered the Guinness Book of world records for the number of viewership and the frequency of broadcasts. But the way Romeo has become a hallmark for Sagdullaev could go to someone else. The fact that Rustam for a couple with Sergei Ivanov, who Skates, accidentally saw part of the footage. It happened when Leonid Bykov watched a film in the hall, thinking that he is alone.

    Rustam Sagdullaev seeing myself on screen, was shocked. He believed that next to Evgenia Simonova, he looks terrible. Later in the interview he shared that Eugene it seemed to him a standard of beauty and tenderness, and he next to her looked «like a woman».

    The actor began to plead with Leonid Bykov to replace him with someone else. Then the Bulls earnestly said that if Sagdullaev will continue to tear home, Simon will have to replace another actress. Only then Rustam resigned and went on to star in the film.

    Like many other actors who became stars after the film about the singing squadron, in the film career of Rustam Sagdullaev more, which brought the same level of popularity as the role of Romeo. But, nevertheless, Tashkent the career of the actor was successful. He has starred in the ‘ 90s. the Audience saw the beloved Romeo in the film «a Tale of two soldiers», «What are our years!», «Hot summer in Kabul» and «Shock».

    A rough patch of lack of demand and lack of money occurred in the mid-1990s. Rustam Sagdullaev, accustomed to high standards of acting, could not agree on the base the hack, which he was offered. It began a protracted depression.

    Sagdullaev found a way to create his own Studio, where he is a Director, producer and screenwriter. Plans were carried out in the late 90s. In 2001, they released the 10 series tape Sagdullaev «Blind». This show was filmed at the Studio «Ravshan-movie» created by Rustam Abdullaevich. The project in which Sagdullaev acted as a Director, producer, co-writer and actor (he played the title role), was more than successful.

    In the new century Rustam Sagdullaev removes and remove. In the domestic film industry he takes pride of place. To see your favorite artist in the project «special Forces», where he played Colonel Akobirova, the films «Twins», «love in Afghanistan» and «the silent Outpost». In 2004, he released a fascinating melodrama «Lovers», where Sagdullaev again played in the company Rodion nahapetova. But Anastasia Vertinskaya was replaced by her older sister, Marianna Vertinskaya.

    Of the last paintings in which appeared Rustam Abdullaevich, the most notable can be called the TV series «Gregory R.» and the romance «the Princess of the North».

    Personal life

    Beloved Romeo started a family quite late, especially East of measurements. He married at the age of 30. With my future wife Marina Kuzina actor met when starred in the film «Shock». 22-year-old Marina is at the time already was the boss of the weaving workshop of «Uzbekfilm». Rustam Sagdullaev came to pick up his suit. He thanked the workers in the shop, but, out of ignorance, gave them the traditional box of chocolates. And when Marina asked the actor, «And all that?» he kept his head and glancing at the beauty, replied that he could give her children.

    Apparently, Marina agreed, because soon the family Sadullaevich there were two adorable children – a son Ravshan and daughter of Nowruz. From actor turned out great, a very affectionate father, who is ready for kids to shoot for the stars. Once in his family, the severity against the children showed mom.

    Personal life of Rustam Sagdullaev formed perfectly. Friends and colleagues of the actor said that after many years of marriage, the spouses are the same kind of relationship as in the beginning of Dating.


    • «Tightrope walkers»
    • «White, white storks»
    • «Lovers»
    • «Go to fight some «old men»»
    • «Special forces»
    • «Hot summer in Kabul»
    • «Silent Outpost»
    • «Gregory R.»
    • «Princess of the North»


    Rustam Sagdullaev

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