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  • Name: Ruslan White ( Ruslan Bely )
  • Date of birth: 28 December 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Prague
  • Activity: comedian, entertainer
  • Marital status: not married

    Ruslan White: biography

    R. V. White was born on 28 December 1979 in Prague, where at that time served in the military service of his father. Ruslan’s family moved many times from place to place, depending on what part was ordered to relocate the head of the family.

    Training Ruslan began in Prague after the fifth class lived and studied in the Polish city of Legnica, and after four years together with his family he returns Home to the small town of Bobrov in the Voronezh region. Of course, frequent changes of places of residence could have a negative impact on academic success, but, nevertheless, the guy successfully graduated from high school and even received a silver medal.

    Already during his studies at the school began to show artistic makings of a future showman. After graduation, Ruslan White continues his studies in the Military aviation engineering University, where he became a professional soldier and continues the work of his father.


    While studying at the Institute is fully revealed the talent and humor of the student. Ruslan is playing in the team of KVN «Seventh heaven», head of the University’s KVN team wins prestigious award at the festival in Jurmala. Perhaps it was this success prompted the young man to stop, and to reach new achievements in your business.

    After graduation, Ruslan White is on a contract basis in the army, where yesterday the captain of KVN team for five years, was promoted to the rank of captain in the armed forces. During the period of military service Ruslan has not parted with the scene, fully experiencing his calling in this case. Continuing his speech in the local Voronezh «Comedy Club». White is a member of the KVN team «25th» together with Yulia Akhmedova, becoming more and more popular.

    After finishing contract work in the army, for which Ruslan, by the way, was awarded the medal «For distinction in military service», the young man continued his studies by enrolling at the Voronezh state agrarian University named after Peter the great, which ends in 2003.

    The popular young entertainer has grown rapidly, and at some point it began to invite in more serious projects. One such message came from the TV channel TNT. Ruslan White was asked to become a participant of the TV project «Laughter without rules». Despite the fact that the invitation in the capital the show looked very attractive, Ruslan refuses to participate.

    It would seem that luck could turn away from Ruslan, but after some time, an invitation came from Moscow for the second time. And White again refuses. Only on the third time, the comedian agrees to take part in the project. In the end, Ruslan becoming the winners of the third season of «Laughter without rules» and win prize money. Ruslan White returns home winner gets the prize money apartment in Voronezh.

    «Stand Up»

    After success in the capital of show the popularity of the White to a new level. The actor is now associated mostly with the TV channel «TNT». At this time, Ruslan stands in the project «Lethal League» and «Comedy battle».

    In 2006, Ruslan starred in the TV series «Happy together». Participation in this project is another step in the creative biography of the showman, the more that the genre of the sitcom allows for very successfully to reveal his stage role. By the way, in the life of White — a very serious and thoughtful man, and what are supposed to be professional military.

    The absolute pinnacle of the career of Ruslan White today is his own show «Stand Up». Ruslan not only is the creative producer of this project, but also an active participant in directly to the shows. Releasing two seasons of «Stand Up», Ruslan decides to launch an eponymous festival, which was successfully held in the Russian capital.

    On the stage of this Grand show held at «Moscow Hall», at the invitation of Ruslan, one of the best stand-up artists in the world. Except recognised stars to be part of this show could any talented person who has filed an application to participate. Today Ruslan White leads an active concert work, in between performances while continuing to release new seasons of «Stand Up» show.

    Personal life

    Ruslan belongs to those celebrities who prefer to keep details of his personal life. Precisely known only by the fact that White is not currently married.

    In the press some time there were rumors about the novel by humorist and Yulia Akhmedova, but this information was not confirmed. Ruslan himself said in an interview that has not yet met his true love.


    Ruslan Belyy, Semyon Slepakov, Sergey Svetlakov

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