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  • Name: Ruslan Alehno ( Ruslan Alehno )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Babruysk, Belarus
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ruslan Alehno: biography

    Ruslan Alekhno – known pop singer, the winner of the contest «people’s artist-2» and participant of «Eurovision-2008».

    The singer was born 14 October 1981 in the Belarusian town of Bobruisk. The father of Ruslan, Fedor was in the military, and her mother Galina Ivanovna – a seamstress. Have singer and younger brother of Yuri, famous for its design talent in Europe. From childhood the boy had a special passion for music and singing. In 8 years he enrolled in music school and successfully graduated, class of pipe and accordion. Also at the time of receiving a musical education, the young singer mastered playing the keyboards, guitar. In recognition of the artist, he never had a passion for playing musical instruments, but always wanted to sing and perform on the big stage. With 15 years young talent has taken an active part in vocal competitions, which deservedly received the main prizes.

    After graduating from high school future pop star arrived in Bobruisk state motor transportation College. According to him, only did it for fun student life. Ruslan never forget about music and continued to show their vocal talents in urban and international competitions.

    Having received the diploma about higher education, Alekhno left to serve in the army. He first came to air defense forces, but he proved himself a great vocalist, was transferred to the ensemble of the Armed forces of Belarus, with whom he toured for four years around Europe.

    «People’s artist» and career

    Creative career of the singer began since childhood. But the fame he received in 2004 after a triumphant victory at the prestigious competition «the national actor-2». This event opened the way for the singer on the big stage and the recognition of the fans.

    After winning the project «people’s artist-2» the singer has recorded brought him victory song, «Extraordinary», in trio with panajotovym and Alexey Chumakov, who blew the esters of all music channels and radio stations.

    2005 in the singer’s life was quite fruitful. He starred in music videos of songs of his own performance, he participated in many international vocal competitions and continued to actively work on the repertoire. The singer signed a contract with a decent production center FBI-Music and released the album «Sooner or later», consisting of 12 songs.

    In 2008, Ruslan Alekhno took part in «Eurovision-2008» from Belarus, which made the song «Hasta La Vista» written for him by the soloist of group «Prime Minister» by Taras Demchuk and Eleanor Miller. Singer failed to win superkonkurse European scale, but his performance raised the rating of spectator sympathies, he is in «hot pursuit» recorded a new album with the hit.

    With 2012 in the artist’s life started the next creative phase. He writes the song «Not forget» and «We shall remain», which bring the singer great success.

    In 2013 Ruslan presented the audience his new song «my love», which became a laureate of the Belarusian «Song of the year 2013». Then the singer released the album «Legacy», which included songs of the war years in gratitude to the veterans who defeated fascism in the great Patriotic war.

    2014 Ruslan Alehno, Valery star recorded the hit «Heart of glass» music video which was shot by renowned Director Egor Konchalovsky. Song Alekhno and Valerie took almost all the top positions in the ratings of prestigious music charts. This song combines the Duo-Ruslan Alekhno and Valeria has performed at the Royal albert Hall London city and delighted the audience with their talent.

    In 2015, the popular pop singer participated in season 3 of the show reincarnations «one to One», which started on the 8th of February on the TV channel «Russia 1». Was recognized as the winner of the season by popular vote. In 2016 Ruslan also participated in the show «one to One. Battle of the seasons», where he took the honorary second place.

    Personal life

    With his future wife, actress Irina Medvedeva artist since his youth, began to conquer Moscow. Young people came from one city and started adult life in the harsh capital of Russia.

    Within five years the lovers worked to the benefit of the family and have withstood the hard test of lack of money. After in 2009, Ruslan Alehno and Irina Medvedev has signed a formal marriage, they lived for only two years. Media reported that the ambitious Ruslan could not stand the rapid career of a star «6 shots» Medvedeva, resulting in their strong marriage.

    The pop star commented on his decision by the lack of home warmth and comfort in the form of constant employment Irina at work. However, the singer speaks very positively about the ex-wife and considers her the only person he could open his soul.


    • «Sooner or later» (2005)
    • «Hasta la Vista» (2008)
    • «Heritage» (2013)
    • Favorites (2015)


    Ruslan Alekhno

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