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  • Name: Mishina Ruslana ( Ruslana Mishina )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Seversk, Tomsk oblast
  • Activity: participant in the show «House 2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Ruslan Mishin: biography

    This bright blonde instantly turned into a recognizable person after being hit on the TV show «House-2». Think about it – the fame and popularity of the girl had long dreamed of.

    Ruslan Mishin was born in June 1992 in the town of Seversk in Tomsk region. About her parents is unknown. But judging by the girl’s pages in social networks, it becomes clear that her dad is a creative person. He simply writes poems on the topic of the day. Apparently, the daughter had taken from his father’s creative approach to life. From a young age Mishina happy doing different kinds of sports. She visited the pool, went to volleyball and gymnastics, dancing and studied at the art school.

    After graduating from secondary school, Ruslan Mishin enrolled in the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. After a few years of teaching, she received the diploma and the specialty of economist. Some time she worked in one of the offices of the pension Fund. Probably, this work seemed very boring. After all, the blonde beauty believes that her calling is to work in television.

    TV show

    Bright blonde Ruslan Mishin said the former participant of «House-2» Rustam Solntsev. He praised the attractive appearance and good communication skills Seversk girls at one of the auditions.

    With a light hand of Rustam Mishin was on the popular show «Dom-2». She immediately was able to adapt to the show and found a common language with the team. The girl in the first days decided to nominate a young person decided to «build the love» in the project. Her choice fell on Ilya Krotkov. But not because Illya liked Ruslana, but because she saw «good material» from which we can «make a real man».

    Feisty blonde moved into the bedroom Elijah and took him to «re-educate». Not surprisingly, the guy very quickly left the project beyond the perimeter, citing his departure to unforeseen family circumstances.

    After leaving Krotkov for the education of the Rus came from the ex-wife of Elijah Sasha Goias, which is too strong new just did not like. It came even to a fight between the participants, which Mishin got a bloody nose and several bruises.

    Ruslan quickly realized that she needed to find a mate to stay on the project longer. Her choice fell on a not young rapper Nicholas Dolzhansky, who was older than the girl by almost 2 times. A lot of people decided that it’s not romantic feelings, and the need to «build» rating and attract attention. But Mishin explained his choice by the fact that loves older men and in the body.

    Soon Dolzhansky gave Misha’s ring and announced their engagement. But the couple are not simple. After Nikolai drink in excess, resulting in a scandalous showdown and even fights.

    Personal life

    To see and discuss how developing the personal lives of Ruslana Mishina, fans were able when the girl along with her inept lover Nicky Dolzhansky went to the Seychelles. Here are a couple got the opportunity to «build the love» in a romantic atmosphere gorgeous exotic island.

    Nicholas made the girl a present, organizing a celebration for her six-month stay on the project. Mishina appreciated pleasant surprise. But soon everything was back to normal. The couple quarreled and even fought.

    After Ruslan Mishin announced that no love and the more intimacy with Nikolay Dolzhanskiy she will not be the leaders of the project decided that its further stay on the Island of love is impossible. The blonde withdrew to the mainland.

    The project Ruslana came back upset. Looks like she’s tired from too violent-tempered 44-year-old macho and no longer wants to build a relationship with him. The audience suspect that after a set point in relations with Dolzhansky days Mishina on the project considered. But perhaps they have underestimated the resourceful girl and she will find a way to stay in the reality show.


    Ruslan Mishin

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