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  • Name: Rudolf Nureyev ( Rudolf Nuriev )
  • Date of birth: 17 March 1938
  • Age: 54 years
  • Date of death: 6 Jan 1993
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: ballet dancer, choreographer, actor, conductor
  • Marital status: not married

    Rudolf Nureyev: a biography

    Rudolf Nureyev, the legendary ballet dancer, who was popular and on the Soviet stage, and abroad. It is considered the most important dancer of the twentieth century, and especially the leap of Rudolf Nureyev – a textbook. After the Paris tour in 1961, he refused to go back to the Soviet Union, asked for political asylum and became one of the most famous refugees in the country’s history. After a dance career Nureyev tried himself as a choreographer and as an actor, and in recent years was conductor of the Paris Opera.

    Rudolf Nureyev with mom
    The future star of the ballet with his mother | Official website of the Foundation R. Nureyev

    Despite the fact that in the biography of Rudolf Nureyev set his native city Irkutsk, in fact, he was born in the train EN route to Vladivostok, and at the railway station not far from Irkutsk there were only the appearance of the baby born. Rudolf was the youngest child in a family of political Commissar of the red Army Hamit of Pozlevich and his wife, Farida of Agliullina. The star of the ballet had three older sisters: rose, Rosita and Lydia. Wartime childhood Nureyev passed in evacuation in Ufa. It was there that he began to dance in the folk dance ensemble at the House of culture. In 15 years, the young man began to try his hand at the chorus of the Ufa Opera house, and a year later became a full member of the troupe.

    Rudolf Nureyev and family
    Little Rudolph with the senior sisters | the Official website of the Foundation R. Nureyev

    In 1955, at the age of 17 years, Rudolf Nureyev is sent to Leningrad to continue his education at the ballet school. But he did not realize that this school accept children from the age of 12, so at the age he is far behind his classmates, did not find other students with common language and taunted. Because of this relationship, Nureyev was unable to live in the Dorm, so I responded to the kind invitation of his mentor Alexander Pushkin and settled in his family.

    Ballet school Rudolf graduated in 1958 and immediately received an invitation to log into the troupe of the Leningrad Opera and ballet theatre named after Kirov S. M., which he made at the request of the prima ballerina Natalia Dudinskaya.


    The first party, which Rudolf Nureyev performed at the professional level, was the role of Frondoso in the ballet Laurencia. Later, the dancer participated in the VII world festival of youth and students in Vienna, where he was awarded a Gold medal. For three years, Rudolph has become an important link in the troupe, he had high hopes. He toured with the theatre in Bulgaria, East Germany and Egypt, so Nureyev without problems issued a French visa, and he went to speak at the Paris Opera. But literally after a few performances it is a requirement of the KGB to remove the young ballet dancer of all the shows and send back in the USSR.

    Rudolf Nureyev
    Photo Of Rudolf Nureyev

    According to the official version that «has violated the regime of stay abroad». But eyewitnesses believe that the «authorities» found out about the gay Rudolf Nureyev. The dancer decided not to obey, asked for political asylum in France and became one of the most famous «defectors» in the history of the Soviet Union, and at home it was waiting for the conclusion. However, many years later, in 1985, he was allowed three days to enter the country to attend the funeral of his mother. All people who knew the artist in his youth, had been warned about the strict prohibition of communication with him.

    Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn
    With perennial partner, the ballerina Margot Fonteyn | Dance Heritage Coalition

    In France, Rudolph joined the troupe «Ballet of the Marquis de Cuevas», but six months later was forced to leave the country as political asylum was denied. But to meet the talented artist went UK: Nureyev moved to London and together with the ballerina Margot Fonteyn in the Royal Ballet «Covent garden» creates a duet, is still considered the reference. Later, the dancer became Prime Minister of the Vienna Opera, with the result that he received Austrian citizenship. But he did not limit his statements in one particular country. Nureyev worked very diligently: in the 60s he gave 200 concerts a year, and by 1975, the year began to go on stage more than 300 times, nearly every day.

    Actor and conductor

    In the Soviet Union, Nureyev starred in the movie «Soul the executed flight», dedicated to the all-Union review of dance schools. Later he was the protagonist of many films, ballets, such as «Romeo and Juliet», «I am a dancer», «Young man and death». But there is a biography of Rudolf Nureyev and two roles in feature films. He played Rudolph Valentino in the biographical drama «Valentino» and Daniel Gelina in the melodrama «In sight» where he collaborated with the young Nastassja Kinski.

    Rudolf Nureyev in the film
    In the role of Rudolph Valentino in the film Valentino | Cinema

    Also, the legend known as ballet choreographer, made their own versions of classic performances of «the Nutcracker», «don Quixote», «Cinderella», «Sleeping beauty», «Swan lake». In addition, Nureyev put the original ballets «Tancredi» and «Manfred.» In the 80-ies of the Rudolph headed the troupe of the Paris Grand Opera, he began to promote more young artists, often ignoring the existing hierarchy of soloists, leading soloists and premiers, which was an innovation in the world. In recent years the life of this talented man was no longer able to dance, but didn’t want to leave the theater and began to conduct the orchestra. And this quality was even invited to Russia on the stage of Tatar Opera theatre in Kazan has conducted the ballets «Romeo and Juliet» and «Nutcracker».

    Personal life

    The private life of Rudolf Nureyev was associated with men: ballet dancer was an open homosexual. Although some of his friends say that in his youth he had Affairs with girls. Also Rudolf is often attributed to a romantic relationship with his partner, the great ballerina Margot Fonteyn, who was older by about 15 years. However, the dancers themselves called their relationship very spiritual and friendly.

    Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn
    With ballerina Margot Fonteyn | the Official website of the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation

    When the ballerina died from cancer, Nureyev paid all her medical bills, and once said that if I could at the time to marry Margo, the life of both would have been better. However, these words are probably not talking about the old affair, and the unwillingness to part with life Rudolf knew that he was dying.

    Rudolf Nureyev and Erik Bruhn
    With the Danish dancer Eric Bruno | ChuchotezVous

    At different times from Nureyev, according to various media, was a loving relationship with such stars as the rock musician Freddie mercury, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and singer Elton John. But the main love in the life of Rudolf Nureyev, almost all his life remained a Danish dancer Erik Bruhn. The men were together for 25 years, until Eric’s death in 1986. Although we must admit that relations between them were always very difficult, because in temperament, Russian and Danish were almost opposites.


    In 1983 blood Rudolf Nureyev was discovered the human immunodeficiency virus, the so-called «plague of the XX century». The disease has evolved, and 10 years later, January 6, 1993, in the suburbs of Paris, the great dancer died of AIDS. At his request the body was buried at the Russian cemetery Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois, and the grave covered with colored Persian rug.

    The Grave Of Rudolf Nureyev
    The grave of Nureyev is decorated with real carpet | Showbiz Daily

    Despite the fact that the artist refused Russian citizenship, the home fans understood his decision and continued to appreciate the work of Rudolph. After the death of Nureyev, his name was given to the Bashkir College of choreography, a street in Ufa, as well as a Museum. In addition, in Kazan is held the annual festival of classical ballet named after Rudolf Nuriev.


    Rudolf Nureyev

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