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  • Name: Roza Rymbaeva ( Rosa Rymbaeva )
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1957.
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: zhalghyztobe, Semipalatinsk region, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: singer, people’s artist of the Kazakh SSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Roza Rymbaeva: biography

    October 28, 1957 in the family of the railway Rymbaeva of the Semipalatinsk region had a daughter called Rose. The family was of modest means and large families. Since his early childhood was different artistic abilities. Along with brothers and sisters, she went to the Palace of art. Happy little rose listened to music and tried to repeat them.

    The elder brother also became a musician. In his childhood he was impressed with the future singer a huge impact. After school, Rosa Rymbaeva entered theatre and art Institute, Alma-ATA, the faculty musical-dramatic Comedy.


    In 1974 and 1975, the singer gets the first prize at the national Amateur competition.

    Since 1976 she works in the youth-pop band «Gulder». Three years later, the ensemble is «Arai». Director and artistic Director of «Arai» at the time was her husband, Taskyn Okapov.

    In 1977, the talent Rose, Kuanyshevna appreciated in Bulgaria at the famous festival. Of friendly countries in the USSR, it brings the «Golden Orpheus». In 1978, occupies the 3rd place in the Soviet hit parade «Sound track». The name of the Rose Rymbaeva stands on a par with Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru. For several years the artist has been to the finals «Song of the year». In 1983, the singer returns with first prize from the Cuban festival.

    In 1979, Rosa Rymbaeva becomes honored artist of the Kazakh SSR. Then she takes his famous song «Love has come». It is called the «Golden voice» of the Republic. She is proud to never tune. Only a live voice of the «Nightingale of Central Asia.»

    Rose Kuanyshevna says that at all contests and festivals were very small and delicate. But, according to her, the secret to winning is not even in a powerful voice, and the ability to endure material, in the drama of the song. A little fragile rose, coming into the room, his energy occupy all space.

    Since 1995, the singer teaches at the Academy of arts, combining this activity with an active concert activity. The star today with his name not only adorns the Avenue of Stars in Kazakhstan, but the Star Square in Moscow.

    2015 marks 40 years of pop work of the singer. Despite sufficient time spent on the stage, everyone notices that Rosa Rymbayeva looks surprisingly fresh and young.

    Personal life

    With Taskina Osipovym Rymbaeva met in the ensemble of «ASKI». It was a love that grew from friendship. The first son she gave birth 33 years later with the Kazakh standards. Relatives are very worried that the pair got children. But they did everything in time, because the title of the honoured artists obliged them to work and develop primarily on the artistic field. At 43, God sent them a second child.

    Unfortunately, the first and only husband of Rosa Rymbaeva died in 1999 without seeing the birth of a son. At 43 years old she was left alone with two children. The eldest son name is Ali, Junior MADI. Today, the artist quite successfully combines her singing career with the role of the mother. As she says rose Kuanyshevna, with two minutes at a concert she thinks about children. In General, in fact, they had four. Singer for nearly 20 years, brings her home nieces husband, early left without parents.


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    Roza Rymbaeva

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