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  • Name: Rufus Sewell ( Rufus Frederik Sewell )
  • Date of birth: 29 October 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Twickenham, England
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: British actor of theater, film and television
  • Marital status: divorced

    Rufus Sewell: biography

    Rufus Frederick Sewell was born in the English County middlesex in October 1967. In the town of Twickenham it was far from cloudless childhood. And in Richmond, where the family moved when Rufus was not and 10 years, the same youth. The father of Rufus and his older brother Caspar, an animator, after moving to Richmond left the family.

    Mother had to raise children on his own legs. The woman was missing for several jobs, were selected from her time on the education of children. Rufus dyed hair in all colors of the rainbow, didn’t come home and missed school.

    The situation worsened when the father of Rufus Sewell died suddenly. To stop youngest son, who became an avid bully, there was no one. Fortunately, the young playboy he came to the understanding that it is time to stop. He has learned to play drums and I started to earn pocket money.

    19 Sewell managed to enter the prestigious school of speech and drama in London. Here he studied for 3 years. To survive, Rufus took whatever part-time job. He worked as a garbage man and caretaker of the Museum.


    Fortunately, Sewell drew the attention of Judi Dench. The famous British actress staged a play on the stage of the school, where he studied Rufus. It was a patronage of young talent, and soon the actor made his debut in the play «Dirty dinner» on the stage of the theatre of Sheppard.

    The debut was successful: Sewell received an award from the Community theatre critics as a talented newcomer. This opened him the doors to the world of art. The British actor was invited to play in the play, which was staged on Broadway. For this work he received another prestigious award. This time in America.

    A cinematic biography of Rufus Sewell began in 1991. After the first successful steps on the stage he began appearing on the screen. Prominent role he had in American drama «Twenty-one». The British played a drug-addicted young men. It drew attention and was invited to various TV shows. And may work in soap operas did not bring Sewell popularity, but was a great acting school, turning it into a famous actor.

    Success came to the Rufus Sewell in 1998 along with a picture of «Dark city». For the first time a British artist has played a key role. After 2 years he played in one venue with such Hollywood stars as Kim Basinger and Christina Ricci. It was the Thriller «Bless the child».

    Rated series «Mid-March» secured Sewell star status. But the movie forced the actor to leave the stage. He used to play in the performances and was even awarded the prestigious theater prize «Oliver.»

    In Russia, Rufus Sewell is known for his stellar roles in the melodrama «the Holiday» where she starred with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude law, as well as the painting «the Tourist» in which he appeared with Angelina Jolie and johnny Depp.

    In our time, see Sewell come experienced British audience: Rufus shines on the stage of London’s Royal Opera.

    Personal life

    Career in theater and film, emerged far better than the personal life of Rufus Sewell. The first wife of the actor was an Austrian journalist yasmin Abdallah. But together the pair could not hold on and year.

    Then in the press and discussed short novels of British with Helen Makro and Kate Winslet.

    After meeting with the beautiful Amy Gardner many thought that, finally, Sewell found that true soul mate that will be able to live happily ever after. The couple first child was born, whom they named William Douglas Sewell. But this marriage collapsed in 2006. Amy and I lived together for only 2 years.


    • «Twenty-one»
    • «Dark city»
    • «Bless the child»
    • «Middle of March»
    • «A knight’s tale»
    • «Vacation exchange»
    • «Tourist»
    • «Abraham Lincoln: vampire Hunter»
    • «Hercules»
    • «The man in the high castle»


    Rufus, Sewell

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