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  • Name: Russell Crowe ( Russell Ira Crowe )
  • Date of birth: 7 April 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Wellington, new Zealand
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor, Director, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Russell Crowe: the biography

    Russell Crowe was born in the capital of New Zealand in Wellington. His parents were Alex and Jocelyn Crowe. Also Russell has an older brother Terry. 4 years after the birth of the youngest son the family moved to the Australian city of Sydney. That’s where 5-year-old Russell Crowe was first introduced to the TV cameras. He participated in a small episode of the television series «Spy force», which was produced by the godfather to his mother.

    In 1978, the family returned to live in New Zealand, and the father, together with his friends opened a restaurant «the Flying Jug». The company was not too profitable, and to help the family, Russell throws in school and begins to earn money.

    For a long time the guy’s dream was to become a famous rock star. As a teenager, he organized his own group of «Russ Le Roc», a name which was his own pseudonym. Later he created a more successful team, «Roman Antix», which later became the band «30 Odd Foot Of Grunts», which existed until 2005. Most of the guys performed songs he wrote Crowe. The team often toured and released six Studio albums. Of course, the great honor group is not found, but it emphasizes the diversity of talent and creativity crow.


    The first adult appearance on the screens the young actor is considered the program «a horror Show rocky Horror». Russell starred in 415 episodes of this show. Then there were small roles in the popular television series «the Neighbors,» «Live the law», «Acropolis», the «bride of Christ» and the films «Bloody oath», «Evidence», «Expert efficiency».

    His first major role Russell played in the movie «Crossroads». After that it was work in the acclaimed Australian film «Skinheads» about skinheads and neo-Nazis. The film was harshly criticized by experts, but it became one of the most popular in the opinion of the audience. The role Hendo in this picture attracted the attention of the famous actress Sharon stone, who invited Crowe to Hollywood. In 1995 comes the Western «the Quick and the dead», then fiction Thriller «Virtuosity», and in 1997 — «the Secrets of Los Angeles». This psychological film earned Russell Crowe’s first nomination on «Oscar».

    Following this success, the actor was a barrage of offers, but all of these films is not particularly successful. Only the 1999 film «the insider», where partner Crowe was the legendary al Pacino, deserves the highest ratings. But a year later Russell Crowe once again forced to talk about yourself the whole world. He starred in a colorful historical film «Gladiator». The actor plays the main role of Roman General Maximus, who is waiting for a hard life. The film was enthusiastically received by the public, and the crow brought the coveted statuette «Oscar» as the best actor of the year.

    Next film biopic «a beautiful mind» about the intellectual-mathematics John Forbes Nash, brought the actor award Golden globe award screen actors Guild USA, a prize of the British Academy of film and television arts, as well as another nomination for «Oscar».

    Subsequently, Crowe played more than 20 roles. The most notable and interesting films are the action movie «body of lies» in 2008, the film adaptation of the legend of «Robin hood» in 2010, the film adaptation of the book by Victor Hugo in the musical «Les Miserables,» the crime drama «City of Vice» in 2013 and an epic film based on the biblical motifs of «Noah» in 2014.

    Also in 2015, Russell started another experiment. The screens came the military-drama film «the Seeker water», in which he not only plays a major role, but also tries himself in the role of Director. The film received three awards from the Australian film Institute.

    Personal life

    Russell Crowe has always had a reputation as a brutal Heartbreaker. Famous women like Sharon Stoon and jodie foster was not spared her their attention. And Meg Ryan for the affair with Crowe, whom she met on the set of the movie «Proof of life» and is divorced from her husband.

    But the official marriage Russell Crowe entered only once. In 2003, he married Danielle Spencer, with whom he had known for nearly 13 years. The couple had two sons Charles Spencer Crowe and Tennyson Spencer Crowe. But in 2012, the couple divorced. Children live with the mother, and the actor himself lives mostly in his homeland, Australia.

    Crowe has its own huge farm. Animals that live in it, the actor calls «my faithful friends». The conduct of Affairs on the farm in charge of his brother Terry. There are constantly live and the parents crow.


    • 1997 — The Secrets Of Los Angeles
    • 1999 — a man
    • 2000 — Gladiator
    • 2001 — mind Games
    • 2006 — a Good year
    • 2008 — body of lies
    • 2010 — Robin Hood
    • 2012 — Les Miserables
    • 2013 — City of Vice
    • 2014 — the water Seeker


    • 1995 — The Photograph Kills
    • 1997 — what’s Her Name?
    • 1998 — Gaslight
    • 1999 — Inside her Eyes
    • 2001 — Bastard Life Or Clarity
    • 2003 — Other Ways of Speaking


    Russell Crowe

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